Rules for Selling Mobile Homes with Seller Financing so You Comply with Dodd-Frank

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Dodd-Frank Rules changed the way mobile homes can be sold with seller financing.  If you follow the instructions in Lonnie’s books and home study courses exactly, they  will NOT comply with Dodd-Frank Rules for selling with seller financing.

To make sure you understand the new rules, this Special Report will explain how you need to modify selling mobile homes with seller financing.  The report was written by a real estate attorney (at great expense) exclusively for

Lonnie Deals Can Still Be Done, You Just Need to Change A Few Things.
In this Special Report you will learn:

> What Interest Rate You Can Charge
> How Many Deals Per Year You Can Do
> When to Use a Mortgage Broker
> Qualifying Your Buyer
> Advertising Rules
> Why You Cannot Sell The Beneficial Interest in a Personal Property Trust
> Everything You Need to Know about Dodd-Frank and the SAFE Act
> Consequences of Violating Dodd-Frank
> What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You – Get the Facts with This Report

Combine the information is this Special Report with the information in Lonnie Scruggs’ books Deals on Wheels or Making Money with Mobile Homes to learn how to create cash flow by selling older mobile homes with seller financing.

NOTE:  When you purchase Lonnie Scruggs’ Deals on Wheels or Making Money with Mobile Homes books, they both come with this report at no additional charge.

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