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Steve Pike
Portland, OR

I have been in real estate since 1978 and Jackie Lange is the best there is for learning.  A top notch teacher and educator with an incredible ability to explain how simple Some of the option methods can be.  I have made a lot of money with a method she used with her daughter’s first deal (2 contracts with a simultaneous closing) that I heard her explain so clearly on one of her weekly conference calls.

Ken Chin
San Francisco, CA

Fellow investors, this is the BEST value out there when it comes to real estate education. Having access to the member forum where deals are discussed has been priceless in helping my investing. I love the interviews with people like Jack Miller and other successful investors that are downloadable to my Ipod. Now I can learn real esate any time, any place.


THANK YOU to you Jackie and everyone on your team for publishing this website and all the great training. I am BLOWN AWAY with how much you give here on the site. It truly is the place to learn without spending a fortune to do so.

United States

Hey Jackie, I just wanted to try to contact you and let you know that I am reading your book “Flip Deals”. I am really liking it and feel it is helping me more than any other book I have so far. I am very new to real estate and I’m in the learning curve stage. I like your book and the basic layout. The ability to give me instructions from the start in order to build my wholesale real estate business.

I was very close to spending over $1000 on a program that I feel now would be over my head and thanks to your book, I am confident that I don’t need anything else or waste any other money. I just to go do it!! I’m shocked I don’t see more reviews for your book but hey, it doesn’t matter to me cause it seems to be hitting home with me. Contact me if you like, I would like to talk with you in your spare time. Thanks again.

Randy P.

Your Flip Deals Book Got Me Going. I Slammed 7 Deals In 7 Weeks For A Grand Total Of $40,000

Hi Jackie. I am a huge fan.  I have purchased a dozen courses and books on wholesaling, from Ron Legrand, Dean Graziosi, Homer Tipton and on an on, but your book was what really got me going. It’s simple, easy to understand and I also exclusively use your contracts and assignment of mortgage document.

WOW, Somebody wake me up…… It’s been a wild 7 weeks, I actually slammed 7 deals for a grand total of about 40 Grand and that don’t include also paying my bird dogs about 12 Grand.

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Just wanted to say thanks for your help with my Internet marketing question. Also, wanted to let you know that my family and I have been living in The Mayan Rivera Mexico for the last year and a half. Life is great ! We decided to move here because we wanted our children to be completely bi-lingual in English and Spanish. We have enjoyed life here so much that we have decided to stay for a extra year or more. We live in a guarded community on the 12Th hole of the local golf course and a 5 minute walk to the Caribbean Ocean.

We have been able to accomplish this dream thur passive income from real estate in Texas. ( rentals and mortgages). I am a active member of Cash Flow Depot and always listen to your weekly conference calls via Skype, every Tuesday night. Even with 18 year experience in real estate the calls help to stay up to date on current real estate events and motivated.
I continue to invest in Texas real estate with partners in Texas.

Sacramento, CA

I Especially Like the Online Seminars

Cash Flow Depot is without a doubt the best Real Estate website out there. Before I heard about this I spent lots of $ on seminars from some of the other “gurus”, but it was mostly money down the drain. Jack is the real deal. I especially like the video seminars in The Depot, as well as the archives of conference calls on different subjects. I’ve picked up lots of ideas from those already. The only problem I have is I have to write like crazy to try to keep up with the ideas that are coming — that’s why I like to be able to go back to the video or audio lessons even if I already heard the conference call live.

Bill Theriot

The Best Money I Have Spent

This is the best money I have spent in years.  A couple of things were worth the entire price, because of how well they fit into my existing program. I am to # 20 on the Foundations of Wealth Online Seminar. In some ways it is better than taking the seminar live. I am taking notes as I go. I can stop Jack and go back and replay.  I can watch when I want.

Eric H.

I’ve already learned more in the last week paying just $497, than all the thousands that I paid before!

Hi everyone, my name is Eric. I just signed up on the website last week. The info has been awesome!  I started getting interested in real estate late in 2007. I went to one of the overpriced gurus and have been trying to get out of credit card debt ever since. I’ve already learned more in the last week paying just $497, than all the thousands that I paid before!

Bristow, VA

The Best Tool I Ever Found

I started learning RE investment since last year. I spent several thousands $$ (more than $50K charged on my credit cards) on seminars and when I am in the field I found no support from other seminar conductors. When homeowner approached me for solution I was confused and I lost the deal. I wanted to build rapport with seminar knowledge and help others. Most of the attendees in those seminars are beginners and not open to others. At seminars, we were not even allowed the exchange of business cards even though this is people business.

Jack’s seminar and Jackie’s interaction with students are the best tool I ever found helping the students. I enjoyed talking with senior investors who have been on this road and help us with open mind. I had no concept about the value of Option until I attended last weekend class at Tampa. I asked many questions from Jackie and other experienced investors and they were gracious to guide me.

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