How to Get a Flood of Motivated Seller Leads Fast

3h 18m

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Adrian Nez is a wholesaler and also works for InvestorCarrot, a company that makes real estate investor websites. To learn more about how InvestorCarrot can help you, check out their home page or signup for their free training webinar: Your 90 Day Plan To More Online Leads As A Real Estate Investor, Getting Your Next 100 Cash Buyers + Your Next 30 Seller Leads.

In this presentation Adrian will teach you what tools he uses and the exact things he does to get a flood of quality deep-discounted motivated seller leads every day, how to sort through them quickly, get them under contract, then get them sold fast. He will share his lead-generation tricks for getting a ton of traffic to a website so you have a steady flow of deals. These same lead generation methods can be used for subject-to deals, master leases, lease options, or mobile homes.

Learn how to let the power of the internet do most of your work for you! You don’t want to miss is presentation. This information will unlock the secrets to your success!

Your real estate business cannot succeed without motivated seller leads. In this presentation you will learn how to leverage technology to help you do things easier, quicker, and with better results. Learn how to use the internet and cost effective websites to help your business grow. Also learn how to work with Virtual Assistants so you have more free time and much less stress. You’ll learn about turn-key solutions you can put in to place to help you ramp up your business, your profits, and your success… FAST!

  • The most cost effective way to get a lot of leads – a website!
  • Why FLIP DEALS are a great way to get started and avoid risks
  • How to use Craigslist to Get More Leads and Find Bird Dogs
  • How to get your CREDIBILITY to go through the roof FAST
  • VIRTUAL WHOLESALING – How to do Flip Deals in Many markets
  • FREE and low cost ways to get more LEADS FAST
  • How videos can help you get more deals
  • How to get leads from mobile devices… …and much more

Adrian is a full time wholesaler in MULTIPLE markets. He’s “that guy” who snatches up all the great wholesale deals before anyone else knows about them. He does hundreds of wholesale  deals every year in three different states. What’s his secret to success? He uses the power of the internet and websites to find deeply discounted deals! Then he uses the internet to quickly wholesale the deals to rehabbers. Adrian will teach you how you can do this too!

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