Creative Deal Structuring with Peter Fortunato and Bill Cook

1h 3m

What an amazing Coaching Call we had on Tuesday, July 18th!  Peter Fortunato and Bill Cook shared details about how they not only do real estate investing outside the box — but there is NO BOX  the way they get deals and structure deals.  Listen to this call to learn:

HOW to get an 80% open rate with your marketing without spending any money on postcards, letters or bandit signs.  You don’t need to spend $1000s on marketing!

WHEN you take time to discover what the seller’s real needs are, that’s when structuring deals gets easier.

USE knowledge & creativity as currency to avoid using cash  or bank loans to buy real estate

Peter and Bill have been investing in real estate for 52 years and 22 years respectively — always creatively! You’ll learn why you do not need to use bank financing to buy real estate. Once you learn how to think outside the box — your real estate business will grow faster!



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