FLIP DEALS: Real Estate Profits on Steroids – How You Can Make $3,000 to $30,000 This Month in Real Estate


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Make FAST Cash with Wholesale Real Estate
No license, no cash, no credit required

You do not need to buy the house or fix it up, yet, you can make substantial profits

Attention Future Real Estate Investor! If you absolutely must turn your financial future around and put your real estate investing business on the fast track to super profits, then this will be the most exciting and most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why…

Since 1992, I’ve been making money with real estate that I did not need to buy or fix up.  I’ve done hundreds of deals, plus I’ve taught my easy step-by-step system to thousands of other investors. Do you know what I found out? Despite what all those gurus teach about buying houses, sometimes it better NOT TO! Especially when you are first starting out, you should not take on the risk of buying. But you can still make a lot of money in real estate without actually buying the house, without getting financing, and without risking your money. You don’t need private lenders either!

When you don’t actually buy the house, it’s a lot safer too. Anyone – at any age – can use the 7 simple steps in Real Estate Profits on Steroids to make money in real estate. Even YOU! Success in real estate really is possible when you follow a proven system that has worked over and over again. Bottom line?

You can make a lot of money with real estate without actually buying the house, without getting financing, and without risking your money.  You don’t need private lenders either! And when you don’t actually buy the house, it’s a lot safer too.

Anyone – at any age – can use the 7 simple steps in Flip Deals to make money in real estate.  Even YOU!    Success in real estate really is possible when you follow a proven system that has worked over and over again.

You, too, can learn the “success formula” in 7 Simple Steps in…FLIP DEALS

Learn exactly how you can …
• Start from scratch and get your first big check in 1 month or LESS!
• 3 Easy ways to find motivated sellers who’ll literally BEG YOU to take their house!
• Two “top secret” ways to find dirt cheap houses NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT!
• Get ALL THE MONEY you’ll ever need to buy houses
• Step-by-step checklist so you never forget anything
• Overcome the learning curve fears faster
• Sell your houses in 7 days and pocket BIG money! So simple, it’s scary
• Bullet-proof paperwork…..so you’ll never get stuck in a bad deal
• How to estimate repair costs in less than 5 minutes
• How to get 100 people working for you for FREE!
• Discover tricks for selling for MORE profit!
• Plus, much, MUCH more!

You’ll uncover the missing links of extreme real estate success so that you can turn your real estate business into a perpetual profit machine – WITHOUT RISK!

FLIP DEALS Real Estate Profits on Steroids is so simple that you will finally be able to smash through your fears to achieve success. It’s safe, it’s easy, and it’s remarkably powerful because, with consistent effort, there’s NO LIMIT to how much money you can make.

Just follow the 7 simple lessons …

You could actually begin cashing checks for $3000, $5000, $10,000 or MUCH more this month.

You may find it hard to believe that you could make this kind of money …but it’s all true! Don’t take my word for it! Look at what this young lady did with Flip Deals:


Flip Deals student BettieI’m 23 years old,  and a few years ago I learned about this real estate investing system from Jackie Lange. Little did I know that my life would be changed forever! I was working as a waiter/bartender at Chili’s Bar and Grill and that’s when Jackie offered to tell me how to get started in real estate investing.  About two weeks later I closed on my first deal and picked up a check for $24,000.00!!! (twenty-four thousand – I wanted to spell it out so you know it is not a mistake)

I only began working harder after that. I have made some amazing deals. My largest all at one time deal net me $65,000.00. I have done many more netting $8,000.00 and $13,000.00. I just sold my first rehab and netted $40,000 in profits!”

Forever grateful,
Bettie Smythwood
Dallas Texas

Get Flip Deals to learn how to you make this kind of money too. FLIP DEALS is a complete step-by-step system for doing wholesale deals. There’s No Fluff, No B.S. and No Theory – only real world techniques I use every single week in my real estate business too.


Flip Deals student LatronI put a house under contract for $.30 on the dollar. Yes, thirty cents! I marketed that baby using some of the creative techniques I learned from Jackie and sold it in less than 45 days, netting exactly $11,250! And the buyer was ecstatic because there was still plenty of room for him to make money, even in today’s market.

I can honestly say, learning from Jackie has put a lot of money in my pocket. Jackie taught me that you don’t have to do a lot of deals, as long as the ones you do are very profitable. She showed me how to make my marketing specific enough to have sellers call me. Jackie dispelled the myth that you MUST have money. And Jackie has given me support and confidence to know this is possible.

I was 27 when I started full time in 2004 and couldn’t imagine going back to a real job. I live a life my friends envy. I tell them all the time, they can do it too; they’re just to scared. Sucks to be them, because when they’re trying to figure out their vacation days, I’m already in Cabo diving.

Latron T.

$33,000 Profit Without Buying the House

real estate investorHello, I wanted to write this testimonial and review about CashflowDepot.com to adequately describe my personal experiences and views. My name is R.C. and I am an emerging real estate investor. I have been involved in RE investing for approximately one year. At age 32, I have attempted many venues to make money fast and most importantly free up my time to spend more time doing the things I enjoy doing. Realistically,there are only a few things in this world that actually allow one the liberty and luxury to be financially independent without the burden of stressful,mundane work conditions.

For years I have spent lots money and time, on researching,gathering and putting together ways to become my own boss and be financially independent. I have stacked many hours in my week, miles on cars, meals purchased, hotels booked and useless things purchased for the sole purpose of finding a remedy to free myself from being a slave to Corporate America.

Having a job working 40 plus hours a week only lead to a very limited level of financial bliss. This includes the time when I found what I thought was a career job working for a University as a Director of Admissions making 80K a year. Even still, as a manager, I found myself working tons of hours and the income I was making was not worth the time it was taking from my family. So I rekindled my quest and searched once again for ways to have an income without sacrificing so much of my time. My wife dreaded the fact that I stayed up late throughout the night searching online only finding so called “get rich quick” sites. I tried and searched and read just about everything about how to make money from home. I even started to purchase things oversees and sell them online, only to find this was also very time consuming and not really worth the small profit.

Enter Jackie Lange and Cashflowdepot.com (CFD). I stumbled across Jackie when I was following a blog about Panama (my nativity). There the writer of the blog simply made one statement that got my attention…”Jackie operates a successful real estate business with quite a following”. I wanted to find who this Jackie was and what was she doing. So I simply started my search engine and found Jackie with her many other entrepreneurial sites. I must admit, at first I thought it was another vain babble. Then I started to read there views and testimonials about Jackie and CFD. Still, I wasn’t convinced.

Until I called Jackie one day, and she personally returned my call! Never in the many years of attempting to find what I was looking for has any CEO, owner, founder,pioneer or president actually called me. In all cases got an automated message or some employee that really couldn’t answer my questions. So when Jackie and I spoke, we spent some time chatting about beautiful Panama. Then I began asking her about what she was doing. She opened my eyes to RE investing and led me to CFD. As a member of CFD, I learned one very important lesson that changed my life… you don’t need tons of money (or any at all) to invest in real estate. I was always under the impression that an investor was one that made a seven figure income. Nonetheless, I was no where near ever becoming a successful investor. CFD has taught me the many, many ways to invest in real estate without using any of my own money! There are many testimonials and some of which you may question.

My testimony however, I feel is different only because for me I personally have tried and adapted the practices taught on CFD. I personal have spoken to Jackie as well as other members on CFD.

One of my greatest feats was getting an option on a house for 125K then selling it to a cash buyer for 160K! I simply did what Jackie taught in her book and yielded to the advice of other members on CFD. I never actually owned the house nor did I invest any large sum of money. I placed an ad for anyone wanting to get out of their house situation. A man called me and stated that he owed 8k on a his house and was going to walk away because he didn’t know what to do and was running out money. His house needed a lot of clean up and he was really stressed out about it. I told him I would help him with removing trash and basic clean up as long as we can agree on a selling price. We agreed and signed a contract, an easy and simple buy/sell contract stating that I would buy his house for 125K. Part of my contract stated that as long as I can find a buyer that would buy from me, the deal was on. Hence, I had no obligation whatsoever. After a few weeks of cleaning, I began to advertise the house. A three bedroom, two bath, 2100 sq ft in a very nice area where homes were selling for 200K was desirable for many people. I posted a highest bidder sale starting at 90K to sell to highest bidder as is.An investor/cash buyer called me and wanted to end the highest bidder if I sold to him for 160K cash. So I made a second contract between me and the cash buyer. He showed me proof of funds and we went to the title company!

The rest is history.

I only had about $300 of my own money in the whole deal to rent a trash bin to remove trash bin. In the end the owner was very happy sell his home and get at least 125K and the investor was very happy to get a house worth almost 200k for 160K and needing very little work. And of course, I was a happy camper. This would not have been possible if I hadn’t met Jackie and was introduced to CFD. CFD is source with a robust wealth of information needed for the RE investing business. Especially if one is starting off as I was. To date,I have learned so much about RE investing. Form options, to master leasing,mobile homes deals, creative deal making, flips, and so much more. CFD is the place to start. As a member, not only is it possible to get acquainted with other investors but you can also have access to a weekly training call which has been very, very advantageous. I recently learned how to duplicated myself and get more done in less time by outsourcing. I plan to take advantage of this technique and am sure to boost my profitably.

I personally wish to sincerely thank Jackie for her efforts in putting CFD together and being the go to person when it comes to RE. Knowing that there are real people that have truly put into practice everything CFD teaches confirms to me that CFD is a safe and trusted hub of information to gather the necessary things needed to be successful in real estate. Since my introduction to CFD, my life has changed for the better and I’ll be able to spend more time doing the things I want to do versus being a slave to Corporate America. CFD…Thank you once again for making a difference.



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Jackie Lange

Jackie started her real estate business in the 1990's with wholesaling then quickly developed techniques for getting more leads so she could close more deals... and make more money. Her book Flip Deals and her MEGA LEAD GENERATOR system has helped many new investors get started fast. She has experience in buying with seller financing, subject-to, package deals, selling with a highest bidder sale, rehabs, mobile homes, and much more.

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