Real Estate Investing Seminars only has one convention per year... at an exotic tropical location.  See comments below from our 2015 Panama Retreat

There are very few real estate investing educators we recommend.  The events below are taught by the only real estate investing educators we do recommend.  You can be sure that you will get quality CONTENT at an affordable price, taught by people with real "boots on the ground" experience.  And their seminars will have no sales pitches. 

2015 Seminar Schedule

  David Tilney

Peter Fortunato








Having been a new member and experiencing my first Cash Flow Depot conference, I was completely taken back by the commradarie of the members. Some of the members knew each other for more than 20yrs. To me, that's telling. In a sea of "wannabe" real estate guru's it's refreshing to meet people whose genuine concern is for the preservation and teachings of real estate fundamentals not many people know about or put into practice. These time tested principals are, to some, considered an art form, to be honored and passed on to the next generation. Not to be sold for mass consumption by some marketeer. So, if you want to learn "how to" construct creative deals, that can help people better achieve their financial goals. If you want to learn from seasoned pros (code for people who actually do deals) then Cash Flow Depot is the place for you!"
Lee John Schneider


Jackie's Conference just ended in Panama and once again she is on the cutting edge of the next trends in real estate. I have 40 years as a full time real estate investor with the best of creative real estate education and this event was TOP DRAWER! Just one technique I learned will increase the profit on a deal this month alone by at least $75,000!

Thanks again Jackie!
Brian Mann
New Jersey


Over the past 35 years as an entrepreneur, I have attended hundreds of conventions and training programs, as well as thousands of networking events. I rank the 2015 Cash Flow Depot Convention amongst the Top 5 convention events I have ever attended.

Amongst our intimate group of 45 real estate investors, I had over 20 deep and thought-provoking conversations. My new friends and colleagues were sincerely concerned about my success in real estate. Even though I have eight years of experience in commercial real estate investing, I am completely new to the residential area. I lost count of the number of suggestions I received to avoid the pitfalls many new (and even experienced) real estate investors make. And these suggestions came from everyone at the convention.

I found the in-depth presentations were presented by highly experienced investors – colleagues who are sharing their hard earned wisdom from their profitable and unprofitable investments. The significant Question & Answer periods throughout the conference allowed me to benefit significantly from the concerns and opinions of the other experienced (and a few inexperienced) investors in the room.

The add-on bonuses make a long list: discovering Panama – Wow! Clean, friendly, beautiful , warm, sunny. Our hotel was a great value, and the food was excellent. Jackie put together an awesome local seaside tour and a jungle field trip so we’d get both a tangible taste of the local real estate market and the real Panama.

If you are serious about staying current and innovative in your real estate investing, I can’t imagine why you would miss this retreat. I hope I see you at the next event.

Bill Coon, Austin, TX


I’ve now been back from the CFD convention for a week and can collect my thoughts about the convention and the trip to Panama.

My best memory of the convention was on my last day in Boquete, sitting at a coffee shop, basking in the warm sun, jotting down my thoughts about the specific convention topics and how I would implement them when I returned home.

It was the first time in a very long time that I can remember just sitting and pondering how I will grow my business and utilize the new ideas I had learned.  Before I had finished my excellent cafe con leche, I had several pages of notes, timelines, and specific plans for growth and implementation.  My ride to the airport arrived, my visit to Panama was coming to an end, and I realized just how productive this retreat had been for me.

I’m hoping Jackie will consider continuing the long running tradition of holding a CFD retreat.  The value of that time away from the office, the phones, the tenants and toilets, and even the family, cannot be measured in any simple terms.  I thought this retreat was an excellent use of my time and resources, and I’ll look forward to continuing to cultivate the relationships and ideas that developed in Panama.

Many thanks to Jackie for sharing her time, resources, expertise and so much more.  I know Jack Miller is smiling with delight at what Jackie has created for all the members of CFD.

Best regards,
Deb Krantz
Columbus, Ohio


Hi Jackie,
I made $4300 from your recent Las Vegas seminar. 

I had a bank owned house under contract during the seminar and one of the speakers mentioned to never stop negotiating. So three days before closing I had my realtor suggest that the roofing was in need of repair and I received a $4300 credit. That was almost 10% off of the purchase price of a 4 bedroom 2 bath 2 car house in an area of homes with recent sales between +100,000+ to $180,000.

Thank you Jack and Jackie for helping me approach financial freedom. You guys are the GREATEST!
Thank you, I owe you another lunch!    
Eric Heideman