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If You Want To Make $5,000 to $25,000 with
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With Absolutely No Money and No Experience ...

Then You Absolutely
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Learn a Real, Honest Way to Make Money in Real Estate With
Risk, No Money, No Rehabbing, No Construction Costs,
 No Tenants, No Realtors, No Experience - AND
You'll NEVER Even Own The Property Yourself!

Dear Friend,

     This is the perfect time to get started down the road to real estate riches!  If you're brand new to real estate, this is probably the best time for making money with real estate that we've had in TWENTY years.   Once you learn the four easy techniques I will teach you, you'll see how simple it is to make money...lots of money.... every month with real estate.  It's almost like having your own money printing machine.  
My Real Estate Profit Secrets are so simple anyone can make money quickly, achieve massive success and financial independence with real estate -- all without risk.

     If you've been rehabbing houses, you've probably seen your real estate business come to a screeching halt because of the sub-prime meltdown.  So I bet you're looking for new (and safer) ways to make money FAST.   Well, there's good news, with just a few changes I can teach you how to adapt to this new market so you can not just survive but thrive during the sub-prime meltdown and beyond.  You'll probably NEVER go back to rehabbing once you learn how simple, PROFITABLE, and fast my Real Estate Profit Secrets are to implement into your real estate business right now.

Who am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

     I'm Jackie Lange and you may have read one of my magazine articles,  read my e-book, Real Estate Profits on Steroids,  or heard me speak at one of my many public appearances.    I've even been featured in two major best selling books:

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Buying Foreclosures"
 "$12,000,000 Worth of Web Marketing Mistakes & Solutions From The 7 Masters of the Web Universe". 

Well, it didn't start out that way.  It just seems like yesterday I was a bored stay-at-home Mom looking for a way to make money working from home.  I wanted to be there when my kids got home from school and I wanted to have a flexible schedule so I could take care of my sick parents.  But I also wanted to make money and lots of it.    

Fast forward.... 

     Now, I’ve been successfully buying, selling, leasing and investing in real estate for more than TWENTY YEARS and have created a "not so small" fortune from real estate.  I did this all with no college education (heck, I did good to make it through high school) so don't worry, you don't need a PHD  or years of training to make the kind of money many doctors dream about

     In 2000, I created the very first national house buying organization - The Extreme Success Group.  I have offices nationwide which are using my Real Estate Profit Secrets and they did over $58,000,000 (that's 58 Million Dollars) in business last year.  I've helped members of my team achieve tremendous success! I'm also the creator of the Cash Flow Depot which is the most advanced and cutting edge online source for real estate investing education with thousands of members.

     Over the years, I've also coached hundreds of people who were just getting started or investors who were struggling in their real estate business.  So,  as you can see, the techniques and strategies I use have been battle tested for more than TWENTY YEARS by hundreds of investors!  That's why I know I can teach you how to achieve real estate success and financial independence quickly - the right way and without taking risks.   Read about this student......



Jantzen Matzdorff
Austin, Texas

Featured on
Flip That House
on the
Learning Channel


"..I have made more money
than I made the rest of my life put together"


"I read your book about a year and a half ago, and it opened my eyes to a new niche in real estate.  Since that time, I have made more money than I made the rest of my life put together.  It gave me the tools that I needed to get started and to start making money right away.  It was perfect for me, because I didn't have as much experience or money as some of the big players in my real estate market.  It has given me another exit strategy, so I can close nearly every good deal that I find."



This Could Be You!

I'm Ready to Help You
Turn Your Life Around TOO!

        You can do this!   If you've tried investing in real estate before with little or no success OR if you're just now thinking about getting in to real estate investing, the information revealed in my "Real Estate Profit Secrets" course may just be the most valuable information you've ever had access to!

     Some late night TV "guru" types teach complicated and risky real estate schemes that require you to get a loan to buy a house, invest in repairs, and make payments  month after month while you are waiting and waiting and waiting to sell it. 

     You ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT learn how to do that with my course.  For starters, you NEVER need to get a loan!  You'll NEVER need to fix up the property.  You NEVER need more than $20 to do any deal.  You'll NEVER actually buy the property.  You'll learn how to make money with real estate and  NEVER take any risk! 

     The minute you write a check for a lot of money to buy a house or to get it repaired you are putting that money at risk.  The minute you get a loan to buy a property, you are making a commitment to make monthly payments (with interest) and  pay a huge sum of money for a property that you really know very little about.  Sure... some people make a lot of money doing this and you could too.  But some people have also lost a lot of money doing this and there's just no need to take that risk -- at least not now.

      Just today, I met with a man who paid too much for a property, then spent too much to fix it up.  He tried for NINE months to sell it, meanwhile making $1600 mortgage payments each month ($14,400 total) and finally had to rent it out for less than his mortgage payments.  Now, the house is worth LESS than he has spent on the house.   OUCH!!

You Should NOT Take Risks!!!!!

     There's a better way to make money with real estate and I'll teach you how in my 18-disc Real Estate Profit Secrets audio course.

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When you study Real Estate Profit Secrets, you'll hear me teaching absolutely everything I know about the very best techniques, strategies and tactics you should be using RIGHT NOW to make big money with real estate.  Just follow the step-by-step systems and you could be cashing a REAL BIG CHECK in 30 days or less!

     Twenty years ago, I took a leap of faith to learn how to make money with real estate.  THREE WEEKS after I made that decision, I closed on my first deal and made $8,000!    Many others have taken that leap of faith and made HUGE PROFITS too!  You can do this too!

This Course Could Change Your Life!

     A lot of people think that just because a house is a "foreclosure" property that it is a good deal.  Not so!  Most foreclosures are NOT good deals.  In fact, most houses that already have a "For Sale" sign in front of them are NOT GOOD DEALS!  You'll learn why in my Real Estate Profit Secrets audio course - PLUS you'll learn how to find the BEST DEALS!     

Learn what kind of deals
you should be doing now, and WHY, and HOW:


check mark   Why it's so important to create cash and wealth with real estate
check mark
  Four BEST types of real estate deals to focus on NOW & WHY!
check mark
   How to make money fast, starting from scratch!  You could get your first big check in 1 month or LESS!
check mark
  How to bullet-proof your contracts… you’ll never get stuck in a bad deal  
check mark
  Estimate repairs for any house in TEN Minutes FLAT!
check mark
   TWO "Tactics for the TIMID AND SHY" to negotiate with Super Confidence 
check mark
  7 cheap and easy ways to find sellers who will literally BEG YOU to take their house!
check mark
  The “top secret” way you’ll find dirt cheap houses NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT!
check mark
  How to avoid an Investor's TWO worst enemies
check mark
  How to fill out the paperwork.
check mark
  How to sell your houses in 7 days and pocket BIG money!  So simple, it’s  scary!
check mark
  How to get Sellers to LOWER the Price WITHOUT Saying a Word!
check mark
  Don't just SURVIVE - Learn How to THRIVE During the Sub-Prime Meltdown
check mark
   Why finding the house is the LAST thing you should do.
check mark
How to get real estate agents scrambling to work with YOU and not against you!

That's Just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG! 

     I'll teach you the best and most important real estate investing techniques you need to use this year.  Real estate markets have changed so much that you can't use many of the strategies from the past few years.   You absolutely need to learn the techniques tought in my Real Estate Profit Secrets audio course.

     When you complete this course, you'll have your own personal step-by-step PLAN OF ACTION so you can get started making money faster.  There will be several different ways you can create HUGE PROFITS  so you can select the very best strategy that's PERFECT for YOU!  You'll have a personal roadmap to EXACTLY what kinds of "real estate deals" you should be doing.

Latron Thorne

Latron Thorne
Atlanta, Georgia













 "I Put A House Under Contract For
Thirty Cents On The Dollar...
Netting exactly $11,250!

I put a house under contract for $.30 on the dollar. Yes, thirty cents! I marketed that baby using some of the creative techniques I learned from Jackie and sold it in less than 45 days, netting exactly $11,250! And the buyer was ecstatic because there was still plenty of room for him to make money, even in today's market.

I can honestly say, learning from Jackie has put a lot of money in my pocket. Jackie taught me that you don't have to do a lot of deals, as long as the ones you do are very profitable. She showed me how to make my marketing specific enough to have sellers call me. Jackie dispelled the myth that you MUST have money. And Jackie has given me support and confidence to know this is possible.

I was 27 when I started full time in 2004 and couldn't imagine going back to a real job. I live a life my friends envy. I tell them all the time, they can do it too; they're just to scared. Sucks to be them, because when they're trying to figure out their vacation days, I'm already in Cabo diving.

Latron Thorne

( just one of many deals Latron has done!

"The Surefire 100% Guaranteed Way to
Achieve Success and Financial Freedom...

 ... is to find someone who's successful at what you want to do, and simply follow in their footsteps and do what they do.  Learn from their mistakes so you don't have to make the same ones yourself ... but better yet ... learn from their successes so you can copy them and use them over and OVER again!"

     I've invested my time, money and energy in to testing new ideas and strategies for TWENTY YEARS so I can bring those ideas to you. I've trained others to use these techniques so I know they work all over the United States.  I've taken all the risks so you don’t have to.     

Now, it’s time for YOU to
invest in yourself and your future...

     Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn from a stay-at-home Mom turned real estate investor pro.  If I can do this, anyone can.  You can easily learn the absolute best ways to make really fast cash in LARGE quantities and learn how to build wealth beyond your wildest dreams. It’s all possible! This is your chance to finally MAKE IT in real estate.  Many already have!

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In fact, listen to what one of my other students has to say:

Bettie Smythwood

Bettie Smythwood
Charlotte, NC








"I picked up a check for $24,000

I'm 23 years old,  and a few years ago I learned about this real estate investing system from Jackie Lange. 

Little did I know that my life would be changed forever! I was working as a waiter/bartender at Chili’s Bar and Grill and that's when Jackie offered to tell me how to get started in real estate investing.  About two weeks later I closed on my first deal and picked up a check for $24,000.00!!! (twenty-four thousand - I wanted to spell it out so you know it is not a mistake)

I only began working harder after that. I have made some amazing deals. My largest all at one time deal net me $65,000.00. I have done many more netting $8,000.00 and $13,000.00. I just sold my first rehab and netted $40,000 in profits!"


 Forever grateful,
 Bettie Smythwood  
Dallas, Texas

(Bettie lived in Dallas when she did these deals she recently moved to North Carolina)


You DESERVE More!  STOP Struggling!


Learn EXACTLY how to find the BEST DEALS
that will make you the MOST money
in the LEAST amount of time.

check mark
  Where to find RED HOT deals
check mark
  How to get leads coming to you automatically
check mark
  How to get sellers to pay for your advertising
check mark
  Using auction techniques to create a $20,000+ month income
check mark
  Why you should NEVER MAKE OFFERS
check mark
  Free online tools you should use to get more deals and make more  money
check mark
  FREE and CHEAP marketing tricks
check mark
  How to get leads coming to you automatically
check mark
  Learn to spot common denominators of a motivated seller
check mark
  Secret source where you'll find a ROOM FULL of Motivated Sellers in ONE DAY!
check mark
  SECRET Source for REALLY cheap REO Deals that NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT
check mark
  Why you don't need a foreclosure list!  GET THIS FREE LIST INSTEAD!
check mark
  How to get a FREE WEB SITE for your real estate business
check mark
  When HUD homes are good deals - and when HUD's are BAD deals
check mark
  And much much more......


With Real Estate Profit Secrets, you'll learn everything you need ... and I do mean EVERYTHING - to make dramatic profits in real estate FAST!  It's the most complete program of it's type for making fast, safe and EASY cash in real estate! 


|Jim Ingersol
Jim & Cheryl Ingersoll
Richmond, Virginia

 Was Able to Quit His Job In Less Than a Year

"I'm Working On My 9th Deal"

My phone is ringing off the hook everyday and that is a great thing!  The marketing works and now I am getting lots of referrals.  Thanks to Jackie I cracked the code.  I am working on my 9th deal right now.  I can't believe I have this many in the past several weeks.  I really appreciate you! 

I just wanted to say THANK YOU. 


More Things You'll Learn

You’ll discover how you can operate a successful real estate company that consistently creates cash ... PLUS enormous wealth.   There's something for EVERYONE no matter what level of investor you are!

Are You Just Getting Started in Real Estate Investing?

    If you have the burning desire and willingness to learn - you'll discover an arsenal of simple techniques that'll get you started FAST and enable you to quickly generate large sums of cash (just like Bettie Smythwood did) and residual income to support your lifestyle OR take you to the “next level” financially!

Are You A Seasoned Investor Needing a Change?

     If you feel like your struggling in your real estate business and you need to give it that much needed “shot in the arm” then Real Estate Profit Secrets is just what you need!  Instead of spinning your wheels in a real estate business that just doesn’t ever seem to “get ahead” - you’ll discover the missing links to achieve EXTREME success and make your business hum like a well oiled and PROFITABLE machine!

     No matter who you are or what level you are at... Real Estate Profit Secrets will show how YOU can easily make BIG MONEY with real estate! It’s safe, it’s easy, it’s remarkably powerful, and you'll learn EXACTLY HOW TO achieve "extreme success" in your real estate business when you order Real Estate Profit Secrets today!  Bottom Line.....

 You Could Begin Cashing Checks for
$5,000, $10,000, $20,000 or MUCH MORE
in 30 Days or LESS!


Learn to take it to the next level fast...
with more deals each month and bigger deals
with bigger profits.  Many of my students are
doing 5, 10, 15, 20 deals a month and you can too!


check mark Building Wealth and Cash Flow - Risk Free
check mark How to make all your profits completely tax free
check mark Take it to the NEXT LEVEL - More Deals & More Profits
check mark Buying and Selling with Seller Financing
check mark How to never spend a penny on repairs
check mark Asset protection strategies - When to use Entities and Land Trusts
check mark   Make Money Lending Out Other People's Money
check mark How to Deal with Million Dollar Luxury Houses and Expensive Commercial Properties
check mark Using WRAPS to Build Wealth and CASH FLOW FAST
check mark The hidden profits in old MOBILE HOMES & Mobile Home Parks
check mark When to sell wholesale, sell retail or when to Keep as a Rental
check mark Success Consciousness
check mark The Reward System vs. Seminar Junkie
check mark Importance of ongoing Education & a Support System
check mark Your Action Plan -


       Anyone who has been to one of my seminars knows that I deliver much more than I charge, and that every seminar I present, or training course I create has REAL MEAT, REAL VALUE and PRACTICAL, MONEY-MAKING INFORMATION!  Here is what students of my previous seminars had to say:


"Seminar was more than advertised. I learned things that I can immediately implement and improve in my business. The knowledge is priceless."
Clark Fletcher

"One of the most detailed seminars on doing business efficiently to utilize time and energy where it's most financially productive."
Paul Duncan

This seminar under promised and over delivered."
Kathy Hasik

"The best I've attended" Joe Somario

"Great Seminar and Great Value!
Peter Gauthier

"The speakers were great and the networking opportunities were fabulous"
H. Quincy Long, Houston Texas (

"This was a first class seminar all around"
Ann Williams

"Thank you for the great info! Priceless!"
Corey Donahue

"What I liked most was the level and quality of material covered.
Speaker knows her topics from much experience."
Charlotte Cockrell

"Excellent Content. Good book, lots of info, great internet resources!"
Jack Shea

"What I liked most was the endless commitment to education."
Rom Simone

Join the thousands of others who have discovered
the QUICK and EASY way to Make a LOT of Money with Real Estate... with my
Real Estate Profit Secrets

     Look, let's be honest, after reading about everything you'll learn surely you see that you'll literally be handed my profit packed secrets ... do you need any more convincing to realize that this is the best real estate course for you!?  Never Before has there been opportunity to hear me literally spill my guts ... and to be honest ... it's probably never, ever going to happen again!

     So it would be REALLY SMART to insure that you get one of the first 50 copies of Real Estate Profit Secrets - before it sells out! 

With 20+ Y-E-A-R-S of experience, and

Hundreds of Success Stories
I'll give you
insider information that’ll take your business
and your bank account to the next level!

Want to know MORE About What You'll Learn?

 check mark  
The 2 things you absolutely must do before you even start looking for a house
 check mark
 Exactly what to do and say when talking to sellers
 check mark How to make every contract safe - so you won’t hesitate to sign it no matter what the contract price
 check mark  Learn why it does NOT take money to make money in real estate
 check mark How to build a team to do a lot of the work for you - without paying for employees
 check mark  Focus! Why it is so important in real estate
 check mark  Which properties to concentrate on - which properties to avoid like the plague
 check mark  How to analyze a property - and the surrounding neighborhood
 check mark  Why you should never make offers - really!
 check mark  The best way to get paid when you sell - surprise, it’s not a check
 check mark  How to keep the seller from “shopping” your offer
 check mark  
When and why you’ll want to eventually build wealth instead of just income
 check mark  Plus…. Real Deal - case studies to help you learn! 
           See how another student used my systems

to make fast profits with real estate!


How a Desperate
18 Year Old
Department Store Clerk
Made $11,838 in 8 days!


Melissa was working at the department store selling cosmetics in Plano Texas. She was fed up with standing up all day long and dealing with cranky customers! She really wanted out and decided to try my Real Estate Profit Secrets system.

She mailed our “cheapo magic postcard” to the “special list” (both of which we reveal in detail in this program)! Within just a couple of days, the phone was ringing off the hook with HIGHLY motivated sellers that were almost begging her to take their properties off their hands!

One particular owner called, saying the house had been vacant for about 6 months - he had no plans to move back - the place needed a LOT of work - and he just wanted to get RID of the house! Using the script and the “magic question” that we also reveal in this course, the owner said that they would take $25,000 for this vacant, ugly house in BAD condition! This was amazing because houses in that area are worth $85,000 - $90,000

But it gets BETTER! She went to look at the house and was shocked! The place was loaded with so much junk that you couldn’t walk in the house. Even the RATS had a hard time getting around! It would take at least 4 large dumpsters to get all the junk hauled away.

Melissa asked one more “magic question”!. Then it happened - the owner said he would take $8,000! He dropped the price by $16,000 based on ONE question you’ll learn at this event! Needless to say she wrote a contract up ON THE SPOT!

Using my proven techniques she actually found a buyer in just a few hours of getting the contract signed and had someone offer to buy the house from her for $20,000 … in less that 24 hours!

Just 7 days later, Melissa closed her first deal
and walked away with a check for a profit of $11,838!

She was hooked. The next month, she did another deal and got a check for $5,000. Then a few months later she did it again and got a check for $9,000. Not bad for a 18 year old!

Exciting isn’t it?  NOW ask yourself this question …
What would YOU do with an extra $5,000
$10,000 - $24,000 or MORE each and every Month?

     Well … just imagine what could happen in your life when your real estate investing business becomes wildly successful … and you’re making more money than ever before! 

     Make an investment in your future!  Learn from me, a stay-at-home Mom turned real estate investor expert, so you can discover the formula to change your financial life forever! What’s the alternative?

     If you keep doing things the way you’ve been doing them, you’ll never see new results. You deserve better, but more importantly, your family deserves better!

     This is your chance to finally get your real estate business on the right track. You’ll walk away with complete, step-by-step instructions on what to do with NO guesswork and NO RISK! 

So Let's Recap EXACTLY What You're Going
To Receive When You Order
"Real Estate Profit Secrets"

     Look there is so much solid information that you'll be getting, that I simply can't cram it all into this message!  I know you're going to be blown away with the information in Real Estate Profit Secrets course ... so let me give you just a quick recap of what you'll get when you order!

18-AUDIO LESSONS of Success Training where you'll learn my secret strategies and techniques that can turbo charge your real estate investing business!  This is not "fluffed up information", it's stuffed with solid ... real world ... straight from the street ...  PROFITABLE information that comes directly from more than twelve years of "in the trenches" experience!

You'll be Blown Away by the Value!

 How much would you expect to pay to get the knowledge that could help you make more in the next year than you have made in your whole life - like Jantzen Mazdorff from Austin Texas?   Or to make $24,000 in two weeks like Bettie?  You can learn my most POWERFUL money making systems?$3,000?  $5,000?  $9,000?  Well guess what? A real estate course of this caliber ... with this kind of high impact content often costs even MORE!

     I’ve been told that I should charge those kinds of prices since I provide so much value. But I want to make Real Estate Profit Secrets so affordable that anyone can afford it!  You need to learn this information to make the transition to extreme no-risk real estate success.   I don't want anyone to miss out on this incredible chance to learn how to make a lot of money with real estate!

OK Jackie ... How Much? 

     Before I answer that, let me ask you a very direct question:  "Can You Really Put a Price Tag on Success?"

     Sales legend Zig Ziglar used to ask, "is it price that concerns you, or is it COST?"  If you do this business on your own without learning from others, it's going to cost you a LOT MORE in lost opportunities, lost money, profit killing mistakes and a ton of wasted time!  In fact, most people reading this message don't even know what they don't know about the real estate investing business until they make a big mistake that costs them THOUSANDS of dollars (ask me how I know!)

     The price of Real Estate Profit Secrets is NOT cheap - no good real estate course, training or information IS! But the VALUE is what is important, and the value here is what you will LEARN and EARN from my TWELVE YEARS experience in this business!


You'll Get 18-AUDIOS  ONLINE

But You WON'T Pay $4,000...$2,000...
You Won't Pay $1,000 or Even $900!
You Get the ENTIRE Course for

FREE When You Join

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     You will get everything, and I do mean everything, you need to start making money with Real Estate Profit Secrets.     

     When you consider all that you're getting, this really is the WORLD'S GREATEST DEAL and I know that you'll be jumping at the chance to order Real Estate Profit Secrets at this LOW level of investment! 

It's YOUR TURN to ...
FINALLY Achieve the Success You Desire

To Your EXTREME Success,

Jackie Lange

P.S.        Don’t forget!  You’re getting this incredible course for FREE when you join   And you get my 100% Risk-Free Guarantee for 30 days so you have nothing to lose!   If you don't love it, I'll give your money back.