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  • Not quite sure where is best to post this but does anyone know where I can get a good website setup for wholesaling leads? I could buy and setup a WordPress template/website but I wonder if anyone knows any better options and if anyone knows anyone who could set it up for me since I’d rather spend the money than the time. One last question also is there anywhere I can take a look at an options contract? I watched quite a few of the premium training calls and seminars on wholesaling and I’m trying to get everything setup any helps appreciated!

    This company provides an excellent platform with websites for real estate investors:

    You can find example option contracts in our file vault:

    Alternatively, there is a super simple example contract for wholesaling in the Flip Deals book which is included with your membership. You can find that towards the bottom of the page here:

    Go and listen to my conference call with Jackie last Monday. It was all about investor carrot

    Thank you Dustin and Don! Don do you know what category I can find this conference call in or have a link for it?

    perfect thanks for the link Dustin gonna listen to it now.

    Are you convinced investor carrot is the way to go?

    Yes, I plan on using investor carrot Don I’m currently working on trying to put together a buyers list for my wholesale deals as its the first step in Jackie’s wholesale deals ebook that Dustin recommend above. Do you have any tips on putting together a list of buyers to wholesale to?

    Just get your investor carrot three websites. One of the sites is just for wholesale buyers. When you post your craigslist ads as they teach you will have all the wholesalers you need. I have had over two thousand people come to the website since May. One thousand filled out a form to some extent. Got to be some real buyers there don’t you think. Of course the other methods taught here are valid also. I have had investors for 30 years with no website.

    Thanks for the help Don gonna start setting up my carrot websites now!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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