Basic Info

Semi-retired, Faced some medical issues in 2015 – early 2017 which kept me on the sideline treading water. Love the water, fishing, running, biking, swimming. Certified sea kayak instructor.

Real estate experience

Landlord since 1987. A trained LL since about 2007 – it is amazing the difference in both profit and peace of mind.

A recovering rehabber. That is not a biz not of my liking. Bless you contractors who like to take that risk.

Trained by Jackie on Highest Bidder Sales. Have done several successfully and a couple which were flops because I did not follow the system.

Always talking to people and looking for situations to help someone with a real estate problem.

Real estate goals

Find more master leases and continue to do HBSs. Sell my properties by 2020 and relocate to a different water front location in a no-state-income tax state or outside the US.

Started Investing

35 years, 6 months ago

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