Negotiations: The Highest Paid Skill You Can Learn


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Welcome to the fantastic world of  Negotiation.  No skill commands a higher compensation, yet relatively few people take the time to ever develop working skills as Negotiators.  This means that there is still plenty of room at the top of the heap for YOU.

In Jack Miller’s NEGOTIATIONS manual, you’ll learn new ways to negotiate so everyone feels like they WON.

You’ll learn specific things to say, or not say, when talking to sellers, and you’ll learn little tricks for getting the BEST DEAL possible.  This 200+ page manual is full of the best techniques and strategies to learn how to become a pro-negotiator…. without the seller even realizing you were negotiating.

Negotiation isn’t necessarily oriented toward the maximum advantage of one party or the other.  Rather, it seeks to create the maximum SATISFACTION for all parties to a transaction.  Of course there are situations in which one party is able to reap most of the real benefits of a negotiation.  In such instances, it’s a virtual certainty that there will never be another opportunity to negotiate with that particular party in the future.

So the art of negotiation is more complex that merely getting the better of another party.  It aims to convey the maximum benefits in a series of transactions over a long period of time between parties.  Or, in instances where the likelihood of future transactions is very remote, and in the absence of a true distress situation wherein the negotiation is either token or non-existent,Negotiation skills can readily translate into bottom line profits.

Our premise is that we aim to please while still earning a profit from our real estate purchases, therefore, it’s incumbent upon us to determine the true needs of those with whom we negotiate and to find ways to meet them at the lowest possible cost to ourselves.

Thus, we’ll have to learn QUESTIONING TECHNIQUES which will enable us to discover those absolute needs as well as to determine the priorities of the other party which we must meet in order to succeed.

With Jack’s 45 years of experience as a real estate entrepreneur, he learned how to negotiate to get the best price or terms.  Learn the lessons in NEGOTIATIONS so you can too!


Introduction to Negotiation
Setting Goals at the Start
Planning your Approach
Preparing to make an Offer
Learning to ask Questions

Analyzing the Ads
Effective Questioning Tips
Questioning/Listening Aids
Sample Questions
Dealing with The Downside

Buyer’s Half-Dialogue
Property Evaluation Form
Cash Flow Analysis Form
Interview Techniques
Controlling the Interview

Negotiation Fact Sheet
Property Data Sheet
Discovering the Bottom Line
Seller’s Half-Dialogue
Practice Question Drill

Buyer Beware
Property Analysis Form
People Analysis Form
Ownership Benefits
Negotiation Worksheet

Negotiation Mode Outline
Brainstorming Dialogue
Group Telephone Exercise
Assumptions & Issues
Potential Issues

30 Minute Pop Negotiation
Problem-Solving Checklist
Negotiation Decision Tree
Turning Power On and Off
Using a ‘Legitimacy’ Form

Appraisal Report
Responding to Needs
Setting Targets & Goals
Quick-Hits on Sellers
Third Party Examples

Team Negotiation Exercise
Problem Solving Tactics
Exploded Property Chart
Take it to the Top

Take It or Leave It Tactics
Negotiating in the Trenches
Negotiating Field Exercise
Negotiation Party
Setting the Scene

Closing Techniques
Ben Franklin’s ‘WHY’ Letter
How Much Can it Afford
Break-Off Techniques
Bargaining Chips

The Benefits Seesaw
Setting up Structures
Using Low-cost Currency
Class Cooperative-Mode Case
Making Defeats Work for You

Control Without Ownership
Front and Back Porches
Face Saving Ploys
Using Emotional Advantage
Working on the Fine Points

Why People Exchange
Documenting the Deal
Quick Reference Guide
Summary and Conclusions

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About the Instructor

Jack Miller

Jack is like the godfather of single family home real estate investing! He bought, sold, leased, and managed hundreds of properties over 45 years and he was one of the first people to view single family homes as an investment vehicle, not just something you lived in. He has taught seminars to sold out crowds and has helped thousands of people achieve financial freedom and success.

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