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If you sell residential real estate with seller financing, you’ll need to make some big changes in your techniques and strategies starting January 10, 2014.   See my previous blog Options to the Rescue to learn more about how the rules will change.

Next month, I’ll release a Special Report — Creative Solutions to Dodd-Frank.  It will reveal multiple ways you can sell residential real estate and mobile homes without jumping through the restrictions of Dodd-Frank.  It will be available for free to all members.

The solutions will revolve around two techniques – OPTIONS and TRUSTS.  It would be a good idea for you to learn as much as you can about both of them as fast as possible.  There is plenty of training inside CashFlowDepot plus we offer several books and home study courses to help you get up to speed as fast as possible.

Here’s an example of how you can sell residential real estate but avoid the Dodd-Frank hassles and stay out of foreclosure court.  This example is from Jack Miller’s NEW TRUST CONCEPTS HOME STUDY COURSE:

This way, the lender is holding all the cards AND you are not technically ” selling real estate”.  If the loan is defaulted and there are junior liens against the property, the Lender, then forecloses the property.   If there are no liens, the Lender directs the Trustee to Deed the property to it without the necessity of going through the foreclosure process.

Once upon a time a good tenant of mine, Frank, decided he wanted to buy the house he had been renting.  He had no down payment other than his rental deposit, but he’d been renting for four years without any collection problems, so I sold him the Beneficial Interest of the Trust that was holding title to the house on a Contract for Beneficial Interest.  This is the same instrument as a Contract for Deed, but it discloses in big print that the asset being purchased is not real estate, but 100% of the Beneficial interests of a Trust whose sole asset was the house in question.

Frank made his payments for another 4 years, then suddenly disappeared, abandoning the house with all his furniture, leaving it wide open.  Frank had assigned me the Beneficial interest collateral for his loan, so all I had to do to repossess the property was to change the locks and void the installment sale agreement.  That’s all there was to it.  That’s why I refuse to sell a house any other way.

Voila!  A way to sell houses with seller financing after January 10, 2014.

Jack Miller’s NEW TRUST CONCEPTS HOME STUDY COURSE is FULL of creative ideas and the paperwork to help you execute them.   Trusts are not just used for holding title to real estate.  The four primary applications of trusts are:

1.      They provide privacy both for transactions and for holding title to assets.

2.    They can create favorable results either at State level through avoidance of probate and reduction of State inheritance taxes, and at Federal level through the use of gifts of future interests and insurance.

3.  Because of their unique properties, they facilitate creative and innovative strategies in business and real estate transactions to increase profits.

4.    The use of a Trust enables one to control the management and distribution of an estate in the event of death, disability, or incapacity in the present and/or for later generations.


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