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Why should you consider learning how to be a real estate investor?  Or ramping up your existing real estate business? 

Real estate investors can be their own boss!  You get to decide how much money you make each month.  You can make large amounts of cash quickly which could help you get out of debt or to buy that new car you've been eyeballing.  You can create monthly cash flow with real estate you don't even own.  Or, I'll teach you how to buy houses without using much cash, no credit and never going to a bank to get financing.  When your cash flow exceeds your living expenses, you can retire... early.  You'll gain financial freedom and security so you never have to worry about money again. 

When you're ready to get started or take your real estate business ... and your bank account... to the Next Level, you need reliable training to help you get there.   We can help!

Just imagine what could happen in your life when your real estate investing business becomes wildly successful … and you’re making more money than ever before!   JUST IMAGINE ....   
NEVER having to say: “I can’t afford it” ever again!  
Paying off those credit cards ONCE and FOR ALL! Start living on CASH!  Building a SAFE & SECURE retirement fund & Forgetting about needing Social Security!  Going on dream vacations - ANY time you want to - Never ask for a day off again!  Getting rid of that old “clunker” of a car and get into something much nicer..paying cash!  Getting that really big screen HDTV you’ve always wanted!  Finally owning your own home free and clear with NO MORTGAGE!  How About a LAKE HOUSE TOO!?  Moving to the place where you “really” want to live - NOT just near your “job”!  Taking a YEAR OFF … with PAY!  A Virtually Endless Stream of Money! Creating a lifetime of opportunity & security!
You know you need help getting started but you don't want to waste money and time being stuck in a seminar in a distant city... let alone the time and expense of getting there.  And you're sick and tired of wasting money on expensive coaching and mentoring from people with little experience.

There's a better way...

ONLINE TRAINING: You can get instant access to ONLINE seminars and real estate investor training at  You'll be able to learn how to make more money and create more cash flow without leaving your house or wasting money on expensive home study courses.   Learn from the comfort of your home, at your own pace, without spending a fortune to get the information you need to take your business to the Next Level.

You get access to real estate investor training at ALL LEVELS!  Even if you have no experience, no money, and no credit, you will learn how to make money with our step-by-step online training.  The self-paced format and online access to "real" experts will help you achieve your financial goals much faster.

BI-MONTHLY COACHING CALLS:  LIVE group coaching call twice a month.  You will get answers to your questions and learn new strategies too.  We have plenty of time for questions during each call.   Don't worry if you miss a call, we record every coaching call, which you can access to in our Private Coaching Forum at your convenience.  Plus you can listen to all previous calls to learn even more. 

PRIVATE COACHING FORUM:  Get answers to your questions, help with deal structuring, and advice to help you make more money... and avoid risks.   Questions are answered by Jackie Lange and other experienced real estate investors who each have 20, 30, 40 years of "in the trenches" real experience.  You won't find coaches with this much experience anywhere!!

MOTIVATED SELLER LEADS:  The lifeblood of any real estate investing business are motivated seller leads.  We post leads weekly and teach you how to get a flood of leads for your area.  Once you get a lead for your area, we will help you analyze the potential, evaluate the opportunities(if there is one), then help you structure a multiple ways to buy, lease, or option the property so you make money fast... without risks.  (for Annual Members Only)

ANGEL INVESTORS:  Money for your deals!  The training by Jack Miller and CashFlowDepot has created many thousands of very successful entrepreneurs.  They would like to "pay it forward" by helping you get started.  Post your deals and funding needs in the Private Lender/Funding Partner section of the Coaching Forum to get the money you need for your deals. 

YOUR PART:  Your job will be to do the training.  You must put in the time to learn the techniques, then IMPLEMENT WHAT YOU LEARN as fast as possible.  When you have questions or need help, ask questions in the private coaching forum...we will be right here for you.  Participate in the Private Coaching Calls and ask questions.  When a motivated seller contacts you, we'll teach you what to say, what questions to ask, then help you structure offers.  If you're stuck, let us know and we will help you get moving in the right direction.  If you don't do the training, implement the training, and ask for help when you need it, we cannot help you.  Your success depends on the time and effort YOU put in to your business.  Reality check... all the training and coaching in the world won't do any good unless YOU do your part. The rest -- the intangibles that generate success such as motivation, desire, initiative, courage, and discipline -- are up to you. Like thousands of others you, too, can do it IF you truly want to!


Jackie Lange
Jackie Lange
Jackie started her real estate business in 1994 with wholesaling then quickly developed techniques for getting more leads so she could close more deals... and make more money. Her book Flip Deals and her MEGA LEAD GENERATOR system has helped many new investors get started fast.

She has experience with buying with seller financing, subject-to, PACKAGE DEALS, selling with a highest bidder sale, rehabs, mobile homes, buy & hold, ... and she developed the INVESTOR'S MAGIC BUS system for selling 10-20 wholesale properties in one day (and how to get the houses to sell)

She's bought everything from a $400 mobile home to a $20 million dollar mansion to an 18,000 acre ranch and everything in between. Her first package deal of 64 homes were sold them all within a week. With 20 years of experience and more than 1,000 transactions, you can be sure that Jackie is the kind of Personal Coach who can help you achieve your financial objectives.

Jackie also started the first national home buying system called Extreme Success Group which now has office worldwide.

Her real estate investments make it possible for her to live in a tropical paradise in Central America where she continues to invest in real estate. 

Jack MIller

Jack Miller

You'll be able to tap in to Jack Miller's 45 years of real estate investing experience and wisdom. Jack's creative real estate techniques and strategies are ONLY available at

In the early 1970.s, Jack Miller created the first newsletter written specifically for single family house investors. Also, in the 1970's, he was the first to teach seminars about buying and investing in single family houses.

Jack Miller offers the most reliable and creative training about all aspects of real estate investing. You get instant access to his video, audio, and written lessons

Though Jack passed away a few years ago, you can still learn his timeless creative techniques with his online training which is only available at

Peter Fortunato
Prentiss Yates
Dyches Boddiford
David Tilney
Lonnie Scruggs

Other Experts
It is impossible to learn everything you need to know from one investor. Each person offers different perspectives and experiences, so, to make sure you get the best training and coaching by a variety of investors who each have 20 years or more of experience... you will be learning from the BEST OF THE BEST.

You need to be careful to only learn from people who have actually made their living buying, leasing and selling real estate.

Don't Take Our Word For It... Here's What Some of Jackie & Jack's Students Have to Say:

"Jackie pretty much held my hand through a deal that put $20,000 in my pocket at a point in time where I wouldn't have survived without it."  Chris Heekin, Atlanta, GA

"THANK YOU to you Jackie and everyone on your team for publishing this website and all the great training. I am BLOWN AWAY with how much you give here on the site. It truly is the place to learn without spending a fortune to do so."
Freddie in Indiana

"I love your website - you have some amazing content! I can't believe how little you charge for the wealth of information you share. I wish I had discovered you a long time ago!"  Gita Patel, California

"This is the best money I have spent in years.  A couple of things were worth the entire price, because of how well they fit into my existing program. I am to # 20 on the Foundations of Wealth Online Seminar. In some ways it is better than taking the seminar live. I am taking notes as I go. I can stop Jack and go back and replay.  I can watch when I want."  Bill Theriot, AR

"One of my greatest feats was getting an option on a house for 125K then selling it to a cash buyer for 160K! I made $33,000 after expenses.  I simply did what Jackie taught me and yielded to the advice of other members on CFD. I never actually owned the house nor did I invest any large sum of money."
Arcinio Arauz, CA

We went from one deal a year to one deal every other week thanks to Jackie.  Between Jack Miller and Jackie Lange I do not see how anyone could not put their real estate business on steroids, even in these tough market conditions.   We are in our late 20's and on the road to financial freedom. All of this is due to the education of Jack Miller and Jackie Lange. 

Lee and Monica Shearin
Southeast Texas

to see what Jackie and Jack's students have to say about their training and coaching.

You don't have to spend a fortune to learn how to make one!

When you're ready for the Next Level... and the next.. and the next... has the training you need to help you make more money and create more cash flow. 

We offer simple, step-by-step training for NEW investors. And the most advanced real estate investor training too! 

All based on 45 years of 'in the trenches' experience.  No theory here!  We only teach techniques and strategies which we have actually done ourselves.  You won't find a better source for creative and reliable real estate training or a better value anywhere!

Each of our 15 different training modules are about a specific topic, like negotiations or financing without banks.  When you're ready to learn more about that specific topic you simply click on the training module for instant access to the training. 

You get a COMPLETE real estate investor training, including:
Module 1
 Wholesale Flips..Best Place to Start  Module 2
 Financing Without Banks  Module 3
 Negotiating Like a Pro  Module 4
 Marketing (Online and Offline)  Module 5
 Buying and Selling Fast  Module 6
 Subject-to and Seller Financing  Module 7
 Options and Lease-Options  Module 8
 Foreclosure - Before, During & After  Module 9
 Private Lenders  Module 10
 Highest Bidder Sale  Module 11
 Outsourcing - Virtual Assistant  Module 12
 Mobile Home Investing  Module 13
 Asset Protection  Module 14
 IRA, Roths & Other Self-Directed  Module 15
 1031 Exchange and Swaps

Success Secrets of the Pros  BONUSES  FILE VAULT-contracts, form, agreements & more  PLUS  ALL Coaching Call Replays (downloadable)  PLUS  Jack Miller's Commonwealth Newsletters  PLUS  Special Reports - Mega Lead Generator & More

 new training at CashflowDepot   Assisted Living Facility Training - Learn how to make 4 - 5
times more cash flow per single family house.

Soon, you'll be able to live the boss-free, stress-free, alarm clock-free life you dream of.  Thousands of our students have already achieved financial freedom.  With our Personal Coaching and Training , we're ready to teach you how too!  Sign up now to get these THREE online seminars included with your membership:
"Foundations of Wealth" Includes 24 videos plus 24 audio lessons
Plus a workbook. Learn the step-by-step systems which will help
you secure financial freedom and security quickly.
Retail $495 - YOURS FREE
"Real Estate Profit Secrets" This is Module 1. Learn FOUR ways to
make money fast with Wholesale Flip Deals and Highest Bidder Sales.
You will learn how to make money even if you have no cash, no credit,
and no experience. This step-by-step guide includes 18 audio lessons.
Retail $495 - YOURS FREE
Twelve Step Road to Riches" Includes 14 Videos, 14 Audios.
Learn the exact techniques and strategies you need to survive
and thrive in this new economy. You’ll learn how to create
profits by buying, selling, renting, optioning and trading real estate
creatively and without using institutional financing
Attendees paid $495 - YOURS FREE is the ONLY place online where you can learn from real estate investing experts like the Legendary Jack Miller who has more than 45 years of experience.  You'll get instant access to training by Peter Fortunato, Lonnie Scruggs, David Tilney, Jackie Lange and other experts who are all PROS!

You Can Make MORE Money When You Have Access to Personal Coaching & Mentoring...
"Face the Fear Factor" We identified the 16 things that hold people
back from achieving maximum success. You'll learn how to BUST
through all those fears by removing risks. You get "Face the Fear
Audio + Ebook... FREE
Learn how to be Financially Secure!
Learn how to make LOTS of money WITHOUT buying houses
When you do buy houses, do it WITHOUT getting bank financing
Help desperate sellers get their houses sold in 7 days
Learn the BEST marketing strategies for finding motivated sellers
Learn lease/options, wholesaling, auctions, subject-to & MUCH more

Personal Coaching Makes It EASY and FASTER to Learn... to make more money and create more cash flow in your real estate business.  At you'll learn all the skills you need to achieve the financial freedom and security you deserve.

Get INSTANT ACCESS to all training for the LOW PRICE of ONLY $397 for your first year (regular price is $597).  Learn from the nations most successful and well respected real estate investors. When it is time to renew, you'll pay only $199 per year.

to Real Estate Investor Training
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to Take Your Business to the NEXT LEVEL

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Confidence, Negotiations, Options, & Asset Protection AUDIO series
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FLIP DEALS: Real Estate Profits on Steroids ebook by Jackie Lange. Learn
a step-by-step system for making fast cash WITHOUT actually buying any
houses or fixing them.

You get new money-making techniques and strategies weekly, so your real estate investing knowledge is constantly growing. 

The more you learn... the more money you will make!

Get the help you need to succeed with our Online Training.  Anytime of the day or night (even at 2 a.m.) you can watch complete real estate seminars from the comfort of your home. You don't need to spend $1,000's of dollars on out-of-town seminars, airfare or hotel expenses.  You can get all the real estate investor training you need right here at

ONLY $397
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Real People, Real Success

JIm Ingersoll
In 2005, when Jim Ingersoll came to Jackie Lange for coaching, he had only done two rehab properties which he bought through a real estate agent listing.He had a burning desire to quit his engineer job within 1 year. Jim got daily coaching from Jackie. It wasn't easy at first. He was looking in all the wrong places for a wholesale deal. But Jackie taught him how to find deals with a huge profit potential, how to wholesale, how to do marketing the easy way, how to buy with seller financing, then sell with seller financing, how to do a Magic Bus, how to buy subject to the mortgage... and MUCH MORE. Thanks to Jackie's coaching, Jim was able to quit his engineering job in less than a year.

You could be next!


At, you'll learn everything you need... and we do mean make MORE money and MORE cash flow with real estate!  It's the most complete real estate investor training taught by the most experienced real estate investors.

We're not happy unless you're happy.  Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  You can cancel at any time during your 30-day trial membership and receive a full refund.


If you aren't 100% certain of your future financial security, it's time for you to make the decision to become financially independent. This will be an easy decision! Either you're happy with your lot in life or you're not! Either you've already provided for your family's financial security or you're willing to bet their lifestyle on your employer or the government. It's up to you to take action now before time passes you by.  

Wouldn't you really rather control your financial future yourself? You can, as a real estate entrepreneur. Thousands of our students have done it before you starting with little cash or know-how. They didn't have the advantage of being coached by someone who's been where you are now, and gone where you want to go; someone who can make it happen a lot faster than you think possible if you take his advice. It's your choice...

Make that first move and join our family of Real Estate Entrepreneurs at  See you in the winners circle!

We welcome you to this goldmine of investing know-how, great ideas, and unbeatable camaraderie.

Best of Success... and Freedom,

Jackie Lange

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I can't thank you enough for helping me to define my goals, to achieve them, and to allow me to be free to do what I want to do before typical retirement age. I could have done it sooner, but I have no regrets. You are one of only a handful of people whom I consider to have greatly influenced my life.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with all of us. The legacy you leave will continue on in the lives of many and generations to come.
David Phelps, TX

"..the best and most economical resource for boosting my RE learning in a short time.."

Shakil - Virginia

"I've been in RE since 1985. ..this is as good as it gets for learning notch and first class site."
Don Wede - Illinois

"There is so much valuable information on this site.  I love the THE DEPOT, it is like having the best minds in real estate right in my office anytime I
want to learn..."

Jean Pizzoferrato, Ohio

CashFlowDepot is without a doubt the best real estate website out there.  Before I heard about this, I spent lots of $ on seminar from some other gurus but it was money down the drain.  Jack has the real deal.  I especially like the video seminars in the Learning Center.. and conference calls. Dan, CA

In the last year,I have been retraining my brain.I attended some boot camps(very expensive ones)with some of the "big Gurus",but soon learned that joining your local REIA group and learning from the Illustrious Jack Miller and friends(like Pete Fortunato)was more insightful.I have learned more listening to Jack and friends audio/video seminars on this website than the $16,000 that I have spent on bootcamps! I recommend this site to all. I hope to be gainfully unemployed in the next 2 years.I will forever remember and be grateful for the lessons from Jack Miller and friends(this includes you too Jackie).

Winston Hahne, NJ


I made $4300 from the information I learned at one CashFlowDepot seminar.
Eric Heideman. Virgin Islands