Creating Wealth With Houses


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~ How to negotiate, buy, finance, and sell real estate ~

Each of us has different personality quirks, different attributes, different talents, and different family and financial resources. It’s easy to try to emulate inspirational people, but it usually doesn’t work out because of these differences. A more rational course would be to take the time to really analyze what it is that you like to do and can do, or could learn to do.

Some people like to manage other people, and assets-, making all the decisions and living by the results. Others prefer the relative tranquility of the financial arena, spending their effort borrowing and lending money. Still others are happiest buying derelict houses and turning them into cash flow rentals, or selling them to earn quick cash profits.

Hundreds of thousands of people serve as middlemen brokers, bringing buyers and sellers together, and/or arranging loans to enable them to buy and sell houses. All of these vocations can be very profitable if you take the time to study them, and to become good at them.

There’s a much greater chance you’ll succeed financially if you focus on what you like to do, where, when, and how you like to do it, rather than merely doing what appears to make the most money. When you do things you don’t like to do just to make money, you’ll rarely succeed; primarily because you’ll be competing with those who like what they are doing. In almost every case, they’ll do it better.

No matter which facet of real estate you choose as your niche, by acting as a principal in transactions, you will be exposed to opportunities that are many and varied. Regardless what road you decide to take to the realm of the rich and famous, you’ll quickly learn that real estate involves many synergies and that you’ll be doing a little of everything.

Table of Contents

4 Ten Maxims for Wealth 5    Success Secrets of the Rich
7 Why Try to Get Rich? 8      Understanding Money and Credit
9 Getting Rich in a World 10    How Economic Cycles Control Profit
13 Profit and Risk Go Hand in Hand 18    Focusing On What You Do Best
20 Managing Time to Make More 25    Spending Every Day Productively
29 Buying at a Profit 30    The Deal After the Deal
31 Five Buying Mistakes that Steal Profits 32    Buying Secrets That Beat The Street
37 Making Money With Houses Nobody Wants 36    Making Money In Down Markets
41 Options When Fixing and Flipping 42    Options to Buy, Sell, and Lease
43 Using Creative Options 46    Using Options Without Leases
47 Sandwich Leases With Options 49    Sandwich Leases Without Options
50 Kid Sandwich Lease Concepts  
53 Fly Now, Pay Less Later – Or Never 57    Using the Other Guy’s Credit
59 Six Choices Created by Financing 61    Borrowed Cash Is Not Income
62 Being a Smart Borrower 63    Avoiding Credit Traps
67 110 Financial Rules of the Road 77    Protecting Your Credit Rating
79 Managing Your Cash Flow 80    Forecasting Cash Flow Needs
83 Capital Budget 85    Preparing Your Financial Statement
89 Finding the Cash to Close Fast 91    Short-Term Lines of Credit
92 Commercial Lines of Credit 93    Using Institutional Lines of Credit
95 Investors Make Better Lenders 95    Using Private Lines of Credit
98 Ideal Investors Come in All Shapes and Sizes 103  Drawing Up Your Business Plan





111 Buy/ Hold Strategies  112 Exploiting the Market Collapse
115 Home Sales Create Tax-Free Cash  117 Roth Ira and Pension Plan Financing
120 Getting Zero Interest Rate Financing 122 Trading Off Time, Cash, Payments
123 Nothing Down; Nothing a Month 125 Six Buyer-Financing Concepts
126 Compound Wealth Concepts 129 Compound vs. Simple Interest
131 Multiple Note Strategies    


130   Negotiating Your Profits “Going In”    131 Making Win-Win Deals
132 Using Garage-Sales to Build Skill 136 Trade-Ins, Trade-Ups, and Trade-Downs
138 Cooperative vs. Competitive Negotiation 140 Discovering “Needs” vs. “Wants
144 Negotiating With Letters of Intent 145 Five Benefits People Will Trade Off
148 Setting Out and Dealing With Issues 147 Making Multiple Forced-Choice Offers
149 Making a Record of What’s Agreed To    
150                                                        SELLING Selling Fast in Changing Markets
Using Equity to Create Cash 154
155 Marketing Hard-to-Sell Properties 158 Guaranteed Sales Programs
160 Fixing and Flipping Foreclosures 164 Looking Good When Buyers Look
166 Preparing a House To Sell Itself 167 Five Ways That Appliances Create Sales
168 Getting the Price Right 169 Motivational Ads, Signs, and Flyers
172 Creative “Open House” Makes Sales 174 Qualifying Buyers’ Needs vs. Wants
176 Selling the Sizzle Instead of the Steak 177 Mold Disclosure Agreement
178 Motivation Fundamentals 180 Financing Considerations
182 Exchanging to Pyramid Equities 183  Selling to Pre-Approved Buyers
185 Qualifying Marginal Buyers 188  Increasing Profit via Seller Financing
193 Closing the Contract to Close the Deal 196 Fast Closings That Keep Deals Alive
197 Assembling Your All-Pro Selling Team 200  Playing the Money Game To Win


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About the Instructor

Jack Miller

Jack is like the godfather of single family home real estate investing! He bought, sold, leased, and managed hundreds of properties over 45 years and he was one of the first people to view single family homes as an investment vehicle, not just something you lived in. He has taught seminars to sold out crowds and has helped thousands of people achieve financial freedom and success.

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