Virtual Real Estate Investing System

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Virtual Real Estate Wealth

Discover How You Can Buy and Sell Houses in Multiple Markets
So You Can Live Where You Want
And Create the Lifestyle You Desire
by Ben Souchek

Whether you want to buy and sell houses in multiple virtual markets or just do more in your local real estate market with less work, Virtual Real Estate Wealth will provide a step-by-step blueprint.

I started what I consider my career in real estate almost 20 years ago.

I had just one “small” challenge to overcome.  I lived on my family’s farm in the remote south central part of Nebraska.  This was approximately a 3 hour drive to Omaha.

Looking back, I’m very fortunate that I didn’t realize how “small” of a challenge this actually was.

Almost 20 years later, I work not only in Omaha, but the Kansas City metro and Tampa metro areas.

My purpose for creating this course is to share with you what I have learned to be successful buying and selling real estate in multiple “virtual” markets.
Lets discuss the several critical items you must know that are included in my blueprint for buying and selling houses in multiple “virtual” markets from the comfort of your home.

Why Work with Real Estate in Multiple Virtual Markets

One of the most common themes I have heard over the years is to only work with real estate in your “home” area.

So why venture into virtual markets? 

If you are considering moving, you may want to determine if where you want to move to is a good market for your business.  Wanting to spend part of the year in a different location and be able to conduct business in both locations.  Finding an area with more affordable market conditions.  Reducing your risk to just holding rental properties in one geographic area.

Market Area Selection Criteria

Knowing which markets to buy and sell houses in is critical to your success.  Is the city and state you are considering growing or declining in population?  What are the tax consequences of doing business there?  Is the price range of houses similar to what you are comfortable working with?  Does the price range of houses allow for multiple exits including making financial sense to hold as rentals?

What neighborhoods and sub divisions are the best fit for your plan and the goals that you want to accomplish in a new virtual market area?

How to Locate Properties in Multiple Markets

Learn how you can deploy marketing with the best media to create a consistent flow of sellers calling you that want to sell their house.

Understand how the power of direct mail, even in this day and age of social media, with personalized list creation can set yourself apart from your competition in any market.

Learn how to implement marketing that will run on autopilot after the initial setup.

How to Process Seller Leads And Create an Effective Lead Management System

Learn how to set up and implement systems to collect information from sellers, create a database to keep track of your leads, and have a follow up system to stay in contact with your leads, without any involvement or effort from you.

Inspecting Houses in Multiple Virtual Markets

Learn how you can have others inspect houses for you, send you the inspection reports, and have the information you need to create a proposal for the seller (with confidence) to buy houses you haven’t seen.

Educating the Seller

How do you find a seller that is willing to sell you their house and provide you Seller Financing with almost nothing down (sometimes as little as $300 down) without ever meeting you?

Education is the key!!

There are two areas that are critical to educating a seller.  You, and Selling a house in general.

Learn how I educate a seller about who I am, the benefits I can offer them, why they should do business with me above anyone else, all without ever meeting me.

Also learn how I educate a seller about selling a house in general, especially what I call the REALITY of selling a house.  Learn what you must show them so that you are a perceived and trusted expert that can provide the best solution for selling their house.

Unless a seller “knows” you, trusts you, and likes you, they will most likely not do business with you.

Maximizing Lead Monetization

We’ve all heard the term “pick the low hanging fruit.”  But what about the rest of the fruit on the tree?

I used to throw all of the “dead” leads in the trash.  Learn how I now turn those “dead” leads into $50,000 or more each year.

How to Find and Train Others to Help You Accomplish More

Without others to assist you with talking to sellers, collect information, process seller leads, follow up with sellers, inspect houses, and do the other tasks needed to buy and sell houses, you have a JOB.

Learn how to find and train others to assist you so that you can focus on the most critical tasks of your business and allow you to spend time ON your business, not IN your business.

With Virtual Real Estate Wealth you will learn how to Buy and Sell houses in multiple “virtual” markets or just do more business in your current market with less work.

With Virtual Real Estate Wealth You Will Receive:

♦ Why work with real estate in remote markets
♦ Market Area Selection Criteria
♦ How to locate properties in remote markets
♦ How to process seller leads
♦ How to inspect properties
♦ Educating the seller
♦ How to have sellers like you and want to do business with you
♦ Without ever meeting you
♦ Making offers and creating seller financing
♦ Buying the property
♦ What to do with properties purchased in a virtual market
♦ Maximizing lead monetization

Virtual Real Estate Wealth Bonuses

♦ How to find and train Virtual Assistants
♦ Lead Management flow chart
♦ Lead Management Virtual Assistant telephone scripts
♦ How to find and train a Local Agent

THE Ultimate Sales Letter and System Responsible For Hundreds of Houses Purchased And Creating more than $800,000 in Seller Financing in Just One Year

Plus, Buying a house assessed for more than $85,000 for just $1  !!!

For a very limited time, and just for Cash Flow Depot members receiving this email, get a copy of my Ultimate Sales Letter for FREE with the purchase of Virtual Real Estate Wealth ebook.

I have spent years improving the Ultimate Sales Letter which greatly increases the likelihood of a seller working with me.  I have incorporated multiple facets of a seller’s decision to sell a house and provide the seller with multiple offers to show how I am the best solution for them.

This letter does the “selling” for me and is a big piece of the puzzle for buying houses from sellers that I have never met.  This letter alone is worth many times the cost of this entire course.

If you want to learn how you can buy and sell houses in multiple “virtual” markets or just do more business in your current market with less work.

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