"Having been a new member and experiencing my first Cash Flow Depot conference, I was completely taken back by the commradarie of the members. Some of the members knew each other for more than 20yrs. To me, that's telling. In a sea of "wannabe" real estate guru's it's refreshing to meet people whose genuine concern is for the preservation and teachings of real estate fundamentals not many people know about or put into practice. These time tested principals are, to some, considered an art form, to be honored and passed on to the next generation. Not to be sold for mass consumption by some marketeer. So, if you want to learn "how to" construct creative deals, that can help people better achieve their financial goals. If you want to learn from seasoned pros (code for people who actually do deals) then Cash Flow Depot is the place for you!"
Lee John Schneider


Jackie's Conference just ended in Panama and once again she is on the cutting edge of the next trends in real estate. I have 40 years as a full time real estate investor with the best of creative real estate education and this event was TOP DRAWER! Just one technique I learned will increase the profit on a deal this month alone by at least $75,000!

Thanks again Jackie!
Brian Mann
New Jersey


Over the past 35 years as an entrepreneur, I have attended hundreds of conventions and training programs, as well as thousands of networking events. I rank the 2015 Cash Flow Depot Convention amongst the Top 5 convention events I have ever attended.

Amongst our intimate group of 45 real estate investors, I had over 20 deep and thought-provoking conversations. My new friends and colleagues were sincerely concerned about my success in real estate. Even though I have eight years of experience in commercial real estate investing, I am completely new to the residential area. I lost count of the number of suggestions I received to avoid the pitfalls many new (and even experienced) real estate investors make. And these suggestions came from everyone at the convention.

I found the in-depth presentations were presented by highly experienced investors – colleagues who are sharing their hard earned wisdom from their profitable and unprofitable investments. The significant Question & Answer periods throughout the conference allowed me to benefit significantly from the concerns and opinions of the other experienced (and a few inexperienced) investors in the room.

The add-on bonuses make a long list: discovering Panama – Wow! Clean, friendly, beautiful , warm, sunny. Our hotel was a great value, and the food was excellent. Jackie put together an awesome local seaside tour and a jungle field trip so we’d get both a tangible taste of the local real estate market and the real Panama.

If you are serious about staying current and innovative in your real estate investing, I can’t imagine why you would miss this retreat. I hope I see you at the next event.

Bill Coon, Austin, TX


I’ve now been back from the CFD convention for a week and can collect my thoughts about the convention and the trip to Panama.

My best memory of the convention was on my last day in Boquete, sitting at a coffee shop, basking in the warm sun, jotting down my thoughts about the specific convention topics and how I would implement them when I returned home.

It was the first time in a very long time that I can remember just sitting and pondering how I will grow my business and utilize the new ideas I had learned.  Before I had finished my excellent cafe con leche, I had several pages of notes, timelines, and specific plans for growth and implementation.  My ride to the airport arrived, my visit to Panama was coming to an end, and I realized just how productive this retreat had been for me.

I’m hoping Jackie will consider continuing the long running tradition of holding a CFD retreat.  The value of that time away from the office, the phones, the tenants and toilets, and even the family, cannot be measured in any simple terms.  I thought this retreat was an excellent use of my time and resources, and I’ll look forward to continuing to cultivate the relationships and ideas that developed in Panama.

Many thanks to Jackie for sharing her time, resources, expertise and so much more.  I know Jack Miller is smiling with delight at what Jackie has created for all the members of CFD.

Best regards,
Deb Krantz
Columbus, Ohio

As Good As It Gets...

I have been in Real Estate and Real Estate related finance since 1985. Jack Miller's Cash Flow Depot" is a quality tool in addition to quality seminars and quality written material. This Depot is as good as it gets for a learning and interaction forum as I have ever come across. I guess for an older guy like me, this proves the "new age" of inter-net communication has arrived and arrived with a top notch and first class sight. 
Don Wede
  - Illinois

THANK YOU to you Jackie and everyone on your team for publishing this website and all the great training. I am BLOWN AWAY with how much you give here on the site. It truly is the place to learn without spending a fortune to do so.
Freddie in Indiana

Flip Deals by Jackie Lange 
Hey Jackie, I just wanted to try to contact you and let you know that I am reading your book "Flip Deals". I am really liking it and feel it is helping me more than any other book I have so far. I am very new to real estate and I'm in the learning curve stage. I like your book and the basic layout. The ability to give me instructions from the start in order to build my wholesale real estate business.

I was very close to spending over $1000 on a program that I feel now would be over my head and thanks to your book, I am confident that I don't need anything else or waste any other money. I just to go do it!! I'm shocked I don't see more reviews for your book but hey, it doesn't matter to me cause it seems to be hitting home with me. Contact me if you like, I would like to talk with you in your spare time. Thanks again. 


Many students send copies of their checks -- MORE PROOF that this works!

Wholesale House Profit


Hi Jackie.  I am a huge fan.
I have purchased a dozen courses and books on wholesaling, from Ron Legrand, Dean Graziosi, Homer Tipton and on an on, but your book was what really got me going. It's simple, easy to understand and I also exclusively use your contracts and assignment of mortgage document.

WOW, Somebody wake me up...... It's been a wild 7 weeks, I actually slammed 7 deals for a grand total of about 40 Grand and that don't include also paying my bird dogs about 12 Grand.

My bird dog/partner last year sent me a few hundred houses and I couldn't get anything going with any of them. So he quit.
Then this year he got motivated again when I showed him a few of my checks, He spent about 150 buks on gas and a few days of driving around and found another few hundred vacant houses.

This time we got 2 deals going in Escrow right now, one for $10,000 in Sanger and one for $8,500 dollars in Hanford, and guess what? Thats over 9 Grand each. The great thing is, I got these cash buyer that don't care if I'm making a sizable profit on these junkers, he is buying all the houses I throw at him.

Check out the check (above) I got a few days ago, Just one of 4, Yee Ha, and got 3 more closing this coming week,

Let's make some Money....

Randy P.
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 beach living
I learned how to generate passive income so that i don't have to work for earned income. Now i can do what i want to do when i what to do it.

Just wanted to say thanks for your help with my Internet marketing question. Also, wanted to let you know that my family and I have been living in The Mayan Rivera Mexico for the last year and a half. Life is great ! We decided to move here because we wanted our children to be completely bi-lingual in English and Spanish. We have enjoyed life here so much that we have decided to stay for a extra year or more. We live in a guarded community on the 12Th hole of the local golf course and a 5 minute walk to the Caribbean Ocean.

We have been able to accomplish this dream thur passive income from real estate in Texas. ( rentals and mortgages). I am a active member of Cash Flow Depot and always listen to your weekly conference calls via Skype, every Tuesday night. Even with 18 year experience in real estate the calls help to stay up to date on current real estate events and motivated.
I continue to invest in Texas real estate with partners in Texas.
Thanks Again, S.J
Yes you have my permission to share.  All is true and accurate.
I learned how to generate passive income so that i don't have to work for earned income. Now i can do what i want to do when i what to do it.

I Especially Like the Online Seminars

 Cash Flow Depot is without a doubt the best Real Estate website out there. Before I heard about this I spent lots of $ on seminars from some of the other "gurus", but it was mostly money down the drain. Jack is the real deal. I especially like the video seminars in The Depot, as well as the archives of conference calls on different subjects. I've picked up lots of ideas from those already. The only problem I have is I have to write like crazy to try to keep up with the ideas that are coming -- that's why I like to be able to go back to the video or audio lessons even if I already heard the conference call live. 
- dan (Sacramento)

The Best Money I Have Spent

This is the best money I have spent in years.  A couple of things were worth the entire price, because of how well they fit into my existing program. I am to # 20 on the Foundations of Wealth Online Seminar. In some ways it is better than taking the seminar live. I am taking notes as I go. I can stop Jack and go back and replay.  I can watch when I want."  Bill Theriot, AR

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I can't thank you enough for helping me to define my goals, to achieve them, and to allow me to be free to do what I want to do before typical retirement age. I could have done it sooner, but I have no regrets. You are one of only a handful of people whom I consider to have greatly influenced my life.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with all of us. The legacy you leave will continue on in the lives of many and generations to come.
David Phelps, TX

"..the best and most economical resource for boosting my RE learning in a short time.."

Shakil - Virginia

"I've been in RE since 1985. ..this is as good as it gets for learning ..top notch and first class site."
Don Wede - Illinois

"There is so much valuable information on this site. I love the THEDEPOT, it is like having the best minds in real estate right in my office anytime I
want to learn..."

Jean Pizzoferrato, Ohio

CashFlowDepot is without a doubt the best real estate website out there. Before I heard about this, I spent lots of $ on seminar from some other gurus but it was money down the drain. Jack has the real deal. I especially like the video seminars in the Learning Center.. and conference calls. Dan, CA

In the last year,I have been retraining my brain.I attended some boot camps(very expensive ones)with some of the "big Gurus",but soon learned that joining your local REIA group and learning from the Illustrious Jack Miller and friends(like Pete Fortunato)was more insightful.I have learned more listening to Jack and friends audio/video seminars on this website than the $16,000 that I have spent on bootcamps! I recommend this site to all. I hope to be gainfully unemployed in the next 2 years.I will forever remember and be grateful for the lessons from Jack Miller and friends(this includes you too Jackie).

Winston Hahne, NJ

I made $4300 from the information I learned at one CashFlowDepot seminar.
Eric Heideman. Virgin Islands


CashFlowDepot can show you how to succeed in your own real estate business too!

I put a house under contract for $.30 on the dollar. Yes, thirty cents! I marketed that baby using some of the creative techniques I learned from Jackie and sold it in less than 45 days, netting exactly $11,250! And the buyer was ecstatic because there was still plenty of room for him to make money, even in today's market.

I can honestly say, learning from Jackie has put a lot of money in my pocket. Jackie taught me that you don't have to do a lot of deals, as long as the ones you do are very profitable. She showed me how to make my marketing specific enough to have sellers call me. Jackie dispelled the myth that you MUST have money. And Jackie has given me support and confidence to know this is possible.

I was 27 when I started full time in 2004 and couldn't imagine going back to a real job. I live a life my friends envy. I tell them all the time, they can do it too; they're just to scared. Sucks to be them, because when they're trying to figure out their vacation days, I'm already in Cabo diving.

Latron T.

arcinio arauz
$33,000 Profit Without Buying the House

Hello, I wanted to write this testimonial and review about CashflowDepot.com to adequately describe my personal experiences and views. My name is Arcinio and I am an emerging real estate investor. I have been involved in RE investing for approximately one year. At age 32, I have attempted many venues to make money fast and most importantly free up my time to spend more time doing the things I enjoy doing. Realistically,there are only a few things in this world that actually allow one the liberty and luxury to be financially independent without the burden of stressful,mundane work conditions.

For years I have spent lots money and time, on researching,gathering and putting together ways to become my own boss and be financially independent. I have stacked many hours in my week, miles on cars, meals purchased, hotels booked and useless things purchased for the sole purpose of finding a remedy to free myself from being a slave to Corporate America.

Having a job working 40 plus hours a week only lead to a very limited level of financial bliss. This includes the time when I found what I thought was a career job working for a University as a Director of Admissions making 80K a year.  Even still, as a manager, I found myself working tons of hours and the income I was making was not worth the time it was taking from my family. So I rekindled my quest and searched once again for ways to have an income without sacrificing so much of my time. My wife dreaded the fact that I stayed up late throughout the night searching online only finding so called “get rich quick” sites. I tried and searched and read just about everything about how to make money from home. I even started to purchase things oversees and sell them online, only to find this was also very time consuming and not really worth the small profit.

Enter Jackie Lange and Cashflowdepot.com (CFD).  I stumbled across Jackie when I was following a blog about Panama (my nativity). There the writer of the blog simply made one statement that got my attention…”Jackie operates a successful real estate business with quite a following”. I wanted to find who this Jackie was and what was she doing. So I simply started my search engine and found Jackie with her many other entrepreneurial sites. I must admit, at first I thought it was another vain babble. Then I started to read there views and testimonials about Jackie and CFD. Still, I wasn’t convinced.

Until I called Jackie one day, and she personally returned my call! Never in the many years of attempting to find what I was looking for has any CEO, owner, founder,pioneer or president actually called me. In all cases got an automated message or some employee that really couldn’t answer my questions. So when Jackie and I spoke, we spent some time chatting about beautiful Panama. Then I began asking her about what she was doing. She opened my eyes to RE investing and led me to CFD. As a member of CFD, I learned one very important lesson that changed my life… you don’t need tons of money (or any at all) to invest in real estate.  I was always under the impression that an investor was one that made a seven figure income. Nonetheless, I was no where near ever becoming a successful investor. CFD has taught me the many, many ways to invest in real estate without using any of my own money! There are many testimonials and some of which you may question.

My testimony however, I feel is different only because for me I personally have tried and adapted the practices taught on CFD. I personal have spoken to Jackie as well as other members on CFD.

One of my greatest feats was getting an option on a house for 125K then selling it to a cash buyer for 160K! I simply did what Jackie taught in her book and yielded to the advice of other members on CFD. I never actually owned the house nor did I invest any large sum of money. I placed an ad for anyone wanting to get out of their house situation. A man called me and stated that he owed 8k on a his house and was going to walk away because he didn’t know what to do and was running out money. His house needed a lot of clean up and he was really stressed out about it. I told him I would help him with removing trash and basic clean up as long as we can agree on a selling price. We agreed and signed a contract, an easy and simple buy/sell contract stating that I would buy his house for 125K. Part of my contract stated that as long as I can find a buyer that would buy from me, the deal was on. Hence, I had no obligation whatsoever. After a few weeks of cleaning, I began to advertise the house. A three bedroom, two bath, 2100 sq ft in a very nice area where homes were selling for 200K was desirable for many people. I posted a highest bidder sale starting at 90K to sell to highest bidder as is.An investor/cash buyer called me and wanted to end the highest bidder if I sold to him for 160K cash. So I made a second contract between me and the cash buyer. He showed me proof of funds and we went to the title company!                           

The rest is history.

I only had about $300 of my own money in the whole deal to rent a trash bin to remove trash bin. In the end the owner was very happy sell his home and get at least 125K and the investor was very happy to get a house worth almost 200k for 160K and needing very little work. And of course, I was a happy camper. This would not have been possible if I hadn’t met Jackie and was introduced to CFD. CFD is source with a robust wealth of information needed for the RE investing business. Especially if one is starting off as I was. To date,I have learned so much about RE investing. Form options, to master leasing,mobile homes deals, creative deal making, flips, and so much more. CFD is the place to start. As a member, not only is it possible to get acquainted with other investors but you can also have access to a weekly training call which has been very, very advantageous. I recently learned how to duplicated myself and get more done in less time by outsourcing. I plan to take advantage of this technique  and am sure to boost my profitably.

I personally wish to sincerely thank Jackie for her efforts in putting CFD together and being the go to person when it comes to RE. Knowing that there are real people that have truly  put into practice everything  CFD teaches confirms  to me that CFD is a safe and trusted hub of information to gather the necessary things needed to be successful in real estate. Since my introduction to CFD, my life has changed for the better and I’ll be able to spend more time doing the things I want to do versus being a slave to Corporate America. CFD…Thank you once again for making a difference.

Arcinio A.
October 2012


Jim Ingersoll
Richmond Virginia

Jim came to CashFlowDepot with experience in two rehabs which he bought through a real estate agent listing.  He had a burning desire to quit his engineer job within 1 year.  Jim got daily coaching from Jackie Lange.  She taught him how to find deals with a huge profit potential, how to wholesale, how to buy with seller financing, then sell with seller financing, how to do a Magic Bus, how to buy subject to the mortgage... and MUCH MORE.    See the results of Jim's training with Jackie Lange and CashFlowDepot.com:

A bird dog helped me find a half occupied 32 unit apartment complex.  It was 8 ranch style quads.  The units that were occupied were very poorly managed and the vacant units were in major disrepair.
After several lengthy meetings with the owner we found he would not budge on his price at all so we worked the deal from the terms perspective.  Ultimately we ended up paying his price for the apartment complex, we worked favorable seller financing terms in exchange for his price.  We took it to contract with no earnest money and committed to close in 45 days.
We then began marketing it to our buyers list with wrap around seller financing.  We quickly had three investors that all wanted this deal because of the seller financing we could offer.  We selected the investor, educated them on the wrap around seller financing, etc.  He was fine with the terms and we all closed on-time.
We closed simultaneously at our attorney’s office.  At the end of closing we had money wired directly to our checking account.  Each month we have a very positive monthly cashflow and we have our third payday still pending at the end of the balloon period.
This was a win-win transaction for everyone involved.  The seller and our buyer both learned exactly how much our profit in the middle was and both of them were fine with it because they got what they wanted out of this deal.  The buyer continues to aggressively work on renovating the remaining units and has successfully fixed the major property management problems he inherited with this deal.  The apartment complex is in far better condition, with much better tenants now than on the day we closed on it.  Our investor/buyer is in position to make way more profit than we did, and we are so happy for him.


   You Deserve This Kind of Success Too!  
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 Learn How to Make a Fortune with Real Estate



Betty Smythwood

"I picked up a check for $24,000

I'm 23 years old,  and a few years ago I learned about this real estate investing system from Jackie Lange. Little did I know that my life would be changed forever! I was working as a waiter/bartender at Chili’s Bar and Grill and that's when Jackie offered to tell me how to get started in real estate investing.  About two weeks later I closed on my first deal and picked up a check for $24,000.00!!! (twenty-four thousand - I wanted to spell it out so you know it is not a mistake)

I only began working harder after that. I have made some amazing deals. My largest all at one time deal net me $65,000.00. I have done many more netting $8,000.00 and $13,000.00. I just sold my first rehab and netted $40,000 in profits!"


 Forever grateful,
 Bettie Smythwood  
Dallas, Texas

I've already learned more in the last week paying just $497, than all the thousands that I paid before!"

" Hi everyone, my name is Eric. I just signed up on the website last week. The info has been awesome!  I started getting interested in real estate late in 2007. I went to one of the overpriced gurus and have been trying to get out of credit card debt ever since. I've already learned more in the last week paying
just $497, than all the thousands that I paid before!"
      Eric H.  Florida

The Best Tool I Ever Found

I started learning RE investment since last year. I spent several thousands $$ (more than $50K charged on my credit cards) on seminars and when I am in the field I found no support from other seminar conductors. When homeowner approached me for solution I was confused and I lost the deal. I wanted to build rupport with seminar knowlege and help others. Most of the attendees in those seminars are beginners and not open to others. At seminars, we were not even allowed the exchange of business cards even though this is people business.

Jack's seminar and Jackie's interaction with students are the best tool I ever found helping the students. I enjoyed talking with senior investorswho have been on this road and help us with open mind. I had no concept about the value of Option until I attended last weekend class at Tampa. I asked many questions from Jackie and other experienced investors and they were gracious to guide me.

This interaction with students, especially with those who are full time employees and novice to RE, is the best and economical resource for boosting my RE learning in short time. Sometimes I awake up in the middle of the night and access to this CashFlowDepot website and I can ask questions and read material. I am sure it will increase my assets (my brain) tremendously and help me establish rupport as a good investor. I can also share information with my family so that they can learn and help me out too without attending expensive workshops. I am excited and hoping to make several deals within few months since I found the right group I have been looking for a while.

Shakil (Bristow VA)

Like Having The Best Minds in Real Estate in My Office

There is so much valuable information on this site and the best part of it is that is not just about investing a certain way, but numerous ways to invest and make money, expecially with little or no money down--my favorite. Jack & Jackie have put their heart and soul, as well as their knowledge and experience into this site to make it the absolute best out there. 

I love THE DEPOT. It's like having the best minds in real estate in my office, anytime I want to learn about real estate in general or need a question answered. If there is something about a subject that I can't remember exactly how to do, I can go to the video, audio or the forum to find the answer. 

Thanks Jack & Jackie for this wonderful opportunity to learn from the best! 

Jean Pizzoferrato, Ohio

David Phelps
Rockwall, Texas



I first became acquainted with Jack Miller in the early 80's. I had purchased and managed a few SFH rentals by then and had a hunger and thirst for more knowledge about real estate. Up to that point, most had been through books (Nickerson, Lowery) and the Robert Allen and Mark Haroldsen traveling road shows. Fortunately for me, John Schaub presented at one of those programs and I figured I had found the real deal - finally - and John led me to Jack.

My first Jack Miller seminar was in Vegas. A "Commonweath seminar" with Pete Fortunato.

Wow! Was I blown away! Jack talked about the very stuff that was burning inside me. I had never found anyone yet that could express it like Jack could. I literally hung on every word he said - not only about real estate, but just a lot of principles in life that made so much sense to me.

I never looked back. I continued to practice dentistry, but I was a closet real estate fanatic. I went to far more real estate seminars than dental conventions. Jack was my lightning rod - he helped illuminate and formulate my hopes, my dreams, my desires - not to ever be average, not to ever accept the norm.

Over the years, I practiced what Jack preached, stayed away from banks, learned to buy and sell with low risk and liability....and manage what I owned. I developed a certain attitude about life and investing.....and whenever I started to feel myself go soft, I signed up for another seminar with Jack.

Today, at 50 years of age, I have sold an equity position in my dental practice and for all practical purposes, am no longer managed by a schedule. Though dentistry provided a cash flow business through the years, it was real estate that set me free and real estate that will continue to provide for me and keep my mind strong and resilient the rest of my life.

Jack, I can't thank you enough, for helping me to define my goals, to achieve them, and to allow me to be free to do what I want to do before typical retirement age. I could have done it sooner, but I have no regrets. You are one of only a handful of people whom I consider to have greatly influenced my life.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with all of us. The legacy you leave will continue on in the lives of many and generations to come.

David Phelps


Lee and Monica Sherin
Southwest Texas


We went to a Jack Miller seminar isMay of '06. We went from one deal a year to one deal every other week. One of the other success's was some of the other people we met at the seminar, like Jackie Lange and theExtreme Success Group. Between Jack Miller and Jackie Lange I do not see how anyone could not put their real estate business on steroids, even in these tough market conditions. We are in our late 20's and on the road to financial freedom. All of this is due to the education of Jack Miller and Jackie Lange.


CashFlowDepot's Information 
Makes a Difference

Chocked Full of Valuable Information

CashFlowDepot is the best resource I have seen. There is so much awesome education in video from the best of the best. The weekly calls are chocked full of valuable information. The forum is a great place tofind answers and ask questions specifically to your deals. I would highly recommend CashFlowDepot to new and old investors.Marcia Montgomery, TX

Fellow investors, this is the BEST value out there when it comes to real estate education. Having access to the member forum where deals are discussed has been priceless in helping my investing. I love the interviews with people like Jack Miller and other successful investors that are downloadable to my Ipod. Now I can learn real esate any time, any place.
Ken Chin, CA

CashFlowDepot is awesome! A never ending source of information.
Steve Steiner, CA

The materials and resources available at CashFlowDepot have drastically increased my knowledge in a very short period. It quickly gave me confidence to actually do deals. Unlike ohter groups, I have been able to talk to real people doing real deals today. CashFlowDepot is a very economical means of increasing your knowledge base.
Kim Shultz-Rainford

CashFlowDepot is a true full-service site for real estate training. The foresight to put this website in place while Jack Miller was still alive is amazing. He would be very proud of the work Jackie Lange and Chris Miller continue to do with this endeavor. What a blessing to the rest of us!
Ann Williams, GA

I signed up for CashFlowDepot at it's onset. For the value it is truely the best source of information available. To be able to continue to learn from Jack Miller's information is really priceless.
Dan Bryan, MO

CashFlowdepot is without a dout the greatest value for the money in real estate training. Great educational materials.
Dean Stokes, TX

I just wanted to let you know how much value I'm getting for my subscription to CashFlowDepot.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to make better use of the website. Since January 1st. I've discovered just how much information is available on CashFlowDepot.

I could easily spend 20 hours per week learning, more importantly, the web site has inspired me to spend at least an equal amount of time DOING

Thank you so much for creating CashFlowDepot.
Deb Krantz, OH

CashFlowDepot is THE place to be in you want to learn how to do real estate investing from real people who have been in the trenches. I defy anyone to get through all this materials and information on thie web site. Great conference calls, discussions, topics, and updates on market trends. There is no better value for the money out there - anywhere. Join today and find out for yourself!
Lisa Hakanson, CA

The CashFlowDepot membership is like ( to me) having an experienced co-pilot. Really great in times of turbulence, storms, and system failures. Bottom line = I'm not alone!
Gene Finley, TX

I have spent a lot of $ with other real estate programs and have not found one with as much infor to cost ratio & netowrki of real life investors.
Scott Hill

CashFlowDepot continues to be both educational and motivating. I don't know anywhere else that htis information is available for a lower price. It's the best deal around! Thanks for sharing Jackie!
Tina Broderick, TX

The best and most available real estate education available.
Jay Purdy, F

From rookie to 30 year pro, there is no better site than CashFlowDepot.com
Rooted in Jack Miller's illustrious career and teachings it's now carried on by his proteges. Jack's legacy of quality RE education using creativity and ingenuity without losing sight of Integrity lives on! Danny Williams, GA

For years we spent thousands of dollars on basically useless real estate gurus. For a fraction of that cost we have access to hundreds of hours of teachings. I highly recommend CashFlowDepot. Dr. Eb Samlowski, TX

Jackie Lange is extremely generous with her help and information. Discuss your deal or pose a question on the Member Blog and she'll personally respond, along with others members. It's like having your own mastermind group.


Annual membership is $497.... but having access to brilliant real estate minds is... priceless!
Ken Chin, DDS,
San Francisco

I can't say enough about the CashFlowDepot. No matter what type of deal I have going there is always either a video or audio call that helps me with getting the deal done. I am a CashFlowDepot member for life.
Edward O'Daniel

My annual CashFlowDepot membership is amoung the biggest "no brainer" decisions in my business! There is tremendous value not only in the quantity of information but in the quality of the information.
Gregg Branham

CashFlowDepot is a GREAT source for Real Estate problem solving. Tom Nordlie

I have been a member of CashFlowDepot for two years. No other site gives you so much for so little. The site is an indespensible tool for the veteran or beginning investor
Kin Shackelford

I've been investing in real estate for 45 years. No matter what I think I know, CashFlowDepot always has some new money making techniques every month that I can apply. Best real estate networking group on the net.. B.H. Tilton, Alaska

CashFlowDepot is an invaluable resource for people new to the business or those of us who have been in real estate investments since the 70's. Access to Jack Miller's teachings is priceless. Do not miss the opportunity to subscribe -
Jeanne Stosser, VA

As always, Jackie Lange's courses include great information, experienced and knowledgeable people and amazing creative ideas on how to make money.
Bryan Dunklin, TX

CashFlowdepot has been a tremendous helpful tool to my business. Well informative information from real people doing real deals. Thanks for honest advice.
Lee Rickey, Kentucky