Fastest Way to Big Checks Without Buying or Fixing Houses

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A Highest Bidder Sale is a unique method of selling houses in JUST 7 DAYS which Jackie Lange perfected many years ago. Usually, the property is sold to the person who will pay the highest price. But a Highest Bidder Sale can also be used to sell properties with seller financing to the person who pays the highest down payment.

With a Highest Bidder Sale, you don’t need to own the house, you don’t need to buy the house, or get a loan, or do any repairs YET you can make substantial profits of $10,000.. $20,000… even $50,000 or more very quickly. You only need to control the property with an Option and Marketing Agreement. members are making a fortune getting options then doing a Highest Bidder Sale. This one technique is making CashFlowDepot members more money… faster… than any other technique. CashFlowDepot Member Brian M. made $148,000 net profit on his first Highest Bidder Sale.

You REALLY need to be doing Highest Bidder Sales in your market!

Watch this video to learn:

  • How to find MOTIVATED SELLERS who will give you an option
  • how to get the seller to say YES to a lower price
  • the single most important marketing trick to get a lot of bidders
  • how to get the price up up UP
  • Why a WRITTEN AGREEMENT is essential
  • how to crank up the volume to do 2 or more HBS per month

Patti McGregor and her son TK have been investing in real estate in Houston Texas for 14 years.  While gaining first hand experiences, Patti has learned how to streamline her business and reduce risks in this ever-changing economy. Although her primary focus is purchasing single family homes, she also excels at buying or controlling homes that have complex probate problems and selling them using the one-of-a-kind Highest Bidder Sale method which she learned from Jackie Lange.  Patti and TK have added many new technologies to automate and simplify the Highest Bidder Sale method.

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