How to Use the Hewlett-Packard 12C Financial Calculator

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If you think learning to use a financial calculator is difficult, think again. Lonnie Scruggs has made it easy for you. As always, Lonnie keeps it simple with his hands-on guide and two hours of audio lessons.

You’ll get instant access to this recorded seminar which includes 2 hours of training plus a detailed workbook.

Learn what the calculator keys mean and how to use them to solve simple math problems or complex calculations. This powerful, little pocket-sized calculator will open up an exciting, new world of opportunity for you.

You get two hours of tutorial instructions on two hours of audio lessons, plus a manual with easy to follow examples.

Some of the topics covered…

How to structure loans

How to figure the balance on a balloon payment

How to figure the balance on a mortgage

The difference between Present Value and Future Value

Using your Roth IRA – Your best retirement plan

How to figure a loan history

How to figure number of days between dates

How to figure the expiration date on an option

The difference between RPN mode and Algebraic mode

The Power Of Compounding

And much, more…

Lonnie Said:
The power of the financial calculator has changed the world of investing. Numerical problems that were once very difficult–and almost impossible for the average investor to figure out, are now solved in seconds with a little, pocket-sized calculator. Yet, many investors still look on this little machine as too intimidating or too difficult to learn.

Well, I’ve got news for you–it’s not difficult, and there’s no reason to be intimidated. Contrary to what some people think, the HP 12c financial calculator is really quite simple to learn, if you will take time to learn the simple way from someone who speaks simple language. And since I’m about as simple as they come, you’re in luck.

So get ready for a pleasant surprise because you are about to become a financial calculator whiz. It’s not going to be difficult, and it’s not going to be intimidating. In fact, I’m betting that you’ll find it to be fun. And if you’re really serious about becoming a successful investor, I can’t imagine trying to do business without one.”

Suitable for any investor.  It doesn’t matter what types of properties you invest in…single-family houses, commercial properties, or even mobile homes. If you want to use the HP 12c financial calculator to (quickly and easily) structure the best note, loan, or mortgage, this tutorial will get you there fast.

Learn how to get the most out your financial calculator, and make this small investment in your real estate business today!

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