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Use OPC -- Other People's Credit
Learn creative ways that you can use other people's credit to acquire more real estate.  You do not need to borrow money from banks to buy houses. 
Understanding Where O.P.M. Is, And Who's Got It
OPM -- Other People's Money -- is the magical ingredient that builds fortunes out of dreams!  The mistake most people make is to equate OPM with Debt.  That represents a failure of the imagination.  OPM can take on many forms.  It can be EQUITY in the deal.  It can be an Option.  It can be a Management Contract.  It can be Partnership Interests or Stock.  It can be Inventory or personal property, or even toys.  
Best Buy Cities in 2015
Forbes article discusses the best cities for investing in 2015 and what the best indicators are for picking a winning area.  The article talks about why buy and hold is a good strategy now.
How to Buy Houses Without Bank Financing
There are many ways to buy houses without going to the bank to get financing.  Many sellers will be glad to get your offer to buy their house subject to the mortgage or with seller financing... you just need to ASK!  See this example to learn how to get $1000 per month in cash flow with a $40,000 pay day later.
There's little difference in finding Lease and/or Option opportunities and in finding properties to buy. I prefer to 'cold canvass' neighborhoods on foot and through flyers delivered door to door. Most other people mine the newspaper advertisements for hidden gold, court house records and 'bird dogs' that turn up motivated Sellers. All these sources work with Leases and Options if the Buyer/Lessee/Optionee takes the time to delve into the motivation of the other party. But there are clues all along in the process.
Managing Your Time to Do More Deals and Make More Money
Learn how to do more deals and make much more money with this weekly "TO DO" list.   Learn to manage your time wisely.  When you're trying to get ahead, every minute of the day is precious.
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