Are You Going to Alaska for the seminar/cruise?

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    I don’t know about you but I’m SO excited to go to Alaska. I’ve always wanted to go and this is my first time. I can’t wait! I better see lots of wild life and trees.

    I just talked to my friend who is in Denali to get the weather report.

    Low to mid 50’s during the day
    Low 30’s at night
    and WET!

    When we’re on shore excursions, plan to wear layers of clothes so you can peel of what you don’t need and easily put them back on when you do. Water proof boots or shoes and coat/jacket are a must. Bring a backpack to keep extra clothes in. Tennis shoes will just get soaked he says.

    Of course, it will be nice and cozy on the ship.

    Get lots of sleep now because there will be so much to do while we’re on the cruise you won’t get much sleep.


    Did you know there’s a pajama party the last night?

    See you on the boat!

    Jackie Lange

    I went on my first Alaska cruise 2 years ago, it was fantasitic. To see galciers carving (pieces falling off) is an awesome sight, I hope we get to see it.

    This time round I have the bonus of real estate training at the same time. Great Stuff!


    I am also very excited to go to Alaska. I have always wanted to go there and a cruise is the best way. I really wanted to see Denali, next time. I am taking 2 coats,and two sweaters, my only challenge is 2 pair of shoes. I have been in Florida too long. Just remembered I have a pair of black leather boots too. I really need to go through my shoes.

    Looking forward to the trip.




    When we were in South America in March we saw some AWESOME glaciers when we went around the horn. And when we passed through the Strait of Megellan, the weather was so bad the captain moved the ship into a cove to wait out the storm. At the very back of the cove there was the most beautiful blue glacier. It was pristine and looked like the area had never been seen or touched by humans before. What an experience!

    I’ve heard the glaciers will be even bigger and better in Alaska. I’m ready!


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