CashFlowDepot Reviews & Testimonials

Jean Pizzoferrato

Like Having The Best Minds in Real Estate in My Office

There is so much valuable information on this site and the best part of it is that is not just about investing a certain way, but numerous ways to invest and make money, especially with little or no money down–my favorite. Jack & Jackie have put their heart and soul, as well as their knowledge and experience into this site to make it the absolute best out there.

I love THE DEPOT. It’s like having the best minds in real estate in my office, anytime I want to learn about real estate in general or need a question answered. If there is something about a subject that I can’t remember exactly how to do, I can go to the video, audio or the forum to find the answer.

Thanks Jack & Jackie for this wonderful opportunity to learn from the best!

Marcia Montgomery
San Antonio, TX

Chocked Full of Valuable Information

CashFlowDepot is the best resource I have seen. There is so much awesome education in video from the best of the best. The weekly calls are chocked full of valuable information. The forum is a great place to find answers and ask questions specifically to your deals. I would highly recommend CashFlowDepot to new and old investors.

Tina Broderick
Leander, TX

CashFlowDepot continues to be both educational and motivating.

I don’t know anywhere else that htis information is available for a lower price. It’s the best deal around! Thanks for sharing Jackie!

Bryan Dunklin
Dallas, TX

As always, Jackie Lange’s courses include great information, experienced and knowledgeable people and amazing creative ideas on how to make money.

Jeanne Stosser
Blacksburg, VA

CashFlowDepot is an invaluable resource for people new to the business or those of us who have been in real estate investments since the 70’s. Access to Jack Miller’s teachings is priceless. Do not miss the opportunity to subscribe.

B.H. Tilton
Wasilla, AK

I’ve been investing in real estate for 45 years. No matter what I think I know, CashFlowDepot always has some new money making techniques every month that I can apply. Best real estate networking group on the net.

Kin Shackelford
Macon, GA

I have been a member of CashFlowDepot for two years. No other site gives you so much for so little. The site is an indispensable tool for the veteran or beginning investor.

Tom Nordlie
Paulsbo, WA

CashFlowDepot is a GREAT source for Real Estate problem solving.

Gregg Branham
Easley, SC

My annual CashFlowDepot membership is among the biggest “no brainer” decisions in my business! There is tremendous value not only in the quantity of information but in the quality of the information.

Edward O'Daniel
Chesterfield, MO

I can’t say enough about the CashFlowDepot. No matter what type of deal I have going there is always either a video or audio call that helps me with getting the deal done. I am a CashFlowDepot member for life.

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