Basic Info

I have extensive education and experience in Risk Analysis (some call it deal analysis) and limited experience in private lending.
I buy mortgage and trust deed notes.
If you have created seller carryback notes, or if you have properties with or without equity and would like to generate cash flow by creating notes, contact me.
Originally from Tehran, Iran (Assyrian Christian). Live in the USA since 1999, and a very proud US Citizen.
I love writing, and teaching Finance and Internet Marketing.
My main interest is in Note Investing and Recapitalizing existing notes.
I charge for my services as a consultant based on fixed fee or a percentage of profits.
I have existing relationships with Note buyers and can buy and sell notes as a principal via options.
Looking for Nationwide deals.

Private Message or email me to have a phone conversation or online meeting.

I do not need another course to buy; just people who want to put in the work and want to make a ton of money by HELPING OTHERS who have made poor financial decisions in life because they didn't know any better.
Thank you.

Real estate experience

Previous life: Accountant, Realtor, Insurance Agent.

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