Why You Should Not Buy Houses Subject -to The Mortgage

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buying with seller financing or subject-to

Now, more than ever, there is a great opportunity to buy houses subject to the mortgage (with a little twist).  It is harder for sellers to sell their house to a buyer who gets new financing so sellers are more open to “creative” ways to get their houses sold fast.  But you should not buy Subject-To the mortgage... here's why...

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How To Buy Houses Without Bank Financing

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Diversify financing solutions

There are many ways to buy houses without going to the bank to get financing.  Many sellers will be glad to get your offer to buy their house subject to the mortgage or with seller financing... you just need to ASK!  See this example to learn how to get $1000 per month in cash flow with a $40,000 pay day later.

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Art Of The Deal – Equity Stretchers

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Art of the Deal seminar manual

There's an art to creative dealmaking.  Anyone can learn the craft.  The Art of the Deal home study course, like all of Jack Miller's training materials, is filled with creative ideas to put deals together and make money with real estate.  The more you read about and study creative deal making, the more you will learn how to do the same.  See an example with the Equity Stretcher story....

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27 Year Old Makes $16,833 With No Money Invested

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Creative real estate investing strategies

A few years ago my 27 year old daughter closed on a deal and she made a total profit of $16,833.   She didn’t have a penny in the deal and she did not go to the bank to get financing.   No credit report was every asked for or presented.  Here’s how she did it . . . and HOW YOU CAN TOO:

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Negotiating Zero Interest Financing

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Where does it say that a lender is entitled to interest payments? Brokers are quick to point out that the internal revenue code will impute interest to transactions where no interest is specified.  This has nothing to do with the fact that nobody is required to charge interest on a loan.  As a matter of fact, the vast majority of money in America is loaned out at zero interest!

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Words Of Widsom From Peter Fortunato

Topics: Buying & Selling, Deal Stories

AUDIO:  Peter Fortunato discusses why real estate investing is ALIVE and well during this weekly training call at CashFlowDepot.com   Listen the the 1 hour audio below to learn:

•  Why real estate investing is very alive and well – despite hedge funds

•  What to say to get motivated sellers leads from people you don’t even know

•  How to get sellers to agree to seller finance with great terms

•  How you can pay retail and still get great cash flow

•  Why you can make better deals with caring than you can with dollars

•  and much more

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Play Dumb During Negotiations

Topics: Deal Stories, Negotiating

PLAY DUMB!  No matter how the other guy explains what he wants out of the deal, just don't catch on.  A real exercise in ego suppression - and one of the most valuable of all skills - is to be able to drop 60 points off your I.Q. and just say 'I don't get it.'  'How could that be?'   'Why are you charging me all that money when you said you only wanted $100,000.?'  'Explain it to me again.'

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