Basic Info

Hi. I am as new as they get. I started getting interested in real estate investing in March 2017. I have acquired 34 kindle books on real estate investing and am working my way through them now. Everything is new right now. I lost the best job I ever had when my company closed its doors in October 2016. Since I had teaching credentials, I started teaching middle school in the middle of the year, a terrible mistake. I would love to learn how to replace my income and create my own economy.

Real estate experience

None. I know I need education in this business. I read Lonnie Scrugg's book Deals on Wheels, which led me to this website. I am very intrigued by the idea of creating notes and receiving income based on notes I create. Before I found Lonnie's book, I was already looking at notes as a way to avoid renting and tenants, etc. What I find interesting is wholesaling to make start-up capital, mobile homes to actually purchase something for very little that I can turn around and sell by creating a note, I am a little leery of subject to and foreclosures because I don't know enough about them, but may be interested once I learn more. And I don't want to be a jack-of-all-trades. I want to focus on one or two areas and build a life for myself and my family.

Real estate goals

Get out of debt. Pay off credit cards, school loans. I own my home and land (26 acres) clear and free. I also have a tiny studio apartment on my land (my porch before my mobile home burned down) with water, electric and sewer. It is way too close to my home to be comfortable renting to anyone I do not know and trust. I have small children. I want to become independent of any job or career. I want to be able to provide well for my family and have lots of time to spend with them. I want to be able to grow my business on my terms and no longer be constrained by a salary.

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