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“Amazing Money Matters Course Reveals
How to Make Money Without Money!”

Money Making Step-By-Step Video Lessons  Walks You Through The Process Of Creating CASH, Cash Flow, and Building Financial Security!

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The foundations of every market dictate that when some people lose, other people gain.  The American economy today is a mix of winners and losers. There were those who failed to capitalize on the rising market and then witnessed most of the wealth they had accumulated disappear when the real estate market crashed, causing the stock market to crash and wiping out the life savings of millions.

On the other hand, those who sold ‘out at or near the top, and those who “shorted” the stock market are now poised to buy back in at mere fractions of the dollar, thereby building even greater fortunes than during the boom years.

Does that mean that all those who don’t have the cash to re-enter the market are going to wind up having to painstakingly rebuild their lost financial security over the coming years?   Not necessarily!

I was born during the Great Depression and have seen a half dozen economic downturns over half a century of investing in single family houses. I lost money in most of them because I didn’t know how to exploit them. Once I’d learned the tricks of the trade, I made a fortune thirty years ago when Florida’s recession was at it’s height. The trick was learning ways to create cash and equity without the use of any of my money.

There are no hidden secrets to doing this. It hinges on your desire to succeed. If you truly want to rise to the top of the heap, you have to learn how to take advantage of the current distressed housing market.

Some of these techniques involve the use of Contingent Contracts and Options to control property until an end-user or investor can be found to buy a property at mere fractions of its original cost. Some involve being able to create debt instruments that can be used to buy and sell property.

Still others involve the design and creation of real estate Notes that can be readily sold for cash to institutional and private investors. Ultimately, you should be buying as many deeply discounted cash flow houses as possible before the market rebounds. You can do this without cash if you learn and use some of the techniques I and others can teach you.

Now, for the first time, I created a new seminar I call “MONEY MATTERS – Making Money Without Money” to help you learn these techniques. It will show you how to use them to recoup and surpass the financial security you may have lost.

The seminar SOLD OUT both times it was taught!

Now, you can also learn Money Matters – How to Make Money Without Money with Jack’s recorded seminar which includes

• 23 VIDEOS ( 30 minutes each INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS)
• 152 page Seminar Manual – Learn How to Make Money NOW

Money Matters Recorded Seminar CashFlowDepot.comSPECIAL BONUS….YOU’LL ALSO RECEIVE

• AUDIO OF COMPLETE SEMINAR MANUAL – Professionally Recorded


Learn the techniques and strategies you need to get through this recession with more wealth, cash flow, and money than before.

Take a took at the Money Matters Recorded Seminar outline below and see if you don’t agree that there are some new strategies you can learn in this online seminar to help you take advantage of today’s tremendous real estate opportunities.

Lesson 1
Exploring Today’s Market
Creating Cash Today
Seller Carry-Back Financing
Lesson 2
Getting Yourself Out Of Trouble
Trading Your Way Out of Debt
Cashing Out with Options and Notes
Lesson 3
Choosing the Right Mortgage Broker
Houses That Offer the Most Opportunity Today
Exchanging Property for Personal Assets
Lesson 4
Dealing With Oncoming Inflation
Securing Your Deals with Land Sale Contracts
Taking Charge of the Deal
Lesson 5
Wrapping Seller Financing to Add Value
Buying As a Broker
Buying REOs and Short Sales
Lesson 6
Securing Title with Options
Assignment of Contracts
Using OPM
Lesson 7
Buying in the Right Neighborhoods
The Right Arrangement For Your Investor
Advertising Yourself
Beating the Bushes for Scared Money
Getting Investors to Seek You Out
Lesson 8
Wheeling and Dealing Without Cash
The Super Louie Exchange Technique
Options Can Set You Free
Lesson 9
Secondary Seller Carry-back Financing
Creative Financing Concepts for Buyers
Letting Terms Create More Profit
Know Your Buyers Before you Buy
Lesson 10
Avoiding Institutional Financing
Making Money With Leases
Targeting Vacant Houses for Leasing Situations
Lesson 11
Military Options
Using Remainder Interests to Construct Creative Deals
Opportunities for Private Financiers
Creative Note Financing
Lesson 12
Keeping It Simple For Your Buyers
Leasing Strategies and Tactics
Equity Conversion Loan Lesson

Now, it’s time for YOU to invest in yourself and your future…

In today’s economy, by using these techniques, you can rebuild your nest egg in far less time than it took to originally accumulate it; but you don’t want to delay. The current economic situation is changing daily. Once you let today’s opportunities pass you by, you may have to wait a generation for a chance to make as much money without money with your own talents and skill.

Even if you attended the fast-paced Money Matters LIVE seminar, this Recorded Seminar will help you learn the concepts Jack taught.  You can pause and rewind the videos as many times as you need to to acquire a full and complete understanding of these important concepts, techniques and strategies.

You don’t want to miss this cutting edge information about how to make money without money.  Watch or Listen to Money Matters today so you can learn how to make money with the tremendous opportunities available for you right now.

Money Matters Recorded Seminar and the Manuals come with your Premium LIfetime Membership at CashFlowDepot.

Just like missed opportunity, when it’s gone it’s gone!

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Jack Miller

Jack is like the godfather of single family home real estate investing! He bought, sold, leased, and managed hundreds of properties over 45 years and he was one of the first people to view single family homes as an investment vehicle, not just something you lived in. He has taught seminars to sold out crowds and has helped thousands of people achieve financial freedom and success.

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