4 Falling Down Mobile Homes

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  • Good morning,
    It seems I am still on a roll for freebie, older singlewides. A park is handing me the titles to 4 different singlewides that they just want moved out. The park has been rehabbing all of their repossessed homes and these are the last of that batch and they are in the worst shape of all the rest. There are also taxes owed for each home and I will find out what those amounts are when I get the titles.
    The combined issues are: a collapsing ceiling/roof in the kitchen area, missing doors, windows and walls, soft or missing flooring throughout most of the homes, missing plumbing in some, moldy smell in one, tons of trash.
    So as a first step I had a mover come and look at each one to see if there will be any problems moving them and he said straight away that the one with the caved in kitchen ceiling/roof will be a problem because of that and the fact that that one has drywall which he pointed out adds weight and has buckled the walls a bit on the out riggers. He says it might be too heavy to move and/or it might collapse if he tries to move it. He thinks he can move the other 3.
    My plans are to sell these very cheap to anyone who wants them. I’m thinking $500-$900 each. None of them have any locks and some dont even have doors so I’m a little concerned about people coming in to make things worse. If I send potential buyers to go look at them, I’m also afraid they will steal any awnings, hot water heaters, etc that are left realizing that it is not secured.
    Should I do weekend open houses and personally tour people through the park to see these 4? It is almost impossible to walk through the inside of some of them because of the debris and collapsing ceilings so should I require them to sign a waiver before looking inside? I think I need to ask the park owner if I can rehab at least the one on site since it cannot be moved as is but I am not going to be doing any of that myself, I just want to sell them and let someone else take the time and money to rehab them like I did with my first 2 cheapos. Can I sell them and then let the new owners make any of those arrangements with the park owner?

    Just make sure you, the park, and who you sell to are in lock step.

    Get some bids from scrap metal people to buy them. You could make more money!! They will cut them up on site then haul away everything.

    I’ve done this for some of my junker homes especially if they had a broken axle and could not be moved.
    I was paid $1500 for scrap metal!! Not sure what the prices are like now.

    Great idea Jackie thank you!

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