Unique Ways to Find Deals No One Knows About

55m 24s

The majority of your competition are chasing the same leads the same way.  They send out thousands of postcards to probate and absentee owners every week.  As an absentee owner myself, I can verify that I get yellow letters and yellow postcards every week for properties I own in Texas.

When everyone else is going in one direction to find deals, you need to go in the exact opposite direction.   You need to ZIG when your competition ZAGS.  This will enable to you find deals before anyone else knows about them.  You will spend less money on marketing!  And, it will enable you’ll do more deals and make more money… all under the radar.

The best deals come from leads which are not on any lists, not listed with MLS, there is no “for sale” sign in the front yard – yet these sellers are motivated to sell quickly at a great price and/or great terms.

This Coaching Call will give you ideas about what to do to get leads.  These are things that your competition does not know about.  Be ready to take notes.

This is also an AMA (Ask Me Anything) Coaching Call.  Listen to the questions and answers to get new ideas for your real estate business.


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