What is the pay off?

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  • In April 2017, a title company ignored my deed of trust and sold a house I had seller financed. Not a single payment was made on the note and I did not get paid when the house was sold. My buyer walked away with all the money.

    It’s a long story but to make it short, I had originally sold the house to the mom. Then the daughter asked to switch the sale to her so she could refinance. Mom agreed. I switched to daughter/son (drag queen) in April 2017. But it was all a lie, drag queen had planned to sell the house and cheat his/her mom and me. The house sold end of April 2017.

    I’ve hired several lawyers to try to get my money but they all dropped the ball so I finally decided to wait until the next sale came along and they would need me to clear title. None of the lawyers could find out who the title insurance company was.

    Today, I got an email from the TITLE INSURANCE company. Apparently the people who bought the house (and thought they had good title insurance) want to sell now but they can’t because of my 1st position deed of trust. The title insurance company has asked for a pay off for my deed of trust.

    I’ve had a crazy busy year so far and my brain in fried. I need help calculating the payoff

    Principal balance of the note in April 2017 was $59.557 @8.5%
    I have $10,000 in attorney fees

    So, what is the pay off today, including interest?

    I’m getting =FV(0.085/12,34,0,-59557) = $75,710.60 before atty fees assuming 5/1 was the first payment due

    Yep, that is what I got too. Thanks for double checking the math.


    T Value calculates $75,475.72 April 1, 2017 until today.

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