Ultimate Mobile Home Bootcamp

15h 25m

You will learn everything you need to make money with mobile homes, mobile home parks, land/home deals and mobile home park subdivisions.  Features Lonnie Scruggs, Dyches Boddiford, and Tony Colella.

Mobile homes are the most affordable housing in most parts of the country.  Newer mobile homes have a quality that is equal to or greater than many stick built housing.  There’s a desperate need for affordable houses and NOW is the time for you to get in on this little known yet very lucrative business.

On a typical real estate rehab deal, you might make 15% – 20% if you are really lucky.  But the market has changed drastically and those numbers are getting harder to make.

Did you know on a typical mobile home deal you can make 50% – 80% of MORE per deal!  Now you can see why Warren Buffet is ALL OVER mobile homes and why YOU SHOULD BE TOO!

With the tsunami of foreclosures that have already happened and 4-5 million more predicted, that means that there will be an EVEN GREATER need for affordable housing! Mobile homes are in high demand.

Mobile Homes, Parks and Land are Recession Proof!

There is always a need for affordable housing!  The instructors at the Ultimate Mobile Home Online Bootcamp will teach you absolutely everything they know about the very best techniques and tactics to making big money with mobile homes, mobile home parks and land/home deals.

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