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  Where You Don't Have to Spend a Fortune To Learn How to Make One!

CashFlowDepot Members Learn About:

Wholesale Flips
Learn how to make $3k to $10k per month (or more) without buying or fixing houses

Learn the "little things" to say and do which will make your success rate go
through the roof!

Master Lease
and Options

The most powerful technique!  Learn how to control real estate without  buying it,
yet still make huge profits. 

Learn 21 ways to get more leads coming in fast..and how to get others to do most
of the work for you without paying them!

Learn many ways to buy or control real estate without getting a loan or even using much cash.

 Mobile Home

Learn how to buy older mobile homes for a few thousand dollars then resell them for 10 times
more.   Learn about mobile home park and subdivision investing too.

Highest Bidder Sale
Undoubtly the fast way to make big profits fast! Learn to control properties with an Option,
then sell in less than 7 days using a proprietary system designed by Jackie Lange.  Some
students are doing 2-3 deals a month with a $20,000 profit EACH!

Success Secrets
With 66 years of combined experience, Jackie and Jack have a wealth of information to share about
how to become successful fast.

And Much MUCH More...

  What Our Members Say

 CashFlowDepot is an awesome network of honest, moral, investors that still value their integrity. It is run by the strongest leader in our industry. Jackie Lange , with her leadership and the support of the affiliates I learned how to find my own deals. I no longer relied on the MLS or others. In fact, I ended up finding so many great deals at dirt cheap prices that I made progression into wholesaling. As a wholesaler Jackie taught me how to find the houses and how to find more buyers that I could ever imagine. - Jim Ingersall  
I joined this group almost 8 years ago and my business has turned around 180 degrees. With the help and support of the members of this group, I have been able to focus my efforts on the parts of my business that needed attention. In the real estate business, I have always felt like a "lone gun" with no support system. Whether I have a marketing question, a problem or just a need for someone to help me get back on track. I know that I can get that support from my friends within CashFlowDepot. 

There is not a better group anywhere in the country and I am thankful to be a member. - Rene, NY 

Jackie, Also, I wanted to send you a small note of BIG thanks. As I am about to embark on another year as a member of the CashFlowDepot, it has given me pause to consider where I am coming from, and what my relationship with you has meant. I cannot thank you enough for all you do, and all the years of education, support, hand holding, and wisdom you have shared. Throughout all the phases of my growth as an investor, you have NEVER been wrong. Every piece of advice you have given me has been spot-on, and I have gotten results from our relationship which have been safe and lucrative. 

- Geoff Pletcher 


I made $4300 from the information I learned at one CashFlowDepot seminar.
Eric Heideman. Virgin Islands

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