Jack Miller's Tactics and Strategies Manual


 Jack Miller's

Tips, Tricks & Techniques to
Secure Your Success

This book represent Jack Miller's latest thinking on how to avoid the pitfalls many investors face in their careers, as well as insights and instruction on how to enhance your prospect for success. It represents over forty years of real estate investing experience by Jack.

This is the type of book that does not need to be read from beginning to end. You can open any page and find a "pearl of wisdom" or a lesson from Jack. You will also find a table of contents so that you can seek out a particular topic that is of interest to you.

I hope that you enjoy the book and will be able to utilize and apply some of the techniques that Jack has shared. For Jack, writing was a labor of love but his motivation was to share his knowledge and unique perspective in hope that it would help you to realize your dreams.

This e-manual contains 286 pages of Jack's BEST tips, tricks and techniques to secure your success.  The paperback book is more than 600 pages of creative real estate investing ideas!

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High Tech Alone Won’t Make You Rich                          
Time Management                                      
Finding a Way to Sell a Big House                              
Reviewing Your Situation and Making Adjustments                     
Organizing Your Personal Brain Trust                          
Don’t Try to Be Superman                                  
Beware of The Dark at the Top of the Stairs                          
The Importance of Good Mentors                              
Slow Market Transactions                                     
Lease Backs                                     
Market Value                                  
Section 121                                   
Section 1031, Tax Free Exchanging Basics                          
Reverse Annuity Loans                      
Dealing With The Downturn               
Fail While You’re Young                                  
If They Put Lines on the Page, Write the Other Way                      
Home Office                                          
Land Contracts                                     
Getting the Most Out of Your Day:          
Patience and Persistence                         
Take Some Time to Smell the Roses         
What Housing Bubble?                   
Ignoring Bookkeeping and Taxes     
Liar Loans                                     
Paying Too Much                            
Weather Vane Entrepreneurs                                  
Free and Clear vs Leveraged Houses                        
Using Brains to Make Money vs Using Money             
Early to Bed, Early to Rise                                  
How to Quit Your Day Time Job                           
Notes, The Devil is in the Details                          
The Interest Rate Trap                                  
Buying Without Looking                                
Buying Out of Your Area                               
Dealing With Investors                                 
Buying Too Many Houses Too Fast                              
Who Do You Trust?                                      
Factoring in Remodeling Costs                       
Employees vs Contractors                             
Having No Exit Strategy                                
Use Options, Not Credit                                
Beware of Putting Money into Fads                 
Changing the Value of Notes                          
Why You Should Live in an Expensive House    
Why Hire Professionals?  How Not To              
Buying an Expensive House                           
Up-Date on Toxic Mold Myth                          
Using Trusts to Hold Property                        
When, How and Why Incorporate                   
Limited Liability Companies                             
Mortgage Fraud                                      
Growing Lender Problems Are Going To Change The Market                 
Seller Financing is Coming Back into the Market                      
Buying and Selling Discounted Mortgages                          
Carved Out Interests  (Options, Remainders, Leaseholds)   
The Power of Negative Thinking                              
Getting Organized                                      
Pre-Foreclosure Opportunities                     
Dealing With Lenders Who Own Foreclosed Properties                  
It Takes More Than Desire and Hope to Succeed                      
Investing in “In-Fill” Lots                                  
How Well Do You Know Your Own Area?            
Farming Neighborhoods                                  
Asset Protection                                      
You Can’t Buy Success                             
Stay Away From Dicey Deals                      
Renting Without Showing Houses              
Creative Rent Collections                           
Buying Houses Out of Your Home Area       
Location, Location, Location                       
When Is a Home Not a House?                   
Some Builders Are Becoming Creative         
Getting Free and Clear Fast                       
Sub-Prime Financing Melt-down                 
Don’t Lend, Buy!                                  
Pros and Cons of Doing It Yourself                           
Pros and Cons of the Quick Deal                             
Look Before You Leap                                  
Real Estate Income Generators                              
A Panoramic View of Fundamental Tax Strategies                     
High Yield, Low Management Rentals                          
Betting Against the Mob: Profit in Stocks and Houses                 
Investing in Yourself                                         
Negotiation By the Slice                                  
Making Time for Your Family                              
Do You Have An Exit Plan?                                 
Where Does Morality Fit In?                                 
Taking Advantage of Traveling With Other Investors                          
Sub-Prime Loan Collapse                                     
Creation of Wealth                                      
Title Insurance                                      
Using Bad Weather Days                              
Remainder Estates                                    
Using Remainders for Asset Protection                      
Cashing Out and Retiring Tax Free                             
It’s Better to Give and Get Back Than Just to Give                      
Selling Remainders of CLTs to Investors to Raise Cash Today           
Taking Advantage of the Slow Market                         
Giving Reverse Rental Credits to Tenants so they can buy ANYBODY’S house   
Dividing the Fee for Fun and Profit                              
Cold Canvassing                                      
How Do You Find a Good Property Manager                     
Staging a House for Rent or Sale – or Appraisal                      
What To Look For When Buying a House                          
How to Use Property Defects to Improve Your Deal                      
Putting Your Best Foot Forward When Negotiating Offers                  
What to Look For When Selecting an Agent                          
Lease Your House and Buy Rentals                              
How to Sell Fast Using MLS Brokers                          
How to Make Money with Maintenance                          
Maintenance Pools                                      
Preventative Maintenance – of Yourself                         
Organizing Your Mail and Priorities                              
Critical Path Applications                                  
Networking vs Support Groups                              
Casual Conversation Caveats                                  
Gold is Where You Find It                                  
Have You Protected Your Success?                              
Trying to Adapt to Changing Times                           
Buyer’s Brokers                                      
Short Term Options                                      
Honesty, Reliability, and Effort                             
Investing for Growth vs Income                            
Using Gifts to Build Equity                                     
Lethal Leverage                                      
Getting Free and Clear Fast                                
The Power of Reputation                                
Making Certain You Deal Fairly                             
Exit Polling                                          
Establishing Value                                      
Staging a House to Spur a Transaction                          
Using Motivation to Enhance Value                              
Using Discount Buy-Back Concepts                            
Creative Options                                      
Present Value Insights                                      
Why Might Anybody Agree to No Payments Until Later                  
INVESTOR BEWARE!                                 
Promoter Beware!                                      
Having a Second Home                                 
Who Can You Trust?                                      
Using Entities to Protect Yourself and Your Property                 
Dissecting a Deal                                      
Pending Tax Law Changes                                 
Estate Taxation                                     
Tax-Free Trusts                                      
Using Imagination to Create Wealth                             
Garage Sales                                         
How Much Reading Do You Do?                             
Making Money With Nothing Down and Nothing a Month                  
Negative Cash Flow                                      
How are Stocks like Houses & Vice Versa?                          
How Can People Buy Houses If They Can’t Afford to Rent?              
Trading Your Way to a Fortune                              
Pyramiding Equities Tax Free                             
Using Trusts to Conserve, Preserve, and Protect Assets                 
You Never Exceed Your Expectations of Yourself                     
Turning Dreams into Wealth                                  
Increasing your Assets by $1000 Every Day                        
Ten Ways to Make Every Day Pay Day                          
Figuring the Costs Up-Front can Save Time and Expense                 
How Do You Start Buying Houses?                             
Learning the Fundamentals                                 
Getting the Information You Need, When You Need It                 
Overcoming Fear                                      
Making the Move from Job Security to Financial Security                  
Letting Amortization Create Equity When Price Fall                      
Maintaining Income When Buyers Can’t Get Loans                      
Making Expensive Houses Produce Net Income                      
Buying and Holding Better Homes Without Negative Cash Flow             
Using Auctions to Sell Inventory                              
Finding Lenders Who Are Overloaded With Houses That Can Be Bought At a Discount  
Discounting A 2ND Mortgage                                 
Negotiating to Stop a Foreclosure                             
Which is best:  A Short Sale or to Discount the Mortgage?                 
Don’t Negotiate with Homeowners, Negotiate with Lenders                 
Making Money Buying Defaulted Junior Liens                     
Trading Time for Equity                                  
Establishing Financial Relationships                            
Transferring Equity Invisibly by Paying Off Loans                    
Discounting Small Loan Company “Paper”                        
Restructuring Financing                                     
Buying Mobile Home Loans on Rented Land                    
Selling Land and Mobile Home Separately                         
Creative Financing For Expensive Houses                         
Barter is Coming Back                                
Converting Bartering to Exchanging                              
Cash, Trash, and Paper                                
Using What You Have To Get What You Need To Get What You Want          
Creating Credit in the Deal                                 
Securing Creative Financing                              
Security Documents                                      
Creative Financing Tools                                  
Putting Creative Deals Together                            
Charlatans in the Market Place                              
How Do You Spend Your Week?                            
Creating a Productive Social Venue                           
Things They Are A'Changing                                 
Don't Believe What You Read Or See On T.V.                    
Opportunities Abound In Every Market                          
Lots of Good Ideas Are Still Out There                       
The Best Way To Change Things is to Change Yourself                   
Learning New Ways To Do Business Creates More Opportunity             
Lease Options Can't Be Beat                                  
Creative Financing + Hard Work = Profit                         
When the Banks Say No, Use Private Financing                    
In a Buyers’ Market, Sellers Will Have to Learn How to Sell              
Sellers Should Learn How To Structure Seller Financing If They Want To Sell     
When Cash Dries Up, Learn To Horse Trade                          
Where Profit Was Once Made In The Price, During This Cycle It Will
Be Made In The Terms                                    
Lending Money Secured by an Option to Buy                    
If You Can’t Sell It, Move In                                 
Sell Your House and Move into Your Spec House                     
Feeling Defeated?  Why Not Re-Think Your Life As An Immigrant Must Do?       
Adopting An Immigrant Attitude                             
Making Money Making Houses Bigger                          
Rent-to-Own and Lease/Options                              
Being a Land Lord vs Someone Who Just Rents Houses                 
How to Charge Less Rent and Make More Money                      
How To Charge Less Rents and Make More Money                      
Why Don’t Managers Raise Rents                             
How to Raise Rents in a Tight Market                         
Motivating Tenants with the Non-Rent-Raise Letter                      
When and Why to Offer an Option With Your Lease                  
Creative Uses of Options to Control Profits                          
Not All Housing is Crashing                                  
Making Money in Ethnic Neighborhoods                         
Prospecting for Buyers                                 
Qualifying the Prospect as to Need and Financial Capacity                 
Meeting Buyers’ Needs vs Wants                              
Trade Ins                                         
Beware of Changing Your Political Stripes                         
Staging Houses to Rent and to Sell                              
Why Aren’t You Using Pure Options?                         
Sandwich Leasing is Today’s Premier Strategy                      
Advanced Sandwich Leasing for Fun and Profit                    
Beware of Buying Too Soon in this Market                         
Moving Into Other Markets                                  
Demographics Favor the Southern States                         
If You Want to Change Locations, Do it Carefully and Slowly             
What Should Single Family House Investors Do Now?                  
Beware of Being Lured Promises of Easy Money                    
If You’ll Give Yourself Time, You Can Create a Wonderful Life