1st Highest Bidder Sale in Panama

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  • August 18-19th I’m doing my first Highest Bidder Sale in Panama.

    This is a unique property on 2 1/2 acres. There is a 5 bedroom 5 bath fully furnished house, a casita ( small house) that rents for $600 per month, a hostel, a restaurant, an apartment, and an animal rescue area.

    The seller wants to master lease back the animal rescue, casita, hostel, and restaurant.

    It’s in a beautiful area surrounded by coffee plants, orange & grapefruit trees, jungle and has a Pacific Ocean view.

    I’ll post pictures soon.

    The good news is I can sell with seller finance or cash it out to it should be a slam dunk sale.

    It appraised for $799,000 earlier this year. My strike price is $330,000 or $30,000 down and finance $300,000

    This will make a great house for someone.

    Hi..I’m back Jackie, where exactly is this located?

    Palmira…. near Boquete

    You could put a church on the property and live in the house.

    Already has cash flow from other stuff!


    please tell us how your HBS fared this past weekend?


    tell us how your panama HBS fare?

    The HBS in Panama had to be moved to mid October… long story.

    Arcinio, yes there would be plenty of room for a large church and you would have instant cash flow from the restaurant, casita rental and hostal.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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