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Latron T.

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Skills You Can Learn With CashFlowDepot

  • How to flip a house
  • How to become a landlord
  • Real estate wholesaling
  • Highest bidder sales
  • Finding private lenders
  • Using option contracts
  • Mobile home investing
  • Buying subject to
  • Creative financing techniques
  • Master / sandwich leasing
  • Finding affordable properties
  • Finding cash buyers
  • How to negotiate better deals
  • Buying foreclosures
  • And much more!

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Learn how to work SMARTER and with less risks! The techniques taught on CashFlowDepot will make your real estate business easier. You'll be able to reach your financial goals much faster without taking unnecessary risks.

Learn creative ways to make cash fast and create consistent monthly cash flow.

You won't need much cash or good credit to get started and no license is required. You'll learn how to make money with real estate without even buying the property or getting a loan. But, when you are ready to buy real estate, we will teach you creative financing strategies you can use instead of getting bank financing.

Get the help you need when you need it!

Post your questions on our community forum when you need help analyzing a deal or structuring an offer. Your questions will be answered by experienced investors who can help you do more deals and make more money - as well as avoid costly mistakes.

Meet Your Real Estate Investing Guide, Jackie Lange

  • 20+ years investing experience
  • Over 1,000 transactions completed
  • Creative financing expert
  • Owner, CashFlowDepot

"Learning from Jackie has put a lot of money in my pocket. Jackie taught me that you don’t have to do a lot of deals, as long as the ones you do are very profitable."

Latron T.

"As a wholesaler Jackie taught me how to find the houses and how to find more buyers than I could ever imagine."

Jim Ingersoll

Learn from over 80 real estate investors

Dozens of investors have contributed to CashFlowDepot - everyone from 40-year industry veterans to people who just did their first deal. With a CashFlowDepot membership you can learn what's worked (and what hasn’t!) for these investors and apply it to your own real estate business. Some of our contributors include well known real estate investing educators like:
  • Jack Miller
  • Peter Fortunato
  • David Tilney
  • Lonnie Scruggs
  • Gary Johnston
  • John Schaub
  • Jimmy Napier
  • Dyches Boddiford
  • Mike Cantu
  • Rick Harmon

Learn The Smart Way To Invest In Real Estate