Negotiations: The Highest Paid Skill You Can Learn



Welcome to the fantastic world of  Negotiation.  No skill commands a higher compensation, yet relatively few people take the time to ever develop working skills as Negotiators.  This means that there is still plenty of room at the top of the heap for YOU.

In Jack Miller’s NEGOTIATIONS manual, you’ll learn new ways to negotiate so everyone feels like they WON.

You’ll learn specific things to say, or not say, when talking to sellers, and you’ll learn little tricks for getting the BEST DEAL possible.  This 200+ page manual is full of the best techniques and strategies to learn how to become a pro-negotiator…. without the seller even realizing you were negotiating.

Negotiation isn’t necessarily oriented toward the maximum advantage of one party or the other.  Rather, it seeks to create the maximum SATISFACTION for all parties to a transaction.  Of course there are situations in which one party is able to reap most of the real benefits of a negotiation.  In such instances, it’s a virtual certainty that there will never be another opportunity to negotiate with that particular party in the future.

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About the Instructor

Jack Miller

Jack is like the godfather of single family home real estate investing! He bought, sold, leased, and managed hundreds of properties over 45 years and he was one of the first people to view single family homes as an investment vehicle, not just something you lived in. He has taught seminars to sold out crowds and has helped thousands of people achieve financial freedom and success.

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Pages: 282

Publisher: Next Century Publishing

ISBN: 9781629039565

Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.75 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds

Topics: Negotiating

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