How to Get More Done In Less Time

Learn How to Get More Done in Less Time
For the past 12 years, I've been outsourcing jobs to offshore workers.  Using sites like, and it's been hit or miss finding the right people. 

Last year I discovered a better way to find, hire, and train people to do work for me.... things like LEAD GENERATION, building web sites, writing, press releases, craigslist postings, link building, etc.  

You can  get English speaking virtual assistant in the Philippines for about $350 per month (FULL TIME)  I have2 virtual assistants now and plan to recruit another person soon. 

There are several places to find virtual assistants but  I found one site that has the largest selection of resumes and the best qualified VAs.  Many have college degrees and years of experience.  There's a fee to use the site but you'll learn how you can get it for FREE during the webinar. (see link below)

Even though the virtual assistants have impressive resumes (usually with college degrees), they still need training to do things the way you want it done.  Creating the training can be a tedious and time consuming tasks and that's what keeps most people doing the work themselves. 

In my searching for a better way, I discovered a company that has turn-key training for your virtual assistants. See this impressive list of turn-key training readily available:

  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Expired, FSBO, NOD
  • Marketing For houses for sale or rent
  • Prospecting for inherited and probate
  • Talking to motivated sellers
  • Wordpress Website
  • Craiglist Marketing
  • Making offers for you
  • Press Releases
  • Video Marketing of your houses for sale or rent
  • Getting Traffic to your website
  • Digital Publishing (Kindle, Nook, iBooks) Module

Last Friday, the CEO of the company who provides this training for your virtual assistants joined me for a 90-minute webinar to discuss why the Philippines is the best place to hire a virtual assistant and talk about all the things a VA can do to help your real estate business grow without taking up more of your time.

listen to the audio replay below when you have time to hear it all
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Want to get all the training right now?

The real estate training modules ( first 14 modules) are only available when you go to  You get one module each month if you sign up for the monthly plan but you can get INSTANT ACCESS to ALL modules, even the real estate modules, if you sign up for the lifetime plan.  ( that is the plan I signed up for!)

I've been using this system myself and just LOVE IT!  

All the tools, training for your virtual assistant and advice are provided to make it super easy to get started right away.  You'll learn things like how to make sure the virtual assistant is really working 40 hours a week, how to pay them, how to deliver the training to them, how to know they are on task each day. 

During the webinar, there is a special offer to get additional training for your virtual assistant which is specific for real estate lead generation.  Seller leads, buyer leads, and tenant leads.  This extra training is ONLY AVAILABLE when you go to  

This system will really help you to automate your real estate business so you can do more deals. 

Best of Success, 

Jackie Lange

P.S.  In the seven years since CashFlowDepot opened, there have only been 2 times that I've invited someone to talk about their products or services.  After using this system myself, I was so impressed that I contacted the owner and asked if he would make a presentation for all subscribers.  That's how much I believe in this system!

P.P.S.  On Monday I gave my Filipino virtual assistant instructions on what they needed to do this week.  I needed two new web sites, 12 new articles, and content written for the new web sites. 

Because "I" didn't have to do this stuff, I was able to take some time off to go to Costa Rica (a 1 hour drive from my house).