Highest Bidder Sale: The Smart Way to Buy or Sell Your House



The old way to make money with real estate was to get a loan to buy an old house that you could fix up then resell to a retail buyer. There is a lot of risk involved in this process. And it takes a long time.

The better way to make money with real estate is to get an Option on the property, then sell it quickly, usually within 7 days, without buying the house first.

With a Highest Bidder Sale, you do not need to buy the house, you do not need to get a loan, you do not need to fix up the property, you do not need a real estate license, and you CAN avoid the risks commonly associated with rehabbing houses.

A Highest Bidder Sale is an aggressive marketing system which will help you get houses sold very quickly and for top dollar. This marketing system can be used for houses you own or for properties you simply have an option on.

The Highest Bidder Sale system works great with wholesale junker properties and houses in perfect condition with prices ranging from $5,000 to $5,000,000 or more.

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Jackie Lange

Jackie started her real estate business in the 1990's with wholesaling then quickly developed techniques for getting more leads so she could close more deals... and make more money. Her book Flip Deals and her MEGA LEAD GENERATOR system has helped many new investors get started fast. She has experience in buying with seller financing, subject-to, package deals, selling with a highest bidder sale, rehabs, mobile homes, and much more.

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