Making Money with Mobile Homes: The Book that Teaches You How to Create Steady & Reliable Cash Flow without a Job


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Because of the tremendous response to Deals On Wheels, Lonnie Scruggs just had to share more of his money-making ideas. Picking up where the first book left off, this 231-page book shows you how to make good deals even better.

If earning a 50% to 100% to 150% yield isn’t enough to excite you, now you can discover how Lonnie makes 200% yields on some deals and a 451% yield on one very simple transaction.

Find out exactly how to find these same kinds of special opportunities for yourself. You’ll learn how to recover your entire investment in 12 to 15 months! And much, much more.

High yields, minimum risk . . . Making Money With Mobile Homes is the work of a master “paper player” at his best. Written in a simple, straightforward style, it explains in detail how to make unbelievable profits and high yields in the used mobile home business.

Learn solutions to the SAFE ACT and how to create your own economy. Plus you’ll receive the Special Report:  NEW Rules for Selling Mobile Homes with Seller Financing So You Comply with Dodd-Frank

It also includes these contracts and forms:

Purchase Agreement
Sales Agreement
Credit Application
Promissory Note
Lot Rental Agreement
Buy/Sell Info Sheet
Smoke Detector Verification
Power of Attorney

If you’re serious about getting a phenomenal return on your money, you need this information today! Order your copy of Making Money with Mobile Homes and get started. Imagine the possibilities!

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About the Instructor

Lonnie Scruggs

Lonnie Scruggs is widely known and well respected as the authority on mobile home investing. He created a unique system for buying older mobile homes at deep discounts then selling them with seller financing to create cash flow. His articles, books and home study courses will provide a step-by-step guide to help you create financial security and independence.

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