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  • Dee, thank u for sharing this important information. Lets tune into the conference call with Jackie and see how it all ties in. Here is the licensed doctor and veterinarian Dr. Joel Wallach’s website and information and
    for members to learn.

    Jackie; This is a very interesting prospect, on target financially with the medicinal marijuana industry. I look forward to your presentation. My prayers of good health to you and your loved ones. Very sorry to hear about your husbands condition. You may wish to coordinate TRUE health information to your members, or take a poll to see if it may be of interest to them. For I have been informed by a licensed medical doctor that Americans rank close to last internationally in longevity amongst industrialized nations. Good health is important especially to investors, as knowledge is King. We can’t take the money with us though it is important in this life. Can’t enjoy it unless we are in good health. Just a thought.

    thank you Aiyesha, exactly what I needed.

    Hi Patti: thank you for your availability regarding the HBS program. It is an excellent technique to use to sell a home quickly and for the most money. I have Bill Efros book in my library and Jackies information so I am adding your input too. It looks as if the owner has decided against the HBS for now so I will have to regroup and prepare for the next opportunity. This is the second time a HBS has fallen out for me this year. Have to do some meditating and prayer to make sure this is right for me to continue pursuing. I will keep you posted.

    Hi Patti: thank you very much for the information and allowing me to contact you going forward. This was extremely helpful information you provided. Nice to know members offer each other this kind of support.

    abe eiland

    My prayers go out to Jackie and her husband and family members during this time. Thank you for sharing Jackie.

    I had no idea Panama existed until Jackie shared her experience with me. LOL. the people of Panama may have to give her a key to the city for the growth in popularity……..Panama has my focus now………

    Great information. thank you Jackie.

    thank you

    Not able to read the article. Did you forget the link?

    I had the same question in mind fellow mbr. Thank you. Great advice Jackie.

    Jackie: This is an excellent subject to consider holding a conference call on since so many baby boomers are entering the social security era. Many including myself had our savings wiped out by various investments. It would be a subject many we believe would be interested in, especially explaining different methods for your suggestion of replacing that loss cash flow with the purchase of three-four homes. It appears easy on the surface, maybe you can enlighten us on some other avenues we can pursue. Looking forward to your thoughts.

    This should be a very interesting call. I look forward to learning from you Jackie. Thank you

    Anytime we can participate and visually witness a deal being made, all parties benefit, from the instructor, student and the client. What a wonderful idea. Sounds like a winner to me Jackie. Count me in on this one.

    Jackie: love your throwing out an idea, that would be educational and profitable at the same time. Please include me Abe Eiland

    Beautiful results Don. thank you for sharing. Gives us all motivation to move forward.

    this is wonderful Ayesha and very considerate that you are sharing this information with all members. We are pulling for you in all of your dealings. Wishing you all the best and a smooth journey as well. Thank you very much for sharing this experience.

    I would love to visit Panama. I am hearing wonderful things about it and would love to experience it for myself. If you decide not to hold it in the US, we can come to you. Just as long as you have another one soon Jackie

    Rachel, you are here at the perfect place to start with the perfect support system.

    thank u for the exciting information.

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 43 total)

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