Basic Info

Self-employed digital marketing consultant, copywriter, web designer, and professional speaker as a full-time occupation. I have had my own company for 17+ years. I am a part-time real estate investor with primarily buy and hold properties, but I have a real passion for the real estate business and eventually think I will be splitting my time 50/50 between my 2 businesses.

Real estate experience

I have a small portfolio of higher-end buy-and-hold properties that appreciate and cash flow very well. I am continually looking to grow this portfolio.

Real estate goals

I am looking to ultimately buy enough higher-end houses to provide steady cash flow that will replace my other business income as I get closer to retirement. In addition, I am always looking for other investment opportunities and creative deals, some of which I want to use to grow my Roth IRA. I am open to lending, options, and flipping and occasionally wholesaling as methods to grow my portfolio.

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