You Can’t Take A Duplex To Lunch .

That was a favorite saying my old Mentor, Warren Harding used to point out that “people skills” pay larger dividends than real estate skills. Ask yourself if people skills don’t serve you well when you’re getting a speeding ticket, or asking for a loan, or a job; or trying to get a permit or zoning approval, or buying, selling or renting a house? Warren said that in all phases of real estate and finance, ultimately success, depends less on specific property attributes or the financial “numbers” than on one’s ability to communicate objectives to others and be able to listen carefully to be able to comprehend theirs. While there’s little room for sympathy in a business transaction, empathy plays a large role in being able to craft a transaction that meets the crucial needs of the parties. This month’s letter will delve into this subject a little more to see the part that empathy plays in tactical and strategic situations: