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~ Mobile Home Experts Reveal Their Most Closely Guarded Secrets For Making Massive Profits With Mobile Homes, Parks, and Land/Home Deals! ~

This is your chance to learn the most closely guarded secrets of one of the BEST mobile home expert in the world – Lonnie Scruggs!    Previously he said he would not teach any more seminars but when we asked if he would teach just ONE MORE CLASS if we have it right in his back yard, he thankfully said YES!

The Ultimate Mobile Home ONLINE Bootcamp are recordings of this historical event.

If you’re truly interested in how you can quickly & easily achieve massive success and financial independence mobile homes, mobile home parks and land deals can be the solution.  You’ll want to read every word of this message!

Who is Lonnie Scruggs and Why Should You Listen to Him?

Many call Lonnie Scruggs the “Grandfather of the Mobile Home Investing” business because he invented it!  In the 35 years that Lonnie was buying, selling and financing real estate and mobile homes his “mail box” money was plenty to support his lifestyle.

So, as you can see, Lonnie is uniquely qualified to teach you how to make money with mobile homes.

During the Ultimate Mobile Home ONLINE Bootcamp Lonnie will teach you:

• How to create Mail Box Money with  “Lonnie Deals”?
• Why used homes offer the biggest bang for the buck
• How to find the find the home, sell the home and finance the home
• How to determine the purchase price, sale price and structure the deal
• Money making questions to ask when negotiating with buyers and sellers
• Should you sell “as is” or fix up?
• Working with Park Managers
• How to start with little or no money
• How to stop working for money and make money work for you
• Plus additional money making tips, tricks and strategies.


The team Lonnie assembled to teach The Ultimate Mobile Home Bootcamp have many years of “boots on the ground” mobile home investing experience.  You’ll be learning from “real deal” investors not theory!

Lonnie and his team have more than 87 years of combined experience!  You won’t find this much mobile home brain power in one place at one time again!

Each instructor is dedicated to teaching you the RIGHT WAY to buy and sell mobile homes, parks and land during this Bootcamp.  Meet the instructors

Lonnie ScruggsLonnie Scruggs made a fortune in mobile homes.  In fact, his yield on mobile home deals has consistently been much better than any single family house deals.

He’s a national speaker and author of, Deals on Wheels, Making Money with Mobile Homes, Taking the Mystery Out of Money, plus How to Use a HP-12C Calculator.

Lonnie bought his first rental property in 1971 ( at the age of 41) and sold his last rental property in 2006…. 35 years later.  While all of these businesses have been very successful and profitable, the mobile home business was the most fun, the simplest, and dollar for dollar the most profitable. If I could do it all over again, I would focus mainly on mobile homes and mobile home parks. It’s a great business and a great way to become financially independent.

Dyches BoddifordDyches Boddiford.  During the early 1990’s most banks and financial institutions were unwilling to finance manufactured homes. Dyches saw this as an opportunity to profit.   He developed his Mobile Home Money Machine course to teach others how to make money as he did in manufactured homes. When he began to develop subdivisions for mobile homes, he joined Newton Boykin in writing the book Deals in Dirt.

Dyches has remained a full-time real estate investor. That is his main business and feels that only by being active in real estate investing can he bring real world experience to his classes and materials

Tony CoellaTony Colella – In 1998, Tony began investing part-time in mobile homes while working full-time as a Police Lieutenant.  After several years of investing in used mobile homes, Tony began buying and developing land/home properties and small mobile home parks.   Tony’s blue-collar approach to investing in this unique niche is designed to help new investors get started creating income and wealth.  Investor’s experienced in traditional real estate investing will find Tony’s mobile home approach to be an easy transition into new opportunities.

Janet DobsonJanet Dobson, Lonnie’s Daughter – Will share the details of how she found a 26 space mobile home park and purchased it with seller financing.


Learn to Make Money with Mobile Homes, Parks and Land/Home Deals
with the ULTIMATE Mobile Home ONLINE Bootcamp

The ULTIMATE Mobile Home ONLINE Bootcamp is the most comprehensive and  “real world” mobile home, park and land investment training available anywhere!  This Online Bootcamp is ultimate training with the best strategies and step-by-step information about investing in mobile homes, parks and land – and we promise there will be no hype, fluff or filler!

Mobile homes are the most affordable housing in most parts of the country.  Newer mobile homes have a quality that is equal to or greater than many stick built housing.  There’s a desperate need for affordable houses and NOW is the time for you to get in on this little known yet very lucrative business.

On a typical real estate rehab deal, you might make 15% – 20% if you are really lucky.  But the market has changed drastically and those numbers are getting harder to make.

Did you know on a typical mobile home deal you can make 50% – 80% of MORE per deal!  Now you can see why Warren Buffet is ALL OVER mobile homes and why YOU SHOULD BE TOO!

With the tsunami of foreclosures that have already happened and 4-5 million more predicted, that means that there will be an EVEN GREATER need for affordable housing! Mobile homes are in high demand.

Mobile Homes, Parks and Land are Recession Proof!

The instructors at the Ultimate Mobile Home Online Bootcamp will teach you absolutely everything they know about the very best techniques and tactics to making big money with mobile homes, mobile home parks and land/home deals.

They’ll give you the step-by-step systems they use every day to make TENS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS per MONTH!

Includes Special Report
NEW Rules for Selling Mobile Homes with Seller Financing
So You Comply with Dodd-Frank

Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

“The Surefire 100% Guaranteed Way to Achieve Success and Financial Freedom

… is to find someone who’s successful at what you want to do, and simply follow in their footsteps and do what they do.  Learn from their mistakes so you don’t have to make the same ones yourself … but better yet … learn from their successes so you can copy them and use them over and OVER again!”

Now, it’s time for you to invest in yourself and your future.  You owe it to yourself and your family to learn how to make money with mobile homes, parks and land.  The Ultimate Mobile Home Online Bootcamp will teach you everything you need … and we do mean EVERYTHING – to make dramatic profits with mobile homes and land FAST!

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn from the Grandfather of the mobile home industry,  Lonnie Scruggs, with the Ultimate Mobile Home Online Bootcamp… so you can learn the absolute best ways to make really fast cash and cash flow in LARGE quantities and learn how to build wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

This is the most complete program of it’s type for making fast, safe and EASY cash with mobile homes and land!

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

• How to make money fast, starting from scratch!

• You could get your first big check in 1 month or LESS!

• 3 cheap and easy ways to find sellers who will literally BEG YOU to take their house!

• The THREE “top secret” ways to find dirt cheap mobile homes and land NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT!

• Where you can get ALL THE MONEY you’ll ever need to buy mobile homes, parks and land

• How to get PARK MANAGERS scrambling to work with YOU and not against you!

• The secret “due diligence” techniques which insures you have a buyer before you close! You’ll love this one!

• How to find “dirt cheap” land deals and get the seller to finance the purchase! So simple, it’s scary!

• How to bullet-proof your contracts…..so you’ll never get stuck in a bad deal

• How to find and evaluate parks before you buy!

•Where to find Seller Financed mobile home PARKS on the internet

• Plus, much, MUCH more!

You’ll discover how you can operate a successful mobile home business that consistently creates cash … PLUS enormous wealth with checks in your mail box every month.   There’s going to be something for EVERYONE no matter what level of investor you are!

Are You Just Getting Started in Mobile Home Investing?

If you have the burning desire and willingness to learn – you’ll learn an arsenal of simple techniques to help you get started FAST and enable you to quickly generate large sums of cash and residual income to support your lifestyle OR take you to the “next level” financially!

Are You A Seasoned Investor Needing a Change?

If you feel like your struggling in your real estate business because of the down turn in the economy and you need to give it that much needed “shot in the arm” the Ultimate Mobile Home Online Bootcamp is just what you need!  Instead of spinning your wheels in a real estate business that just doesn’t ever seem to “get ahead” – you’ll discover the missing links to achieve EXTREME success and make your business hum like a well oiled and PROFITABLE machine!

No matter who you are or what level you are at … this ULTIMATE Online Bootcamp will show how ANYONE can easily make BIG MONEY with mobile homes, parks and land! It’s safe, it’s easy, it’s remarkably powerful, and you’ll learn EXACTLY HOW TO achieve “extreme success” in your mobile home business when you sign up for INSTANT ACCESS to the Ultimate Mobile Home Online Bootcamp.

We will be sharing real deal case studies and explain how you can duplicate them in your market place… you’ll get the most information and instruction possible without any “hype or sales pitch “!


You’ll learn how to make huge profits with mobile homes, parks and land/home deals.  You can easily turn your mobile home business into a perpetual profit machine!

You can stop going no where in your real estate business and finally get on track for huge profits safely, with mobile homes!

You can easily avoid failure like the plague – so you will have unstoppable success!

You can make more money with mobile home and land deals faster than you can imagine!

You’ll Learn A Proven, Ready To Go Plan That Can Be Put In To Action And Producing Income Within 30 Days … and Beyond!

Look, let’s be honest, after reading about the ULTIMATE Mobile Home Online Bootcamp where you’ll literally be handed all the mobile home profit packed secrets … do you need any more convincing to realize that this is going to be “The ULTIMATE Mobile Home Online Bootcamp”!?

Never before… and possibly never again… will there be this kind of opportunity to learn the mobile home business from the most experienced mobile home investors who walk the walk and talk the talk day in and day out!

With our many Y-E-A-R-S of experience, we guarantee we’ll give you insider information which will take your business  and your bank account to the next level FAST!

MORE of What You’ll Get …

• The 2 things you absolutely must do before you even start looking for a mobile homes, parks or land deals

• Exactly what to say and what NOT to say when talking to sellers

• How to find mobile home parks even the so=called experts don’t know about

• Learn why it does NOT take money to make money in with mobile homes, parks and land deals

• How to spot “cooked books” with park owners

• When and how to bring private lenders in on deals

• Which properties to concentrate on – which properties to avoid

• How to Determine if the Park infrastructure is too far gone

• Why you should never make offers – really!

• Entity structuring to reduce taxes and minimize liability

• Due Diligence Check List to keep you out of trouble

• When and why you’ll want to eventually build wealth instead of just getting cash

• Plus…. Real Deal – case studies to help you learn!

The Ultimate Mobile Home Online Bootcamp Includes INSTANT ACCESS to

24 Videos PLUS BONUS E-Book PLUS Special Report NEW  Rules for Selling Mobile Homes with Seller Financing So You Comply with Dodd-Frank.

Sign up for the  “ULTIMATE Mobile Home Online Bootcamp”  to discover the formula to change your financial life forever! What’s the alternative? If you keep doing things the way you’ve been doing them, you will never see new results.

This is your chance to finally get in on the cutting edge of this lucrative business – this is the perfect time to take advantage of the many opportunities with mobile homes, parks and land deals.  There’s very little competition!


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Lonnie Scruggs

Lonnie Scruggs is widely known and well respected as the authority on mobile home investing. He created a unique system for buying older mobile homes at deep discounts then selling them with seller financing to create cash flow. His articles, books and home study courses will provide a step-by-step guide to help you create financial security and independence.

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