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Jackie Lange
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Becoming a real estate investor was the best thing that ever happened to Jackie Lange who was a stay-at-home Mom before she started. Jackie shares her 27 years of experience and creative real estate investing strategies at CashFlowDepot.com You will learn how to create massive cash profits doing wholesale flips and other techniques AND you will learn how to acquire an entire portfolio of rental properties WITHOUT using bank financing or credit… Jackie did it… you can too! Read more about Jackie HERE

Jackie’s mission — MY PASSION — is to help others learn how to be a successful real estate investor so they can stop worrying about money and enjoy a stress free life.

You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune to Learn How to Make One

At CashFlowDepot.com you can also learn from other very experienced and successful real estate entrepreneurs too. And the best part, you can learn from the comfort of your home at your own pace. With our complete 2 and 3-day Online Seminars, plus in-depth video, audio and written real estate investor training about the most important topics you need to use today, you’ll have the best real estate training on the planet.

Our team of experts are readily available to answer your questions during our monthly coaching calls or in the CashFlowDepot real estate investing forums.

In 2000, after Jackie had been making money in real estate for 5 years, she met a brilliant real estate investor and instructor named Jack Miller.  He was creative. He was super successful. All of his students were super successful! Yet, few people even knew who he was. He’d been teaching seminars to SOLD OUT crowds since the mid-1970’s but the only way you heard about them was through referrals. His training has been responsible for helping tens of thousands of people achieve financial freedom and success. With his 45 years of “in the trenches” real estate experience many consider him to be one of the most creative and successful real estate investors to have ever lived. His training helped Jackie double the profits and cash flow in her business too.

Jack MillerJack Miller was the first person to even consider single family homes as an investment. He was the first person to teach a seminar about investing in single family homes and he was the first person to write a monthly newsletter about investing in single family homes.

Jack Miller was the ORIGINAL single family house investor.

But, if you did not go to his monthly live seminars, you could never learn from him. There were no books, no home study courses, there were no video or audio recordings of his events

Most people have never heard of Jack Miller. Yet, Jackie was determined to capture his training so future generations could learn his incredible techniques and strategies.

It took THREE L-O-N-G years to convince Jack to let Jackie records his seminars and his wisdom so others could learn his creative strategies without flying to a seminar.

Sadly, Jack Miller passed away in 2009 but his creative real estate training and wisdom lives on at CashFlowDepot.com.

The BEST Real Estate Investor Training = Faster Results = Bigger Profits
Learn from the PROS

The real estate experts at CashFlowDepot.com are REAL DEAL real estate investors who make their living with real estate investing. Besides Jackie Lange and Jack Miller, you’ll learn from experienced investors like Lonnie Scruggs, Peter Fortunato, Dyches Boddiford, and David Tilney plus other successful students at CashFlowDepot.com.

Real Estate Investor Training

Even if you’ve never made a dime with real estate, we’ll teach you several step-by-step systems for making money with real estate fast. You’ll learn no money down real estate strategies like wholesaling, flipping houses, lease options, master leases, and buying subject to.

We also have the most advanced real estate investor training anywhere including real estate options, asset protection, 1031 exchanges, working with private lenders, buying with seller financing, and IRA/Roth investing. You’ll learn FIFTY new ways to make a fortune with foreclosures, REO’s, and short sales. No one knows more about real estate options than Jack Miller.

All the training at CashFlowDepot.com is focused on how to make money without mistakes and without risks. You’ll learn how to reduce taxes too.

You’ll be amazed at the quality and quantity of real estate training at CashFlowDepot.com

You Don't Have to Spend a Fortune to Learn How to Make One!

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