only has one convention per year... at an exotic tropical location. 

There are very few real estate investing educators we recommend.  The event below are taught by the only real estate investing educators we do recommend.  You can be sure that you will get quality CONTENT at an affordable price, taught by people with real "boots on the ground" experience.  And their seminars will have no sales pitches.

May 18-19
Tampa Florida
Booms, Busts and Beyond
Evolve or Perish
Peter Fortunato and John Schaub

You can’t predict the future, but you can be ready for it. Come learn strategies for building cash flow and your estate whether we have inflation, deflation or a meltdown. Peter and John survived, prospered, and helped their students make money with real estate and notes in every market since 1975.   SEE DETAILS HERE
9 - 11

Panama Convention Convention at an exotic tropical ALL INCLUSIVE resort on the Pacific Ocean.   More details coming soon.  There will be easier transportation solutions for 2015!  We will all stay at a hotel in Panama City.  Huge 50 passenger buses will pick us up at the hotel, then take us on a tour of Panama City before we all go to the resort at the same time.  After the event, the buses will take you back to Panama City.   The seminar will be 1/2 of the day, the other 1/2 of the day I have fun excursions planned for you. 


Stay an extra 5 days to enjoy a tour of Panama after the seminar









Hi Jackie,
I made $4300 from your recent Las Vegas seminar. 

I had a bank owned house under contract during the seminar and one of the speakers mentioned to never stop negotiating. So three days before closing I had my realtor suggest that the roofing was in need of repair and I received a $4300 credit. That was almost 10% off of the purchase price of a 4 bedroom 2 bath 2 car house in an area of homes with recent sales between +100,000+ to $180,000.

Thank you Jack and Jackie for helping me approach financial freedom. You guys are the GREATEST!
Thank you, I owe you another lunch!    
Eric Heideman

Options Seminar


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