Anchor of Value

Topics: Investor Success

Merri’s and my secret investing weapon has been a personal anchor of value. See how that anchor helped me buy this manor house in the Cotswold. This huge, old manor house, built over a century, beginning in the 1700s… had wonderful views and our next-door neighbor was Princess Anne at Gatcomb Park. Buying it was […]

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Being a Landlord Has Changed

Topics: Master Leasing
changing real estate market

David Tilney talks about property management and master leasing in the replay of this conference call.  Being a landlord has changed dramatically because of Covid.  It’s more important than ever to make sure that you pick the right tenant and that your lease paperwork is correct. Listen to the conference call to learn some of […]

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There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Cat

Topics: Foreclosures
buy foreclosures

Because of foreclosure sale competition, you have to “firstest with the leastest” to make money. Pre-foreclosures are one way to do this. Try to buy a CD listing of out-of-area owners from the tax collector Make low offers to buy properties with unpaid property taxes by sending letters to delinquent owners. In the following paragraphs […]

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Leon Johnson Talks about Creative Financing

Topics: Buying & Selling
leon johnson creative financing

Check out this video interview with Leon Johnson about how to get started with creative financing and finding motivated sellers.  Learn why sometimes it’s better to buy with really good TERMS than a really good PRICE! This video is full of great advice which will help you find and structure profitable real estate transactions. Leon […]

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Coaching Call: How to Sell Any House in 10 Days or Less

Topics: Highest Bidder Sales
HIghest Bidder Sale

Listen to the replay of the conference call about how Jim sold a house in less than 10 days using a Highest Bidder Sale method.  The house was listed with a real estate agent for 6 months with no offers.  But the Highest Bidder Sale got it sold fast and for much more! A Highest […]

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