Basic Info

I have been two more than 20 Jack Miller's classes, Jack was a GEM and truly one-of-a-kind.

I bought my first piece of real estate before I was 18 years old, procured it with my own down payment and a proud to say that it's final conventional loan that I ever did.

I utilize options when buying, selling, and doing private money loans, typically I utilize the borrowers attorney and have them be the loan originator..

Real estate experience

I have bought properties at auctions site unseen/absolute auctions.

I have done loans for borrowers at the courthouse steps and prior to each transaction I have prepared escrow instructions and delineated in thoroughly see that I have the endorsement of the title company, for good clean clear title.

Over the years I have paid all of my properties with rent money. Just like Jack said 10 properties is enough. I've got borrowers that on as many as 400 properties, and honestly it makes no sense in my opinion, because if you're not structuring your transactions correctly hanging yourself out for liability.

I have had renters for 44 years, and one by one my properties are now being converted to options, because most of the states in the United States are outlawing legal Landlording years ago I devised a different strategy and I instead offer and grant someone the ability to procure an option on the property. A number of the properties. The buyers do not exercise the option. And with the inflation in the prices. This enables me to sell the property on the next option to the next person at a much higher price.

Jack Miller and his ability to teach taught me many ways to protect myself. Throughout the process Jackie attended many of the same classes that I have..

Real estate goals

Avoid being an owner and rental contract. Instead on the property and grant an option on an installment contract for option to the perspective next owner.

Ultimately, I do plan to retire. 🙂

Started Investing

49 years ago

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