How to Get Creative Financing

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Negotiating to buy real estate way below market for cash then wholesaling your contract is a great way to make money. But the bigger the numbers are on the deal, the fewer buyers you will have available. There’s a way to increase your buyer pool and make even more money — introducing creative financing!

Creative financing is buying real estate without paying a lot of cash up front or using private lenders or bank financing. Creative financing is could be buying subject-to the mortgage or buying with seller financing. The terms of the creative financing vary depending on the deal. It is possible to get 0% financing. And it is even possible to buy a house but have no payments for a year or more.

When you learn how to make your creative financing offers attractive to the sellers so they accept them, you open up many more opportunities for you to buy houses to keep as rentals. You will also increase opportunities to resell the property with creative financing terms so you have many more buyers too.

When you learn to negotiate to buy with creative financing, you will never need bank financing or private lenders again. It is much easier than you think.

It’s important to learn as much as you can about buying and selling with creative financing.

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