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This special includes - All 3 books, HP12C Calculator course (2 audio CD's & manual), Deals on Wheels Home Study Course (7 audio CD's & manual), Forms/Contracts C AND, Mobile home workshop audio CD -
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   Art of the Deal
Home Study Course

is filled with Jack Miller’s timeless lessons for creating financial security and independence.  You will learn how to negotiate and buy real estate with seller financing.. with great terms.  Jack predicts that inflation is coming and gives many ideas for how to protect your assets and profit.  You'll want to pay particular attention to his advice in Lesson 4.  Learn how to get more deals at better prices and with creative terms in this 14-part Video and Audio Home Study Course featuring Jack Miller.   Was $497.  Get 10% OFF with Coupon Code SaveNow
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Examples of Transactioneering
How does one come up with a creative financing idea? A long time ago someone said that necessity is the mother of invention. Nothing could be more true than having to earn a living, or come up with something to repay a loan. The key to creative financing is to understand how a conventional deal works, then to modify the various component parts in unconventional ways to achieve the desired results.  Oftentimes, conventional methods just will not work to solve real estate problems.  See some examples of creative real estate ... HERE




By Jack Miller

               This week, you get TWO free Audio Lessons.  The first audio is about how you can improve your confidence.. so you can do more deals and more creative deals.  Too many people stay stuck in one kind of technique because they lack the confidence and the knowledge to do other, possibly more profitable, transactions.  So, I've also included an audio lesson by Jack Miller and Peter Fortunato about the 10 key elements of success with creative deal making.   There is an art to deal making!  Enjoy the lessons!



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