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Learn How to Attract PRIVATE LENDERS Like a Magnet!

Here’s the situation…Right now, there’s an incredible opportunity to buy real estate all over the United States at prices that are less than it would cost to rebuild.  The flood of foreclosures has caused a glut of inventory on the market and that is making the prices go down.

Check out these deals.  In Sacramento, houses that sold for $450,000 just two years ago are now selling for $125,000.  In Tampa houses that previously sold for $250,000 are selling today for $95,000.  In most markets you can buy today for less than half of what houses were selling for just a few years ago.

The time to buy is NOW!

But it often takes money to buy real estate.  And the banks are not lending.

So you need to find private money sources to fund your deals.

Lucky for you….

Trillions of dollars has been pulled out of the stock market in the last few months.  Most of that money is just sitting in the bank, an IRA account, or under a mattress.  That money is looking for a safe place to go!

You know you can find real estate significantly below market so you’ve got the safe place.  Now all you need to do is …

Become a Private Money Magnet!

When you become a Private Money Magnet, you will learn how to attract all the private money you need to fund your real estate deals BIG AND SMALL quickly and easily WITHOUT going to the bank.

Lucky for you, the Private Money Magnet seminar is now available as a Recorded Seminar with Instant Access.

You’ll get to hear the recordings of three days of intensive training on how to find private lenders with LOTS of MONEY and how to educate those people about the benefits and rewards of investing in “your” real estate deals.

Here’s what one attendee had to say:

I had been wondering for years how to find private lenders. After attending the Private Money Magnet Seminar, I finally had a framework of who to ask, what to say, and materials to prepare.  I put together a credibility kit and obtained 4 private money lenders who loaned me money on deals within 8 months.  I borrowed over $214,000 long term with an excellent interest rate.  I will be using these strategies for the rest of my life. So long banks…
David Lowrey, Florida
PS, I loved that seminar.

Our team of experts will teach you how to become a PRIVATE MONEY MAGNET!  

Each speaker was carefully chosen because they have either borrowed money and structured deals with private lenders or because they ARE a private lender.  You’ll get a variety of techniques and strategies for finding private lenders and putting together win-win deals with them.  There’s not just one method for finding private lenders – at Private Money Magnet you’ll learn a MANY ways to attract the money you need – just like a MAGNET!

Private Lenders don’t come in one size fits all.  Some will want an equity position, others will want yield, some will lend short term others prefer a long term commitment.  Some private lenders want monthly payments others do not.  Some Private lenders will only lend in their own backyard while others will lend nationwide.  Learn how to find the Private Lenders you need for your investment strategies.

At Private Money Magnet, you’ll learn how to attract they RIGHT KIND of private lender you need for your deals.

You Will Learn:
• How to get TOTAL STRANGERS to give you hundreds of thousands of $
• It takes money to make money, how to get it legally-without going to jail!
• The PROS and CONS of working with friends and family
• Learn MULTIPLE ways to Structure Deals with Private Lenders
• How to find long term equity partners & short term financing
• $20,000 Deals to $20,000.000 Deals and more —
• Insider strategies for attracting IRA/Roth money
• What interest rate should you pay private lenders?
• Learn to joint venture with IRAs, Borrowing from IRAs, use Wrap-Around
• Mortgages and IRA options.

Your instructors are:

Quincy Long will reveal how to find IRA money that is right in your own town and show you creative ways to borrow money from IRA and Roth owners.

Richard Irwin has been a private lender for more than 20 years.  Learn what 3 C’s private lenders are looking for most and how Richard has changed his lending criteria in this economy.  The answer will surprise you!

Bobby Redwine has a steady flow of private money available.  Learn how he found his private lenders and how he structures deals with them.  Also learn how to wrap your IRA money with others money to create HIGH Yields for your Roth.

Terrell Sheen – Learn what this creative private lender WILL and WILL NOT do and what he is looking for in a deal and in a borrower.  How to get on a Private Lender’s “Good side”.  You’ll also learn Terrell’s tips for raising financially responsible children.

Jackie Lange – Learn how to find the most motivated private lenders – 1031 exchange buyers!  Jackie will also teach you how to put together a credibility kit that will impress Private Lenders and get them to say “yes” to your deals.

Eddie Speed is the president of Colonial Funding Group, LLC. And, as the founder of NoteSchool™ and author of Streetwise Seller Financing, he is a nationally recognized expert on seller-financed notes. Eddie has purchased more 30,000 notes totaling over a half a billion dollars in the past 25 years – an industry record.

Here’s MORE of what you’ll learn. .

Private Borrowing:  How to attract private money from individuals, corporations, and IRA’s for use in your real estate business.  You will learn how to get short term money and long term money for your keepers.   is getting rates from 6% to 8% but none higher.  You can too!  Jackie will explain how she gives up a small part of her profit in exchange for a no/low interest loans with no payments.

What NOT To Do:  Many Private Lender courses tell you to run ads or write letters which could invite a call from the Attorney General’s office or a letter from the Securities and Exchange Commission.  There’s a thin line between attracting private lenders the “right way” and doing it the “wrong way.”   The difference could cost you a hefty fine or even worse, jail time.  Learn how to attract private lenders the right way at Private Money Magnet!

IRA Deal Making:  You will learn how to properly set up your IRA and how to get traditional custodians out of your life so you can act quickly when a hot deal comes along.  Learn how to attract other people’s IRA money.   You’ll learn FIVE specific techniques, along with all the documentation, to SUPER CHARGE your IRA!

Cutting Edge Marketing:  The Private Money Magnet team will share NEVER before revealed ways to find great real estate deals.  All under the radar techniques so you can get there long before the competition.  Learn how to cut out the competition by knocking on doors.  Learn what to say, what to do, what not to do!  Learn how to develop a SWAT team to buy 5, 10, 15 houses in less than a week.

Credibility Kits:  Private Lenders want to know who they are doing business with.    Learn to put together a credibility kit that gets private lenders to say YES!

Do YOU Have Some Private Money to Lend?  Learn how to find the best go-getter investors who can keep your money busy and safe!  Learn how to spot the “real deal”  Get the MEGA Money Teams proprietary paperwork to keep your money and your interest in each property protected! Learn the pros and cons of short term and longer term investing.

There is NO OTHER INFORMATION like this! (Not even close)

Get INSTANT ACCESS to 12 hours of training plus a 300 page workbook in PDF format

Option to Purchase
Open-End Mortgage
Mortgage Note with SPECIAL Clauses
Satisfaction of Mortgage
Complete List of Documents You Need to Provide to Lenders
Real Estate Lien Note ( several)
Deed of Trust ( several)
Wrap Around Mortgage
Wrap Around Deed of Trust
Investor Credibility Kits
Special Reports to Give to Private Lenders … and MUCH MORE

The MOST COMPLETE Private Lender Training:

Complete marketing plan for finding, negotiating and selling to a first time home buyer, with other’s IRA funds, to create cash today for you!

• Where to find ready sources of money to buy notes

• Who must comply with Federal disclosure laws: TILA and RESPA

• Working with 1031 exchange companies to find money for your deals.

• Find the “right” Private Lenders & Identify who to AVOID

• Give your lender reports that build confidence

Learn why it is sometimes better to Use Private Money Even When You Have Plenty of Money in the Bank

Order Private Money Magnet to learn skills, techniques and knowledge that will help you find private lenders or how to be one!

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About the Instructor

Jack Miller

Jack is like the godfather of single family home real estate investing! He bought, sold, leased, and managed hundreds of properties over 45 years and he was one of the first people to view single family homes as an investment vehicle, not just something you lived in. He has taught seminars to sold out crowds and has helped thousands of people achieve financial freedom and success.

Jackie Lange

Jackie started her real estate business in the 1990's with wholesaling then quickly developed techniques for getting more leads so she could close more deals... and make more money. Her book Flip Deals and her MEGA LEAD GENERATOR system has helped many new investors get started fast. She has experience in buying with seller financing, subject-to, package deals, selling with a highest bidder sale, rehabs, mobile homes, and much more.

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