LoanLord – How to Be a Private Lender

1h 28m

Learn everything you need to know to protect your money (or your Roth money) when you lead it to other investors.  Become a loanlord to get high returns on your money without dealing with tenants and toilets.

Long lost video and audio by Lonnie Scruggs… LoanLord!  Learn why it is important to get your money working for you in multiple ways including lending it to others.  These are ideal strategies for a Roth or IRA.

You Will Learn….

• how to analyze deals
• how to analyze borrowers
• why you should lend to investors only
• how to get started with very little cash
• how to determine interest rate
• should you charge points… and why
• how long to lend the money
• what if the borrower cannot pay you back
• when usury laws apply.. or not
• and much much more…

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