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There's a certain evolution in life that influences where and how we live; and whether or not we own or rent our living quarters or spaces where we conduct business. Once we leave our parents' (or in-laws`) homes, most of us start out as tenants living in property owned by someone else. We may rented dormitory rooms at college, sharing them with roommates. Or occupy "quarters" as members of various military services. Or move into a rented apartment, condo, house, or mobile home either alone or with others.

Possibly, the statistic that I'm most proud of is that, in more than four decades of being a landlord, I've only had to go to court 5 times to evict tenants. During all these years, I have been able to maintain cordial relations with my tenants during their tenancies, and after they moved on to other quarters. That speaks volumes about the cordiality of our relationships and how as tenants and landlords we treated each other.

Despite the fact that landlords have shared many common experiences with tenants, once a person actually becomes the owner of rental income property that is rented to others, there is often a palpable change in attitude toward both the property and the person who is paying to occupy, possess, and use it. Oddly enough, a corresponding change also takes place in the attitudes of those who continue to rent rather than to own their quarters.

This book will help you make the transition to being a landlord.

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Table of Contents:

The Symbiotic Tenant/Landlord Relationship
The World According To Tenants
The World According to Landlords
Tenants and Landlords Want Different Pieces of the Same Pie
Legal Requirements of Landlords
Legal Requirements of Tenants
Focusing Upon Legalities Creates Problems
Motivating Landlords to Offer More for Less
Getting Tenants to Pay Higher Rents
How to Build Cooperative Relationships
Using Sweat Equity to Save Money
Using Options With Leases
How to Motivate Landlords and Tenants to Sign Long Leases
How to Get Landlords to Install Better Appliances
How to Motivate Landlords to Refurbish a Rental
How To Recover the Costs of Decorating Leased Premises
How to Get Landlords to Avoid Rent Raises for Years
How to Avoid Eviction For Non-Payment of Rent
How to Keep the Landlord from Selling Your Home
How to Build a Profitable Relationship With Your Landlord
How to Convert Your Landlord Into a Financial Ally
How to Use Options to Build Equity and To Recover Costs
How to Buy a Home Using Prior Rents for the Down Payment
How to Use Landlords' Connections and Credit to Buy a Home
How to Get Your Landlord to Reward You For Buying a Home
How to Get Your Deposit Back When You Move Out
How to Cultivate a Long Term Relationship That Will Endure