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  • Hi Jackie: Your work has inspired me to move into real estate much more confident. I have shared your info with a very good friend and mentor of mine Bobb Hendrixx. Bobb posed a question to me regarding the stealth training seminar with Dysche. The information you and Dysche mentioned was sensitive and you only wanted to share this info with members via the seminar. What do you recommend for your members whom were not able to attend the Panama convention for health reasons, but would love to access the stealth training and techniques? Members including Bobb Hendrixx would love to learn more sensitive techniques for estate purposes. Do you offer any information online now that we can glean estate protection techniques you can guide us towards? We are hopeful you can help us in this sensitive area of estate planning as we work overtime to protect our loved ones from invasion of their privacy and wealth. Very appreciative for your attention to this message.

    Property should be titled in a Grantors Trust (Land Trust) for starters. Fix and flip or quick sale an entity such as a LLC or Corporation. Long therm holds in a Trust with the beneficiary your Living Trust. That will get you started.

    HI Abe

    I’m thrilled that the information at CashFlowDepot has given you more confidence to jump in!

    We have a lot of asset protection training in the Premium Member training HERE

    The Stealth Investing seminar was not recorded for obvious reasons. Much of the information which was discussed there
    could ONLY be discussed offshore and only with the people who attended the class. Everyone who attended the class had to agree not to share ANY the information with anyone else. So, I’m sorry but there is no way to get access to the Stealth Investing training.

    The asset protection training in the Premium member section is excellent. It will teach how and why to use entities and how and why to use Land Trusts when taking title to any property. Keep in mind that you need to do some deals and have some assets to protect before you get to buried in the whole asset protection thing.

    Please try to conduct something like this on this side of the world too.

    We won’t be able to share the super secret “stealth” information if the seminar is stateside.

    Panama is a 2 hour flight from Miami to Panama City and a 3 hour flight from Houston.
    It’s not like it is on the other side of the world.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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