Sandwich Lease Park Lots and Park Vacancies

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  • Jackie and/or Fellow Members:

    I was reading “MEGA MOBILE HOME PROFITS” BY Jack Miller and I had a couple of questions. In the book, the following strategies were mentioned as ways to make money in a park with little or nothing down:

    1. Sandwich lease individual park lots for easy cash flow and;

    2. Sandwich lease all park vacancies for more cash flow

    I understand sandwich leasing and I already have a park that I own a mobile home in that I sold on a Lease Option. The park consists of both owner occupied homes and park owned rentals. The Park Manager / Owner turns homes over on a pretty regular basis due to evictions and he has several empty lots.

    Could you please elaborate on how to structure these types of deals? Would I lease an empty lot and then find an owner to move their home into the park OR would I lease lots that already have homes on them and prepay the rent in order to receive a discount and make money on the spread?

    Lot Rent: $240

    Rental Rate:

    3BR – $650
    2BR – $600


    Garrett Humphrey

    HI Garrett

    There are so many opportunities in mobile home parks.

    The easier sandwich lease would be to lease the park owned homes at a reduced rate, then sublease to a tenant who pays market rents.
    In your 2 bedroom example, if you could lease for $500 a month then sublease for $600 a month, you’d make $100 a month cash flow on a mobile home and lot you do not own. Because you are not the owner, you are not responsible for any repairs or taxes. Though you may be able to get an even better deal on the master lease if you offer to take care of the first $50 of repairs (limit 1 per month). If you could get the master lease down to $450 with that agreement, you’d have $150 a month in cash flow. But what if there is a repair needed? You could pass all the $50 in repairs on to your sub-tenant or at least 1/2.

    With lots, it is a little more tricky. You could get stuck with lot rent for a long time unless you already have a relationship with mobile home dealers who would move a home in OR unless you have a source for affordable mobile homes that you could move in yourself. The cost of mobile a mobile home is so high, this is a RISKY way to go in my opinion.

    I suggest you study the Master Lease training that we have here at CashFlowDepot. It will give you many more ideas.. which will work with mobile homes or single family houses or even mulifamily properties.

    You can see all the premium training (including master leasing) at


    Thanks for the fast response.

    Would you Lease Option the homes or go with a straight Master Lease?

    No need to get a option

    if you are master leasing a park owned home, you will be the first person they contact if they decide to sell.

    Besides, you do not want to agree to a price today… because the purchase price could be a lot less later.

    Even when master leasing a single family house, it is not necessary to get the option right away. You can get it later.
    and you, are the ideal person to buy the house if the owner decides to sell.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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