CashFlowDepot Reviews & Testimonials

Dr. Eb Samlowski
Cleburne, TX

For years we spent thousands of dollars on basically useless real estate gurus. For a fraction of that cost we have access to hundreds of hours of teachings. I highly recommend CashFlowDepot.

Danny Williams
Fayetteville, GA

From rookie to 30 year pro, there is no better site than

Rooted in Jack Miller’s illustrious career and teachings it’s now carried on by his proteges. Jack’s legacy of quality RE education using creativity and ingenuity without losing sight of Integrity lives on!

Jay Purdy
Shalimar, FL

The best and most available real estate education available.

Lee Rickey
Florence, KY

CashFlowdepot has been a tremendous helpful tool to my business. Well informative information from real people doing real deals. Thanks for honest advice.

Scott Hill
St. Louis, MO

I have spent a lot of $ with other real estate programs and have not found one with as much info to cost ratio & networking of real life investors.

Gene Finley
Austin, TX

The CashFlowDepot membership is like ( to me) having an experienced co-pilot. Really great in times of turbulence, storms, and system failures. Bottom line = I’m not alone!

Lisa Hakanson
Gilroy, CA

CashFlowDepot is THE place to be in you want to learn how to do real estate investing from real people who have been in the trenches. I defy anyone to get through all this materials and information on thie web site. Great conference calls, discussions, topics, and updates on market trends. There is no better value for the money out there – anywhere. Join today and find out for yourself!

Deb Krantz
Columbus, OH

Thank you so much for creating CashFlowDepot

I just wanted to let you know how much value I’m getting for my subscription to CashFlowDepot.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to make better use of the website. Since January 1st. I’ve discovered just how much information is available on CashFlowDepot.

I could easily spend 20 hours per week learning, more importantly, the web site has inspired me to spend at least an equal amount of time DOING

Thank you so much for creating CashFlowDepot.

Dean Stokes
Allen, TX

CashFlowdepot is without a doubt the greatest value for the money in real estate training. Great educational materials.

Dan Bryan
Maryland Heights, MO

I signed up for CashFlowDepot at it’s onset. For the value it is truely the best source of information available. To be able to continue to learn from Jack Miller’s information is really priceless.

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