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  • Hi everyone, I’m getting started with marketing for SFH and small multis with high equity with the intent to get favorable seller financing terms for long term holds or reselling them on terms. Is there an up-to-date piece of content on this site about setting up your business entity? I see Dyches has some courses on asset protection outside of Cash Flow Depot if anyone has opinions on it.

    A few specific questions:
    -Do you market with the same entity that you acquire properties under? Or do you have a separate marketing (and possibly managment entity) separate from what you hold title under (whether that’s a trust or LLC etc).
    -If you have and/or assigns on your purchase contract, are you okay with signing personally as buyer then flipping to a trust or LLC prior to close? Or do you sign everything on behalf of an entity then assign the contract to another one?

    Trying to find a “basic” starting point without getting too far into the weeds, then re-evaluate once I’m growing. Thanks!

    I’m surprised that I’m not finding much on here about trusts. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong area. @Chris Sengenberger you might want to check out this Jack Shea Video on Trusts. Many investors use them to Hold their RE Assets for privacy reasons.

    As for Entities, LLC vs Corp will depend on what you are doing. I use a lot of LLC’s, some are Corp S and other’s are flow-through.


    People like dealing with People! So do your marketing as YOU.

    When you find the right property, use a Land Trust to take title if you want privacy of the owner. We have the Land Trust books and docs in the cashflowdepot training. The beneficiary interest of the trust (which never shows on public records can be your LLC ( taxed as an S corp) or you personally. Because the Trust itself is not recorded, it is easy to change the beneficiary later if necessary.

    Start with this book

    Introduction to Land Trusts for Real Estate Investors

    then study the asset protection section.

    Thanks @Jackie Lange, That’s what I was looking for. Relatively new to the site so learning my way around.

    Thank you for the direction!

    Thank you both!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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