Money Masters

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Learn the secrets to financial success with the Money Masters book.  It’s your A to Z guide to getting started with making money from real estate.  You’ll learn from Jack Miller and other successful investors.

You’ll hear the techniques the instructors used to buy, fix, finance, sell, manage, lease and Option properties to build equity and future wealth.  They will discuss various creative financing techniques which helped create strong profits and cash flow.  You’ll also learn:

– buy and sell; buy and manage; sandwich lease; Option; do sale-lease-backs both as
buyers and sellers; they both borrow and lend money; and buy discounted Notes

– learn an array of financing techniques that both reduce costs and enhance profits

– make money on houses you don’t own both as “fixers” and as “flippers” by
wrapping leases, Options, and Notes

– become knowledgeable about ways to avoid and reduce both income taxes and
capital gains taxes

– work closely with tax professionals to root out legal ways to use  Trusts,
corporations, and LLCs tax-free while maintaining a low tax audit profile

The Money Masters book will explore ways in which financing can be used to increase profits, whether buying or selling.   Following this, you’ll be shown how to use investors to create low risk “equity” financing in which you share both risk and profit with investors.

You’ll be introduced to ways in which the lowly mobile home can be exploited to produce high yields both from buying and selling the units, and as a means to generate high yielding “paper” which in turn can be used to buy houses at discounted values.

Plus, you’ll learn how to use leases and Options in lieu of debt to buy, fix, develop, sell, and then to trade tax-free.  You’ll be taught how to create much higher yields with less risk and with much lower taxes.

To put tax strategies into their proper perspective, we’ve devoted a chapter on the ways in which entrepreneurs can legally avoid, or drastically reduce income taxes on their profits.  We’ll take the time to explain precisely how tax-free exchanging works, and ways in which the use of a Qualified Intermediary can increase after tax profits as you upgrade your portfolio.

No real estate investing book would be complete without training about asset protection.  You’ll learn about the use of Land Trusts to hold houses and to exchange them privately without the need for expensive closing costs and transfer taxes.  Then we’ll move on to ways in which corporations, trusts, limited liability companies, and partnerships can be used to build an iron-clad fortress to protect wealth against the ravages of law suits and estate taxes.

Just finished “Money Masters” It is an A to Z road map on Real Estate and
Real Estate Financing. I would think it would be the single best book I could
recommend on an overall view on the subject. A must for all beginners.
A good review and sharpener for the seasoned pro.
Don Wede


  1. Houses: Sure Track to Financial Success
  2. Ten Best Real Estate Opportunities Today
  3. Five Ways That Houses Create Wealth
  4. Buying At a Profit
  5. Five Buying Practices That Reduce Profits
  6. Ten Mistakes That Novices Make When Buying a House
  7. Four Ways to Use Equity to Create Cash
  8. Assembling Your All-Pro Selling Team
  9. Price Mark-Up and Inventory Turn Over
  10. Preparing A House So It Can Sell Itself
  11. Five Ways to Make Appliances Help Sell Houses
  12. Ads, Signs, and Flyers That Motivate Buyers to Buy
  13. Spending Less to Pay Brokers More to Sell
  14. Closing the Contract So You Can Close the Deal
  15. Reaping Big Profits With Fixer-Uppers
  16. Finding the Cash To Close Good Deals Fast
  17. Defeating the Due-On-Sale Clause
  18. Creative Financing When Interest Rates Rise
  19. Sale-Lease-Back Transactions
  20. Options Make More Expensive Properties Feasible
  21. Using Options to Create Tax-Free Wealth
  22. Using Options to Cut Taxes
  23. Buying Options From People Who Don’t Want to Sell
  24. Management: Key to Lease/Option Techniques
  25. Using Leases and Options to Divide Benefits and Markets
  26. Negotiating Feasible Lease/Option Terms
  27. Sandwich Leasing to Generate High Cash Flow
  28. Managing Your Way to Health, Wealth, and Prosperity
  29. Start Small! Limit Your Risks with Leases and Options
  30. Let Your Sub-Lease Tenant Pay for Our Option
  31. Sub-Lease the House, and Sell the Option
  32. The Owner Might Be the Best Option Sale Prospect
  33. Right of First Refusal Options
  34. Risks of Using Lease/Options with Tenants
  35. Where Maintenance Fits into The Picture
  36. Lease/Option Fixer Uppers



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About the Instructor

Jack Miller

Jack is like the godfather of single family home real estate investing! He bought, sold, leased, and managed hundreds of properties over 45 years and he was one of the first people to view single family homes as an investment vehicle, not just something you lived in. He has taught seminars to sold out crowds and has helped thousands of people achieve financial freedom and success.

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